by skeezan

Aaron was not a smart man nor was he a very empathetic man, in short Aaron was kind of a dick. However to the personal gratitude of the entire universe Aaron had broken both his legs and both his arms in a skiing incident a week prior. This left the man completely dependent on his roommate at the time, Harper. The two....did not get along very well. It seemed like they were at complete opposite sides of the spectrum. Where Harper was joyous Aaron was cynical, where Aaron was needy Harper was independent, and of course most all where Aaron was a complete and utter neat freak Harper was a complete and utter slob. For the most part Aaron kept their apartment in check through bullying Harper into cleaning up or flat out forcing her not to indulge in her more slobbish tendencies. However with Aaron now immobile and relying on Harper for nearly everything things were going to change in the apartment and they would be changing very quickly.

It all began three days after Aaron had returned from the hospital. Aaron sat upright on one side of the couch while Harper laid across the rest of it her back facing towards him Aaron had pretty much lived on that couch since again his arms and legs made it impossible to get anywhere without help. For the most part Harper had been helpful getting him food or wheeling him around when Aaron needed to get somewhere (though his constant neediness was starting to get to her). So anyway with all that in mind the two silently watched TV. Until this happened.


“Excuse me.” Harper said while she casually fanned the fart away from her butt.

“What.The hell.Was that.” Aaron said, with the same delivery he would use if Harper had just ripped off her own arm and slapped him with it.

“Oh get over yourself Aaron it's just a fart *sniff*....whew! Well maybe a little bit more than just a fart.” Harper replied. Once more she fanned away the deadly gas from her ass (though this time more directed toward Aaron). He only scoffed and looked back forward his nose wrinkling a bit from the odor. It wasn't more than a minute later until Harper farted once more.


Though this one was much bigger, in both size and stench. Aaron was less than pleased.


“Oh shut up the fuck up Aaron this is my place to and I'm gonna fart in it if I want! You should count yourself lucky I'm holding back the big ones hehe.”

“Just don't fart at all like I've said a thousand times before!” Aaron said somewhat oblivious to the situation he was in. Harper however was not and instead grew a devilish grin. She slowly propped her rear up in the air directing it towards Aaron. With a small butt wiggle Harper smugly said. “Or what Aaron? You don't really seem to be in any position to tell me what to do.”

“Harper......don't you....”




Three tremendous farts rung out in succession each making Harper's previous gas look incredibly small in comparison. Aaron attempted to real in disgust but with his immobility could really only arch his head as far away from the farts as possible. This act did not what so ever limit the effect of Harper's gas to send Aaron into a coughing fit. Harper simply laughed it all off.

“My god Harper what do you eat?” Aaron asked a midst his slew of coughing and sputtering.

“Keep acting like a dick and maybe I'll show you.” Harper taunted. “But for now given your current predicament I think I'm gonna take advantage of the situation and do whatever the fuck I want.”

“Now you listen here just cause I'm.......” Aaron's speech was abruptly stopped when Harper sent her bare right foot directly into his mouth. Even though it was for just a moment Aaron could taste the revolting grime from Harper's extremely unwashed heel.

“Sorry what was that? Couldn't hear's...hehe... ike you got a...heheh...foot in your mouth or something...Hehehe!” Harper replied clearly enjoying her terrible pun.

“Whatever.” Aaron said spitting the putrid foot out of his mouth. It was better to just let Harper have her fun then have to argue though it didn't help when immediately after Aaron got Harper's dirty foot off his face she placed both of them right in the centre of it.

“My feet need a good cushion and your face seems pretty good.” Aaron glared at her. “Hey look at it this way either my feet use the cushion or my ass does *PFFRRRRRTTT* and I don't know if you wanna be around there right now hehehe.”

With that Aaron stopped fighting, at least for the time being. This left him to shudder for the next hour as Harper alternated from shoving her reeking feet in his face or casual slipping out a tremendous amount of gas (which she was sure to fan in his direction with each blast.) During this time the room's atmosphere went through several changes. Starting at a fairly pleasant temperament before decline into a swampy rain forest of stink then slowly dissipating with Harper's flatulence becoming less and less frequent. Aaron couldn't be happier as after nearly an hour of uninterrupted gas made his eyes water and his nostrils burn. So he was quite happy when Harper said this.

“Shit looks like I'm running low on gas. Eh it was fun while it lasted I guess.”

“God finally! Now that that's done with could you get me something to eat.” Aaron asked. Harper simply responded with a 'are you fucking serious face' to him. “Oh come oooooooon! I can't I'm brooooooooooooooooooken!” Aaron whined seemingly as if the previous hour had never transpired and he was unaware of both Harper's current animosity towards him and the power she held over Aaron. But then again Aaron was never very good on picking up on those things.

“Alright sure in fact I'll make myself something too.” Harper got up and went into the kitchen taking out the various ingredients needed to make chili (which was what she would be having) and some bread for sandwich (close to what Aaron would be having) from the cupboards and fridge. She had gotten most of her meal set and in order when she was just to start making her roommate's when Harper moved onto Aaron's (special) meal. The bread had been toasted and the BLT she made was neatly put in order on the kitchen counter in front of her. Harper admired her handiwork for a second then grabbed the sandwich and shoved it in between her butt crack.

