Andy & Amanda
by The Kumquat King

WARNING! Contains female domination, farting, sweaty girls, and all-around female disgustingness. If this is not your cup of tea, here's your chance to leave! Well, I said my bit. Here goes! My first attempt at a story.


Part 1: The Walk

Andy was a simple kind of guy. He was nice, polite, and generally friendly unless he was really, really pissed off. Perhaps this was why he suffered the way he did.

The five-foot-four sixteen-year-old woke with a groan. Bleary-eyed, he turned to his wailing alarm clock with a look of disgust.

"You enjoying yourself there, buddy?" Andy yawned, tempted to hit the snooze button on the wretched device and roll back over. The alarm, of course, did not respond, unless one counted its loud and extremely irritating beeping.

Andy rubbed his eyes and sat up, scratching his brown hair with a tired but mild frown. He looked up at his ceiling.

Whelp, he thought. Time for another day of torture.

"Bye mom! Bye Dev! See you guys later!" Andy slung his backpack over his shoulder, kissed his mom, rubbed his younger brother's hair affectionately, and left the house. He then made his way to...her.

He met her at the age of four. His parents had just moved to the neighborhood and were seeking out some adults to mingle with, preferably with a child his age. Then, lo and behold, they met her parents in the park. They dumped the two kids together and socialized, leaving Andy at the mercy of this...this STRANGER. Well, that was a bit harsh. She and Andy got along right away, and soon they became inseparable. The years went by, and they grew ever closer, but at the age of nine, things began to get odd. She began eating more and bathing less, trying to find herself and who she really was. This often resulted in her sticking her smelly feet in Andy's face and farting in his face, which caused the somewhat-frail boy to hurl on more than one occasion.

She developed fat rolls, stopped brushing her teeth, and eventually gave up on bathing altogether, at least until her parents forced her to bath at least monthly.

The years dragged by in a smellier and slower fashion. Every day after school, she would drag him to her house, during a time in which both of her parents were working, and would proceed to strip down to her drenched bra and underwear, mercilessly glomp him, and hold him against her sweaty body as he thrashed around for dozens of minutes at a time, seeming to relish in her domination over him. This resulted in Andy desperately trying to find other friends. Unfortunately, the overpowering odor of his "best friend" kept other kids away, and eventually Andy realized that he would have to stay with her until college rolled around. Then, he could be free. But until then...

Andy sighed and looked at her house. Gulping, he walked up her porch, tentatively reached out his hand, and rang her doorbell. The door flung open almost immediately and the disgusting smell of sweat and body odor hit him square in the face.

"ANNNDDYY!!'' Amanda practically squealed, her red curls bouncing around along with the rest of her. "Good morning!"
Over the last year, she had somewhat mellowed out, but Andy secretly feared her now more than ever.

"'Morning, Am. Ready to hit the road?" Andy asked, still believing in the philosophy to always be as nice as one can be, especially to someone who you may not love all that much.

Amanda cocked a hip and struck a deadly sexy pose, causing a bulge down in Andy's you-know-what. Horrible-smelling or not, Amanda was undoubtedly one of the hottest girls in the school, with large, gorgeous hazel eyes, dark red hair that went down to her hips, and a gorgeous hourglass figure that gave a new meaning to the word 'curvaceous'. Unfortunately, she was also over a hundred pounds overweight, which, combined with her smell and her impressive height of 6'1", was why no one was willing to ask her out.

The two-hundred-eighteen pound teenage girl smiled at Andy and shut her door after her, and soon the two were on their way, with Andy wishing for the umpteenth time that he was born without a sense of smell.

As they trudged on to their school, the spring sun gently beating down on them, Amanda suddenly stopped and began to groan.

"Andy..." She belched loudly.

Andy winced to himself, stopped, and turned around. "What is it? What's the matter?"

Amanda frowned. "My legs really know, from last night's basketball game?" (She was on the basketball team and was the most active and most successful player in the latest game, mostly because none of the opposing team was willing to come within ten feet of her)

Andy smiled amiably, trying to gently get her to move with his words. "Yeah, you were the star of the team. C'mon, Olympian, let's get moving. We don't want to be late for math."

