Amazonian Fart Ritual
by American Wonton



“Kiss it, slave.” Those were the words I woke up to. As my eyes focused, I pondered if my vision was incorrect. Before my was a butt, more big and pompous than anything I have ever seen. It was brown and fleshy, without a freckle or blemish on it. Instinct kicked in. I pursed my lips and kissed it; then I sucked on it and bit on it slowly. I wanted to prove to the owner of this glorious behind that I would do anything to get inside it. My fate would prove otherwise.

BBBBBBBLLLLLLAAARRRBBBTTTTTT!!! The wind hit me head on, as did the smell. I recoiled in disgust. It smelt of rotten eggs and rotting cheese. The smell lingered well after the initiated fart. I looked up at my beauty...perhaps this was a mistake? The gorgeous creature smiled down at me. She was quite tall, almost 12 feet. “Ladies! I believe our little fart sniffer is ready!” cried the she-beast. My tiny body quivered underneath her. I was a fart sniffer? For who?

I soon found out as 6 creatures, each more beautiful than the last entered the tent. They were the same size as my captor, varying in other aesthetic features. A couple had longer hair. Most had brown eyes. ALL of them had looks of hunger on their faces...and they were looking at me. “Behold,” spoke the owner of the butt in front of me, “ the mighty women of the Amazon! You will service us for all of your pathetic life boy. From now on, you are not an animal of nature. You are a toy for us almighty Amazons.” I flinched as the Amazon ripped a raunchy 5 second fart in my face. I gagged, as this one was more potent than her first fart. “Let us begin the rituals!” She shouted.

I was picked up and dragged to the center of the tent. The Amazons surrounded me, blocking my exit. It was a short matter of time before I was held down and my face was sat upon. BBBBBBBBBLLLLLAAARRRPPPPTTT! I struggled to escape as the first Amazonians gas seeped through my nose. It smelt of cabbage and day old soup. I begged them to stop, but they only laughed as another Amazonian took her place on my face. PPPPPPOOOOOOOTTTTTT! This was going to be a long night.

One by one, I was sat upon and farted upon. My head hurt and wouldn’t stop spinning. These women had the weight of an elephant and the smell of one too. PPPPPHHHHTTTTTTSSSSS! Oh god, that one was wet! It got in my eyes! I cried out in pain, only to do so again when my balls were punched. I tried to stifle my cries...BBBBBBBAAAAPPPPTTTTT!....unsuccessfully.

After around an hour of torture I blacked out. I awoke inside a cramped box...I could barely stand. “Behold your next torture, fart boy!” I recognized the first Amazonians voice. It was cruel, like her anus. “The almighty Amazonian fartbox! Amazonians, commence!” Farts echoed in the box like artillery shells. BBBLLLLLLLLLLLAARRRTTT! PRRRRRRRAAATTT! FFFFRRRTTTSSSSHHHHh! PPPPPPPPPRRRRRPPPPPPpPPPP!

I didn’t last too long in this scenario. The farts had nowhere to go but to me. Methane was exchanged for oxygen, which was exchanged for carbon dioxide, back to methane again. Farts, farts, and more farts. BBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRAAAAAAARRRRBBBBBBB! That last one did it. I blacked out to the smell of hell and beyond.

I awoke inside a well furnished bedroom. The furniture was twice the size I expected. I was laying on the bed, which surprisingly fit all the Amazonians on top of it. I gulped in fear. “Look who’s awake,” spoke the lead Amazonian behind me. “Our favorite little fart sniffer.” The women laughed heartily; some of them nudged closer to me, savoring my whimpers of fear. “We got a fun night in store for you,” she continued. “You will be sleeping with the best farters, tooters, and scat makers around the world! Aren’t you a lucky fellow?” The Amazonians chimed in, groping me, sitting on top of me and farting. One sat on my cock and pretended to ride me. She ‘finished’ on me by ripping a bubbly fart across my cock. All the ladies cheered her on. Then there was chaos.

Every Amazonian fought over a slice of me. It eventually turned into a dogpile of bodies; all of them shifted, grunted, and let loose on my poor figure. BBBRRRAAABPPPPTTT! TOOOOOOOORRTTTTTT! BBBLLATTTTBBBBBB!! RRRAAAPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSS! FFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTTT! BBBLLLLLRRRBBBBBBBB!

I couldn’t tell which ass was farting from where. I was being killed three fold. I was suffocating from all the farts. Also, the combined weight was crushing me; I think my hip even broke. All the booty juice and sweat was also a problem. There was so much moisture that all the salty, fart stained sweat was making me choke.

Eventually, the girls quieted down and fell asleep I was to be pinned between two sets of cheeks during the night. The rest of the girls sat on laid on my other body parts, assuring I could do nothing but accept my torture. BBBBBBBBRRRRBBBBBBBTTT! I inhaled the fart of the leader Amazonian. I was flush with her asshole and felt it grace my nose. It was almost as if her butt was sending a message to me. “fuck you, and your existence. You are nothing. I can dominate you even in my sleep, fart boy.” PPPPPRRRRRTTTTT! She was right. I cried as her latest stink landed right in my mouth. I turned to my neighbor cheek, hoping she wasn’t as gassy. I was wrong. BBBBBBBRRRUUUMMP! A much bassier fart erupted from her butthole. It was strong; but thankfully not as strong as the alternative. I slowly breathed in and out, hoping the night would go faster.

Bodies shifting. My ass sandwich cases were replaced with a new set. One black Amazonian and one Latina, it appeared. The supposed Latina was the first to fart. RRRRRRPPPPPPTTTT! I smelled bean casserole. Call me racist, but I went ahead with my previous assumption. BBBBBBBBBRRRRBBBTTT! The black Amazonian farted on my neck, but the effect was still satisfactory. I gagged as the mixing smells collided with my dome. Somewhere on the dogpile, another Amazonian farted on my stomach. Then another one on my leg. Two farted on my penis. It was like they were playing a sick game of Telephone. I cried myself to sleep, hoping that I wouldn’t wake up in the morning.