A Knights Tale
by KaryVD

Eighty years before the events of "A Gassy Beginning"

"Bigby! Good to see you! Come! Sit! Would you like a drink?" 

"That's alright sir, I'm supposed to be on duty right now." Bigby stood at the doorway to the Knight Commander Walthers temporary office for a moment, wondering why he had been called here. He composed himself and silently took a seat in front of the Knight Commander.

"Bigby, your currently the senior knight here at Kullings Keep, am i right?"

"Only because all the knights above me are dead my lord." Bigby replied nervously.

Walther eyed Bigby warily "Ever fought the elves Bigby?"

"Only twice sir, the first time defending a caravan in Red Desert and the second during Iron Hearts Campaign up north." Bigby shook his head, trying to repress the memories of his time in the north.

"And you have a remarkable combat record." Walther flipped through the pages of Bigby's file. "You were taken prisoner by the elves am i correct?"

"Yes sir. During the battle at Mullings Pass. They kept me as a prisoner for a few weeks before i was rescued."

"How was it?"

Bigby sighed "Horrible sir, I'd rather not talk about it."

Walther nodded "I understand." The commander closed his eyes, rubbing his head. "Tell me what you know about the Black Lady."

"Member of the elven House Van Dere, known for their red eyes and black hair. The Black Lady led the assault on Wekland and captured Emperor Magellan and his council."

"And where is she right now."

The question confused Bigby. Nearly everyone knew the Black Lady was currently being transported by an army of allied forces across the Iron Road to the capital. "As far as i know, the Black Lady is somewhere on the Iron Road, with an escort five thousand strong."

Walther sighed "Bigby your going want a drink." 

Bigby politely accepted and casually threw it out the window when he wasn't looking. Walther stood from his desk grabbing a large bottle. "The Black Lady's not on the Iron Road. That's just what we want the elves to think." 


"Karen Van Dere is here. In the dungeons of this keep and she is why I've called you up here."


"I've had this part of the dungeons sealed off from the rest of the keep." Walther grumbled under his breath "Take a deep breath Bigby, last bit of clean air you'll be smelling for a while."

"Sir? How many people know about this?" Bigby asked nervously.

"Aside from you now? Me, Emperor Godwin and a few of his advisors" Walther took a deep breath and opened the dungeon doors.

A foul smell spilled out of the dungeons but Bigby remained stoic. He had faced worse during his time with the elves and wasn't about to show any weakness in front of the Knight Commander. 

Walther waved the stink away from him "Before we go in there. I suppose i should tell you why you're here." 


"You're being assigned to her Bigby. It's going to be your job to escort the Black Lady to Wekland."

Bigby paled slightly, the color draining from his face. "Sir? Weklands almost on the other side of the world."

"And the elves will never suspect that she's being escorted their by one lone knight." Walther shook his head "Look, i would send the best knights i have to do this job but i need them guarding the decoy to keep up the illusion."

"But sir I-"

"You swore an oath correct?" Walther asked interrupting Bigby. 

Bigby froze, knowing that there was no way out of this assignment. "Yes sir." he replied stiffly.

"Good. Follow me."

Bigby nodded and followed the Knight Commander silently. They passed by dozens of empty and abandoned cells and the foul smell that had greeted them in the beginning was slowly growing in smell and thickness. Finally after what seemed like hours the two came upon a large iron door covered with glowing runes and enchantments.

"Here it is." Walther pulled out a small key. "Remember, she's dangerous always watch your back around her and never let your guard down."

Bigby nodded and Walther inserted the key and turned the lock. The door swung open to reveal a large room modeled after the bed chambers of human royalty. Siting on bed in the center of the room lazily playing with her hair was an elf. 

Bigby was surprised. Everything he had heard about the "Black Lady" was that she was a fearsome mage with blood red eyes who carved armies apart with her magic and gas. He had expected someone more "intimidating".

Walther nodded. "Karen, you have a visitor."

The elf slowly turned to look at the two. "Walther." she said dryly. "And i see you've brought one of your thugs in shining armor with you."

"Get up. It's time to go."

The elf shrugged and slowly stood up stretching. Bigby noted the large amount of anti-magic bands strapped onto various parts of her body. She slowly rubbed her eyes getting a good look at Bigby. "So i guess this means you've finally chosen my warden." She slowly approached Bigby. "And a fine specimen you've chosen for me! Hope your not as boring as my previous jailer"

Walther turned to Bigby. "This is where we part. You're leaving through a back entrance, there's a wagon waiting for you with supplies and directions. Under no circumstances do you let her out of your sight, even for a second. Also no matter how much she complains, don't remove any of the anti-magic bands. And make sure you keep a low profile, we don't want any word of this getting out. Understand?"

Bigby nodded silently.

"Good. Here's the key to the back entrance. It's under the bed, just tap the knights seal four times. Leave now." And with that Walther turned leaving Bigby and Karen, returning the way he came.


Bigby watched the Knight Commander hurriedly walk down the hallway back to the keep. He sighed and closed the door behind him and turned to speak to Karen "Ok, lets g-"

Bigby was thrown back by a punch to the face, the next thing he knew was Karen was on top of him trying to get his sword. Bigby's instincts kicked in and he quickly brought his knee into her stomach.


The stink in the room grew thicker but Bigby had smelt worse before. He needed to concentrate. If the elf managed to get onto his face, it would be over. Bigby kicked her in the stomach again and again, the smell growing worse with each kick until he felt her grip loosen. It was enough and Bigby threw the elf of him, getting to his feet and drawing his sword.

"Ow........" Karen moaned as she clutched her stomach. "Asshole........"

Bigby grabbed the sheets from Karen's bed, cutting strips of with his sword. Before Karen could recover Bigby was already on her, tying her arms behind her back. "Ok, let's try this again. This time without you punching me in the face."

"Can't blame me for trying......." Karen mumbled under her breath. "Ow! Watch it!"

Bigby brought Karen back up to her feet and sat her down in the corner of the room. "Stay there." Karen rolled her eyes at Bigby and sighed, fuming silently. He quickly located the seal and tapped four times. The wall behind the bed slowly rolled open, taking the bed in revealing a large trap door underneath.

"Wow. Don't i feel dumb, spent the last few weeks sleeping over that thing." Karen raised her leg, FRPPPPPTTTT!!!! "You know I'm not going to make this easy for you right?"

Bigby unlocked the trapdoor lifting it to reveal a narrow passageway. "If i wanted easy i wouldn't have become a knight. Your going in first."

"Are you sure? Looks narrow, could get nasty down there." FFRRRRAAAPPPPPPPPPTTTT!!! 

"Yes, I'm sure, get down there we need to get going." Bigby replied impatiently. 

Karen slowly got up to her feet and lazily began walking towards the trap door. "I hope this tunnel isn't to long." BRAAAAPPPPPPPPTTTTT!!!! "For your sake I mean." And with a devious smile Karen made her way into the tunnel. BRRRRRUUUUMMMMPPP!!! "Well? You coming?"

Bigby stood by the trap door and took a deep breath. "Easy, just take her to Wekland........everything's going to be fine." And with the last breath of fresh air he would have in a while Bigby slowly made his way after her.