Amanda pouted cutely. "It's just that I don't think I can walk another step! My foot cramps kept me up half the night, and early-morning diarrhea kept me up for the rest..." she yawned and rubbed her eyes dreamily. "I'm really sleepy, Andy."

Andy chuckles nervously, not knowing where she was going with this. "Haha, well, you can sleep during first period. Mr. Fletcher will probably just go off on another one of his tangents and talk for the entire period. Get it? Tangents?"

Amanda snorted with laughter. "Hehe, that's a good one, Andy." She took a step closer to him. "But...I have a favor to ask."

Andy took a small step back, gulping inwardly. "Y-yeah?"

Amanda giggled, shifting her weight from side to side and causing her tight jeans to make loud stretching noises. Her exposed rack, glistening with sweat and kept tight by a low-cut purple top, jiggled madly. "Could you...piggyback me the rest of the way?"

"P-piggyback you?!" Andy exclaimed in horror. She was twice his weight! How on Earth could she expect him to manage to lift her, let alone carry her! Sure, she's sat in his lap until his legs went numb, and sure, she's laid on top of him until he nearly suffocated between her breasts, but this was completely different! How could he support her weight?

Amanda gave him a coy smile and took another step closer. "I'll yell 'rape' if you don't."

Ah, the old 'rape' technique. She could practically get him to do anything with that dirty, sleazy method. Looks like he didn't have a choice.

"Alright, but you're carrying my bag." Andy said, taking it off and handing it to her.

"YAAY!!" She accepted the bag and laughed and cheered like a young schoolgirl.

Andy whispered a silent prayer and turned around, putting his arms behind him slightly in preparation. "All aboard."

He heard her heavy footsteps as she ran at him and leapt up, whee-ing in delight, before finally landing on him.

Andy staggered immediately under her weight and attempted to lower her, but Amanda was too quick and wrapped her thick legs around his comparatively thinner waist and her meaty freckled arms around his skinny neck. Andy nearly buckled, his legs trembling with the effort of keeping Amanda up, but she didn't seem to notice or care about the pain she was causing him.

"Giddy up, horsey!" She giggled sweetly, kicking his shaking thighs lightly.

Andy nearly broke out in tears, but he knew he was trapped under her and made it the primary goal to get to school as fast as possible. Gasping a little with the immense strain, he grabbed her massive thighs, shifted her up higher on his nearly-snapping back, and began to move, each step more painful than the last.

As he trudged on, carrying the much-larger girl with extreme difficulty, the perspiration from her cleavage soaked into his shirt and neck, causing him to whimper slightly due to the gross smell and feeling of her bodily fluids coming into contact with him. Amanda took no notice of this, however, and hugged him even tighter, moaning contently. After all, this was her first piggyback from a boy. She might as well cuddle with him, even if he was about to collapse.

Minute after minute went by, and Andy was soon at his breaking point. "Can I put you down yet?" He cried, sweat pouring down his forehead.

Amanda, who was enjoying her ride, began licking his ear sensually, which caused him to squirm and recoil from her, but she just leaned over more and continued pressing her slimy tongue against him, much to his chagrin. "You're my little pony." She said in a soft, breathy voice. "You go until I tell you to stop. And I say go faster!" She raised her voice at that last line and began to bounce on him, relishing the cries of the thin and exhausted boy beneath her.

Another step...another step... Andy focused on his own two feet, trying and failing to ignore the excruciating pain and tiredness that filled his whole being.

As Andy staggered forward, the large, curvy redhead he was carrying began to hum a tune gently, squeezing him tightly with every high note. So help him God...he still had a mile and a half to go.

"Aaandy!" Amanda said in a singsong voice as she began to bounce once again. "Am I your princess?"

Andy was red-faced and wheezing now, the weight of the cruel Amazon nearly too much for him to bear. All he could manage was a breathless "yes".

