A Long Time Coming
by Slave Fart

This is a real one, and I genuinely didn't think I could put it into words. These words here don't even do it justice. But I wanted to have a memory in words. Written.

I have had a fake name for her for over 7 years, just dying to use it: Carmen...

Carmen is one of the most beautiful women to walk this earth. She looks similar to Sofia Vergara, but there's something about the way she looks that is just so hot. Not to say she's prettier, but just... Ugh... Carmen is Hispanic and gorgeous with perfect eyebrows and a beautiful smile.

See, Carmen is "one of the guys". She's always dressed nice, but never like dresses. She's wearing jeans or yoga pants 95% of the time. When she puts on yoga pants, I'm telling you there's not a person alive who wouldn't want to try sneaking a peek.

But none of us in the friend circle do. Nobody hits on her. She's not a piece of meat. She's just a supremely fun, cool person.

Because of this, I have never approached her to shit on me ever. It's like... I would be losing a really cool friendship.

Now I want to go back a little, because I can not overstate Carmen's body. She has 32D and a small waist with a HUGE ass. This is because Carmen thinks she is a fitness model. She doesn't have an ounce of fat on her, but that's not the reason she's not a fitness model. She never models! She doesn't even have an instagram account! That's how models work...

She instead hired an agent and doesn't want to take "Just a bunch of ass pics". That led some of our friends to tell her the truth: That's how it works...

Carmen didn't listen and now she's a receptionist for some small company. Sitting on her ass during work hours and spending every waking minute she's not at work in the gym has made Carmen a little less fun, but she's still the same cool cat.

One thing that's always a little difficult is that Carmen tends to be a little... Intimidating for women I date. They all think there's some kind of heat between us.

And there is.

Or... Was, kind of, once RIGHT at the beginning.

Monica was never afraid of her though. Like a duck to water, they got along so well right away.

I talked with Monica and told her not to try getting Carmen to shit on me or in my mouth. Monica respected that, understanding that it's really tough for someone to look at you the same after you shit in their mouth. Monica and I have done it (I think?), but that was because we clearly defined the roles of our relationship at the outset. I was always going to be slightly inferior to Monica. She was ALWAYS going to be the Superior, the Owner, the User, the Master, the Mistress, the Dominant... I would always, ALWAYS be the slave. I would be the toilet.

Monica came home drunk one night after a girls night that apparently included Carmen.

Now, it seems like a lot of people know about us, but that's not true. You're just reading about the times we do talk about it. We don't do this all that often and I just write about when it does happen, but we're not like talking to a ton of people about my desires.

The night wore on and then Carmen told the group a story about how she just started dating a guy. She said he's nice, but has an ass fetish (which, if you're dating Carmen, yeah).

Carmen told them about how he kisses her butt and fetishizes it. It makes her a little uncomfortable because he won't leave it alone.

"You should give him what he wants," Monica says.

"Welllll... He kind of wants me to fart in his mouth."

Apparently the whole table erupted into laughter and they never finished the conversation.

Monica pulled Carmen aside later and told her she should just do it, just fart in the guy's mouth.

"Ewww!! You don't think that would be gross," Carmen asked.

"I will tell you a secret... I've shit in someone's mouth. I've shit in someone's mouth and I've made them eat it. I've made someone eat my shit..."

Monica said she let it hang in the air for a minute, neither of them speaking. Carmen's mouth dropped as Monica just sort of owned it.

Carmen then said something that I wouldn't have believed if what happened didn't happen.

"I want to do that. I want to shit in someone's mouth. But it can't be his mouth, you know? I can't even fart in his mouth. I wouldn't ever be able to respect that person. They wouldn't even be a person, you know?"

Monica said she'd talk to some people and figure something out. She came home and then Monica laid it on the line for me.

"Ok. So... I want to give you rights of first refusal. I know she's your friend, but I also know that you HAVE to be secretly thinking of her ass taking a shit on you. I know for a fact that has to be something you've dreamt of for years. Imagine that amazing ass sit above you with the express purpose of turning you into her toilet. What's it gonna be?"

I was stunned, "But... What if I say no?"

"I'll ask Cynthia about her toilet. Or something else, but someone would eat her shit. I just want you to really think about it, because I don't think she's going to be able to respect you after. Your friendship would end. She'd be your Superior and Better. She'd own you, in a way."

"No, I know that. Everyone who has shit in my mouth owns me in some way."


I thought about and then took some time to think it over and process.

We all know what I said.....


It was about 3 weeks later that Monica arranged for Carmen to come over. Mon said to come over on a specific night because I wouldn't be home. Carmen laughed and said, "If he knew what I was doing, he'd freak."