Amanda wasn't satisfied with this, however. She farted loudly, causing Andy's eyes to water as he was hit with a smell ten times worse than the most rotten of eggs. "Aaaandy!" She sang again. "Am I your princess?" Another fart from her kept him from answering, as he was coughing too much to respond.

I'm her personal pony! He thought to himself desperately. What more could she want from me? Apparently, the declaration that she was, in fact, his princess.

Amanda farted again, even louder this time and grunting with the effort. Her stink was more than overpowering! How long ago was her last shower? Two weeks? A month? Did she skip it last month? What the hell did she EAT?

As if she could read his mind, she belched and laughed with delight. "This is why I should stop eating those deep-dish pizza pies with anchovies on top!" She took a sweaty hand away from her iron grip around Andy's neck to pat her prodigious posterior appreciatively. "It goes right out here!" She wrapped her hand around the struggling boy once again, choking him slightly. "Now," she purred in his ear once again, "am I your princess?"


Part 2: The Toilet (of sorts)

Andy collapsed to the ground in front of the school, wheezing. For the past half-an-hour, he had been in the most excruciating pain of his entire life. He was definitely sure that his spine was permanently bent, and he was willing to bet that his nose would never smell anything other than the horrid scent of his rider.

His 'princess' slowly got off of Andy, savoring the feeling of his body crunched beneath hers.

"Wow, Andy, that was really fun!" Amanda said, as perky as ever. "Here's your bag back!" She tossed him the bag, but not before rubbing it all over her gross body, smearing sweat all over it. "Now you'll always be reminded of me!"

Andy wanted to argue that his broken legs and sopping wet shirt would remind him of her, but he was too exhausted to even muster a word.

Amanda looked around quickly, as if to make sure no one was looking, but since Andy was so slow in carrying her, they were very tardy and so the grounds were deserted.

Amanda giggled to herself, walked over to Andy's face, spun around, and squatted so her butt was directly in his face. He moaned in disgust and tried to crawl away, but Amanda's hands shot out, grabbed his face, and forced it against her tight jeans. Andy desperately tried to pull away, but he was totally spent; he had no energy left in him. He heard a deep gurgling from Amanda's stomach, but could do nothing to prevent her loudest and most disgusting fart yet.


Andy's cries were muffled by her titanic ass, but he thrashed around with such vigor that he managed to slip out of Amanda's tight grasp. Amanda sighed in disappointment, but she still seemed somewhat content with her cruelty. "Okayyyy... I'll save some for later, Andy. See you in class!" She cleared her throat and skipped away, humming until she disappeared inside the building, leaving Andy to lay on the ground by himself, weeping in despair.

Andy sighed as he sat down in the cafeteria with his lunch, with Amanda plopping down next to him. The other kids at the table wrinkled their noses and moved away, leaving Andy to wish he had such a luxury. He picked at his peas dejectedly, looking around at the rest of the students. If only he were someone else, anyone else. Then maybe he could actually enjoy his life.

Amanda belched loudly, already halfway through her mystery meat casserole. "Whatcha thinkin' about, Andy?"

Andy grimaced, the nasty smell of her burp causing his head to spin. He wanted to ask questions like: How can you act so sweet and innocent after treating me like a slave? Why do you enjoy smelling so foul? Why do you use me as your sweat sponge? What have I ever done to you? But because he was afraid of what Amanda might do to him for asking things like that, he kept silent and simply shrugged.

"C'mon, you can tell me-oh." Amanda stopped talking in-between bites of her casserole. She felt her flabby tummy with a worried expression.

Andy became very alarmed. "What? What's the matter?"

Amanda gulped. "I need to shit. Really badly."

Andy silently sent his thoughts and prayers to whatever toilet would be forced to endure her wastes.

Amanda stood up. "Andy, come with me."


Andy blushed in spite of himself as every head in the lunchroom turned to stare at the two of them. Then, his nose hairs began to singe. THEN, the impact of her words hit him. "What?" he asked.

Amanda grimaced and began to dance around impatiently. "I'm gonna take a massive shit, and you are going to come with me."

Andy looked at her in disbelief. "What do you need me for?"

Amanda smirked. "I want some company. I get lonely in the stall, all by myself." She leaned in closer. "And if you don't, I'll make you piggyback me home too. But if you come with me now, I promise I won't."

Andy looked up at her suspiciously. Could she be trusted?

It didn't really matter in the end, because she lifted him up from his seat and dragged him behind her all the way to the girl's bathroom.

Andy stopped, not willing to go any further. "Wait!" He exclaimed. "I can't just go into the girl's bathroom!"

The large girl turned around. " don't really have a choice in the matter." With that, she yanked him inside.

"Wow." Andy remarked as he looked around. "It's so clean!"

Amanda, however, was not as impressed. She went from stall to stall, her voice creeping up from worried to panicked. "Out of order, clogged, out of order, and there's no toilet paper in any of them! What the hell do I do?"

"Try the boy's bathroom." Andy said thoughtfully. "Or the girl's bathroom on the floor above."

Amanda shook her head. "No, there's no time! It's right at the doorstep!" She dances around a little, trying her best to hold it in.


Then, she stopped and smiled. Widely. "Andy, I have a great idea."

The next moment, she had Andy by the hair, pulling him into one of the out-of-order stalls.

"Ow, ow! Amanda, what the hell are you-AH!" Andy yelped as Amanda roughly threw him against the seat of the toilet, banging his head in the process. Andy groaned in pain as he massaged the newly-forming bruise, but his eyes widened as Amanda closed the stall door...and locked it.

Amanda turned to him with a look of absolute glee, unbuckling her leather belt. Andy watched in fear as she yanked her jeans down, revealing a sexy, small, velvet pair of panties, extremely damp with sweat. She then went one step further, slowly pulling down her panties with a blush. "I've-I've never undressed in front of a guy before. Close your eyes, silly goose. I'm embarrassed."

So was Andy. Having never seen a woman's reproductive organ, (except for porn, obviously) he blushed a little. He never thought he'd see one in real life, at least for a couple more years. But as he closed his eyes and shielded his face from her hairy bush, she turned around, revealing a gigantic, shit-stained, sweat-covered mountain of an ass. Andy was hit with an odor leagues ahead of what he had smelled before.

Andy sat on the floor weakly, his back to the toilet. He had no idea what was going on, but he was way too tired from this morning's 'joyride' to do anything about it. "Amanda..." He groaned, the smell of her unwashed ass making him dizzy. "What's going on?"

Amanda giggled, but this time there was a nervous energy to it, as if she didn't know what was coming next. "You're about to be upgraded from pony to toilet," she said, wiggling and jiggling her ass.


Andy began to realize what she was doing a moment too late. As he began trying to escape, Amanda grabbed his head and roughly slammed it against the toilet bowl with his face up. She then descended, aiming her ass directly for his face.

The teenage boy screamed as Amanda's disgustingly wet buttcrack made contact with his face, and then screamed even louder as she shifted her ass, squishing him deeper and deeper into the confines of her gas chamber. Her immense weight was concentrated directly on his face, forcing him to support her entire sweaty ass using nothing but his head and neck. It took all Andy had not to let his neck give out and snap beneath her mammoth butt, and she was only getting heavier and heavier with each and every moment.

Meanwhile, the smell was ungodly, beyond a doubt the most overpowering stench he'd ever had the unpleasantness of inhaling. Her ass itself was oily and covered with sweat and dried shit, which dribble into his mouth and down his throat, burning his tongue with the disgusting taste of her foul excretions. To make matters worse, her ass was cutting off his air supply, and soon he started to faint, trapped in-between her slimy cheeks.

Amanda giggled and leaned back, resulting in an extra bit of thrashing around from beneath her as Andy's face was put under even more pressure and weight, but paid him no mind as she prepared to take her massive dump.