I was instructed to get into the toilet device, the one with plexiglass, and get ready. Monica said she would try and get her to do it fast so there wouldn't be a lot of thought. Sometimes people back out, and Monica wanted to ensure that Carmen felt comfortable releasing her bowels into my mouth with the sole thought that I was a toilet and not a man.

Carmen entered and Monica left the door open intentionally.

Monica started to tell Carmen, "When you think of it as a person, it gets weird. But then you shit on them, and BAM... Toilet. Hahahaha."

"Do you think they think it's gross? Or? I don't know, they can't enjoy it, right?"

"I think some do. The toilet you're using tonight doesn't really enjoy the shit eating part. To them, it's everything else. The shit eating is just kind of what they have to do to please us."

Now, granted some of this was muffled, but I also ended up talking with Mon to get some of their intro dialogue here. It was so hot hearing them talk about me, like I was literally just a toilet.

"So how did you meet this guy? This guy who I'm going to, umm..."

"He's not a guy, today, Carmen. Today, that's just a toilet."

They both laughed.

What happened next was foul, disgusting, and degrading.

The light flipped on and Monica must have said something I didn't hear, because even though Carmen was very shy and nervous, she wasn't shocked at seeing me lying there.

"Open your mouth."

I obeyed and she spit into my mouth.

"Thank you."

She threw her head back and roared with laughter. This was like the funniest thing ever to her, and I was feeling the sting of that embarrassment.

She opened her mouth to speak, but then exhaled through her nose, pulled down her pants, and just sat down above me in silence.

Almost immediately there was a fart.


Nothing huge. Just that little blurp.

It smelled HORRIBLE!!!!

"Lick my asshole. I need to anus stimulated so I can shit in your mouth."

I swear that I saw her pulse in her anus, just pushing in and out. I placed my tongue gently on her asshole and she cooed with pleasure as she released another short fart.


This one tasted worse and I gasped in embarrassment and almost started sobbing. I didn't want to cry or stop, though, because Carmen had wanted this for so long.

She farted again.


It was the longest fart, but still decidedly short.

"Out of all our friends, I didn't think it would be you doing this. Push your tongue up IN to my asshole. That'll loosen it up, I bet. I'm kind of nervous, but I really want to do this. I want to shit in your mouth, slave."

I pushed my tongue out even further, slipping it past her anus and into her rectum, as deep as I could push. I felt the turd just ahead of my tongue, just on the other side of her slimy insides.

The reality and weight of a situation will hit you time and again, and right now was one of those times. I'm laying here, in my own bathroom, a free man who is able to make their own decisions, and yet I'm on the floor with my tongue up someone else's ass helping them get ready to shit into my mouth.

It is such a "fucking slave" move. I'm a fucking slave to these people.

She moaned, "Fuck yes. I can do it... I can... Hnghhhh... Do... Hnghhhhhhhhh... It!!!!!"

And then all at once, a turd about a foot in length slammed into the back of my throat, gagging me and mushing together in my mouth. It was over so fast. That was all she had, and she sat up, excited, jumping and staring down at her mashed turd, partially sticking out of my mouth.

"Eat it, slave! Eat my shit! Eat up my turd!!! Hahaha!!!"

She watched with wide eyes as I obeyed and chewed through her spicy shit. It definitely was from her having some kind of spicy meal. I sadly know that much about shit.

She stood there for the entire 30 minutes or so that it took for me to consume her waste.

Carmen started to cry a little.

"I am so happy right now. There really is someone who would eat my shit. Someone who thinks that highly of me."

I chewed faster to show her how much I appreciated the opportunity. When I was done, I uttered, "Thank you. Thank you for shitting in my mouth, Carmen."

"Shower up and then lick my ass clean."

I hurridly washed myself and then knelt behind her as she sat reverse on the toilet. Her asshole was a little dirty, but that was it.

Spreading her cheeks apart, I looked at the brown hole thinking how happy I'd be if this were just a simple round of ass eating before sex. But there would be no sex. This was the end of me serving as her complete toilet, end to end.

I lapped up her shit and one huge advantage of using a slave's tongue instead of toilet paper is that the burning sensation from a spicy shit is helped by their tongue, gently cleaning your anal folds. She told me to "clean the inside" of her asshole, too.

Carmen rose and for as much as I wanted it to continue, I knew she was done.

"Just a few things. One, we have to pretend like it didn't happen around the group. Two, even though we will pretend it didn't happen, it did. You just ate my shit. Forever and ever from here on, I'll know you were my toilet."

I saw her pussy shaking. She was about to orgasm.

And then she did.


I crawled away and cleaned my mouth in the other bathroom. Monica came in to tell me that Carmen was moved to a new level of happiness, she called it. She also said this gave her an idea...

I don't know how much I like the sound of that...