Andy's entire face felt as if it were melting off as Amanda's gas encompassed him. He wept bitterly as he was forced to inhale the Amazon's shitty-smelling farts, seeing as this was the only thing close to air, although it was closer to carbon monoxide.

Amanda frowned and tousled her red hair as Andy's hands smacked and clawed at her ginormous thighs, desperate for freedom and oxygen.

"Ouch!" She exclaimed as Andy furiously slapped the side of her ass, causing her fat folds to jiggle like a mountain of jello. She was trying to get into the mood, but Andy was totally ruining this experience!

Amanda thought to herself for a few seconds, but then brightened. "Here, Andy. This should keep you from hurting me, which I'm SURE is the last thing you wanted to do." She grunted and released another rancid fart into Andy's poor shuddering face while grabbing her leather belt. Easily overpowering him, she bound his hands together tightly. She then kicked off her boots, lifted up her feet, and tucked them into the nook she made out of his bound hands. Now she was sitting entirely on his face with her full weight, not using the floor to partially support her.

Andy was at his limit. His face and neck muscles were in complete and utter agony with the strain of being trapped under and supporting such a large and heavy girl for such a long time.


The farts became wetter and wetter, flecks of liquid shit splattering all over his tortured face. A nasty concoction of both that and butt sweat forced its way into his mouth with every squeeze of Amanda's fleshy ass cheeks, which he swallowed against his will.

As she farted, he inhaled reluctantly, in desperate need of any sort of air, but then coughed from the tainted eggy smell and now feel of the poisonous gas, which only bounced her up and down slightly, causing him even more pain.

Andy's face shuddered and shook beneath her, but she had finally found a comfortable position and she wasn't going to get up now, no matter how heavy she was. "Hey, Andy!" Amanda called, bouncing on his face a bit, which resulted in some muffled screams of pain. "I'm not that heavy, am I?" She couldn't make out the reply, but the feeling of him trying to talk tickled her butt and gave her a great idea. "Aaaandy? Can you do me a favor and kiss my ass? No one's ever done it before, and I want to know how it feels!"

Andy was trying his best just to stay alive between her blubbery cheeks. Now she wanted him to make out with her revolting ass? He screamed as she farted again, forcing him to fill his lungs with her sulfurous cloud of pure stink. Sewage smelled ten times, no, a HUNDRED times better than this!

"Aaandy!!!" Amanda sang in the voice that Andy dreaded so much. "Kiss my ass! Your princess commands you! Or else I'll trap your younger brother and shit on him too!"

Devin? She would hurt Devin like that? Andy gathered his resolve. He would NOT let her traumatize his little brother the way she did to him. Trapped between an ass and a hard place, he had no choice. He puckered his lips and began kissing her naked, swampy ass.

Amanda started to moan in ecstasy. No boy had ever kissed her before, and especially not her ass. She began getting a little wet, and decided to push her little toilet even further.

"Can you lick it, Andy?" Amanda asked, wiggling her hips teasingly. "Lick my ass!" She farted yet again, the strongest and smelliest one yet. She felt him struggle and kick beneath her, but her curvy body was simply too heavy. There was no escape.

Andy, now on the verge of a mental breakdown, slowly and reluctantly pressed his tongue against her sweaty posterior, and he immediately regretted every decision he had ever made. The taste was so rotten, so tart, so completely and indescribably foul, but what other choice did he have?

Amanda threw her head back in complete euphoria, moaning loudly. She leaned back even more, somehow putting even more pressure on the small face of her little toilet slave.

Weeping bitterly, Andy began to lick Amanda's titanic asscrack, forced to clean it with nothing but his tongue and his tears. He lapped up her disgusting sweat and cleaned up her dried shit. But that wasn't good enough. Amanda took the back of his head with her hand and pressed his face even deeper into her ass, until his tongue came into contact with her filthy asshole, which somehow tasted ten times worse than the outside of her butt.

Amanda shook and shivered slightly, more than enjoying the sensation of a tongue pressed against her bare asshole.

Now, she was finally ready.


Andy screamed at the top of his lungs as a wave of diarrhea splashed into his face and dripped down his shaking neck. The sludge kept coming, the smell and taste burning deep into the very core of his senses.

The poor boy was forced to swallow mouthfuls of the horrific filth or risk drowning in a pool of liquid shit.

The taste...for the rest of his life, Andy would never be able to describe how truly awful the taste was. It was like eating a ghost chili, but instead of spicy, it was sour and bitter, and revolting as all hell. All Andy wanted to do at that point was rest and give up in this cruel hell, but he wasn't even able to do that. Even as he managed to choke down her shit, he was forced to keep her entire Amazonian body off the ground with no respite.

High above his prison, the warden grunted, jiggling her gigantic cheeks and releasing splattering after splattering of her horrid diarrhea. She inhaled her own scent and coughed. "Wow!" *cough cough* "That's some smell!" *cough* "I don't know how you stand it!"

With each cough, she bounced on her captive, causing gut-wrenching screams from below as he was forced to endure the weight of her jiggling body on his tortured face.

Finally, the shitstorm came to a gradual halt. Amanda relaxed and jiggled as she sighed contently. That was some dump. She hadn't enjoyed shitting this much in years.

I should do this again. Amanda thought as she squeezed Andy's struggling face between her extremely slimy ass cheeks.

"Mmm, did you enjoy that?" Amanda said, breathing hard. "Mmm...your face is so comfortable to sit on...why haven't I ever done this before?"

Andy began thrashing erratically beneath her as his "air" supply ran out, but Amanda showed no signs of providing more gas, nor of getting up.

"Hmm, looks like I'm all out of fuel." She laughed breezily. "Ok, Andy, just clean my ass and we'll be off."

But Andy desperately needed air, and began attempting to lift her off of him, with absolutely no success.

"Uh uh uh." Said Amanda, reclining lazily on Andy's squirming face as if it were a throne. "No air for you until you lick my ass clean. I want it to sparkle!"

It was now a race against time. Could he lick her ass clean before he ran out of air? Andy forged on, tearing up as he swallowed some of the foulest substances on Earth, found deep within Amanda's reeking butthole.

Andy began getting more and more lightheaded, due to the lethal combination of extreme weight, disgusting taste of poop, and lack of air.

He ran his tongue up and down Amanda's revolting buttcrack, his face feeling as though it was about to shatter, his lungs feeling as if they were on fire.

There! It was clean! Or at least...relatively clean.

Amanda finally rose, albeit very slowly. His head came with her, wedged deep in her ass, but she simply yanked him out with a disgusting "pop".

Andy whimpered with joy, his lungs finally filling with normal air again, while Amanda inspected his handiwork. "Nice work, Andy. You really can get thorough with that tongue of yours." She yanked up her underwear, and then her jeans, albeit with some difficulty. Finally, she reached down and untied Andy's hands, and buckled it around her thick waist.

The fatigued Andy looked up at her with a mixture of horror and exhaustion, a single question burning in his eyes. Why?

Amanda winked at him, revealing nothing. "Thanks for being my toilet, Andy." She blushed cutely. "You're a lifesaver." With that, she unlocked the stall door and walked out of the bathroom, naturally without washing her hands.

Andy laid there, resting his tired neck and head against the rim of the toilet, mortified at the experience that he had just gone though. He stated up at the ceiling in shock, Amanda's shit dripped down his chin, until his stomach finally caught up.

Andy suddenly sat up straight, gasping in pain from the various cricks in his neck, turned around to face the out-of-order toilet bowl, grabbed the edges and threw up violently, dispelling the twice-digested food with extreme prejudice.

Ironically enough, the vomit was the tastiest thing he had ingested in the last few hours.

Andy curled up in a ball on the bathroom floor, grappling with the mental scars that Amanda has left him with.

"Whatever it takes," Andy whispered, "I will get away from you."

Amanda smirked as she made her way back to the cafeteria. "Whatever it takes," she muttered to herself, "I will make you mine."