For the next few minutes Harper found every single possible disgusting part of her body and soaked that sandwich in her stink and sweat. Small things like flexing her cheeks while the sandwich laid between them seemed to escalate the sweat and ass juices that were soaked in. From this she moved to her feet where she stomped on it mercilessly followed by grinded her sole deeper and deeper into the bread. After that she moved onto other miscellaneous parts of her body that oozed sweat (her whole body) particularly focusing on her armpits and breasts.

The whole process was fairly easy to do without Aaron noticing as the casts made it nearly impossible for him to turn a full 180 degrees behind him and look what she was doing to his meal. After one last sweat rub Harper looked at the sandwich and gazed at her revolting masterpiece. It was squashed, soaking, and radiated ass topping it off with the fact like it looked rotten. The BLT was perfect for Aaron. So Harper got out of the kitchen and threw the plate directly in front of Aaron startling him immensely.

“Jesus Christ Harper!” Aaron exclaimed at the sight of the sandwich. “No wonder you're so gross when you eat shit like that.”

“Actually this is your lunch, in fact I was just gonna add some final garnishing.” Harper picked up the plate and moved it to her behind letting out a thunderous blast of gas. She swung it back around and presented it to Aaron who was could only sit there perplexed.

“Now how in the hell is this fair?” He angrily questioned.

“It's actually not in fact you should get way worse than this and probably will but think about this roomie. For an entire year you've bullied me into not letting my grossness flourish. I got a whole year of it backed up and for fuck's sake I'm letting it out!” Harper sat down on the plate.


“Both literally and metaphorically.” She got up off the now fart steamed sandwich and forced it into Aaron's mouth. “Now shut the fuck up for five seconds and enjoy the meal I made you!”
Harper held her hand on Aaron's mouth ensuring he couldn't spit out her tainted food. He struggled for a bit attempting get it out of his mouth or anything that would save him from eating the revolting meal. Alas the poor douche bag was powerless and it wasn't long before he was forced to take his first bite all while Harper watched attentively. It should come to now surprise that the sandwich tasted awful with the soaked in sweat and new found fart filling Aaron's mouth with a taste that made him want to hurl. Just having it be in his mouth made the terrible taste flourish which might of sent Aaron into another coughing fit had Harper not been holding his mouth closed. With more bites Aaron begged for this to stop through mumbles or even eyesight.

“I'm going back to the kitchen to work on my chili. If you spit that out I'll make things much worse for you.” There was something about the way she said that that struck fear into Aaron's heart. He ate the rest of the sandwich with no complaints the gagging sounds he was making being music to Harper's ears.

After his fartwich Aaron remained on the couch staring up at the ceiling trying to grasp what the hell had just happened. Though as would become a recurring theme doing so was impossible as Harper came out from the kitchen holding a large pot of chili and a surprising absence of the pants she had been wearing thus far.

“Get out of my seat.” She demanded.

“You know I can't.”

“Well if you can't get out of my seat then...”

“Oh really?!? You're gonna pull that shit. Let me guess you're gonna make me be your seat cushion cause I can't move and this teasing bullshit is what just for shit's and giggles.” Aaron angrily yelled.

“God you're still such a little asshole. Can't you just let me have my fun and let me use you as a fart cushion?” Harper questioned in a half-sincere half-mocking tone.

“Do I really have to explain why I don't wanna be a fart cushion?”

“Whatever I'm still doing it.” Leaving those parting words Harper yanked Aaron's body down so his head laid on the couch before preceding to mount her cushion. Hard. Her pantied end hit Aaron with enough force to squish his face flat and this was just the beginning. Starting off Harper made sure to be extra thorough in getting comfortable rubbing and grinding her rear backside down onto the seat cushion until Aaron's entire face couldn't be seen from outside. This sealed everything Aaron could see under the weight of Harper's titan butt. Then she farted.


A small one granted but nevertheless it felt like hell for Aaron who could feel the wind hitting his face and flowing into his synesis. Even worse was the fact that with Harper sealing any access outside of Aaron's ass cavern it meant that fart had nowhere to go but in Aaron's nose and he had no air to breath but that gas. For the longest time Aaron was humiliated by his roommate the worst part being all this pain and torment she was giving was done simply by taking a seat on his face and mercilessly farting. She did this for hours never so much as speaking to Aaron only offer short giggles and long wet farts.

In the time that was spent Harper's butt had indeed got rather sweaty coupled with the sickening atmosphere meant the term swamp ass might have been an understatement as Aaron literally feared he might drown. Still he inhaled as best he could hoping to god it would soon be over. It was just not at that point. In reality it ended five hours later letting Aaron take the brunt of Harper's increasingly wet gas and dripping with sweat crack. At 12:00am she finally spoke to her roommate after half a day of using him as a fart cushion.

“God is it midnight already. Shit looks like this is where I leave you.” Harper rose from her Aaron cushion only for him to follow up with her apparently having spent so much time under her Aaron's face was stuck to her rear. The muffled screams of Aaron echoed through the small space of ass crack that was available to him. Harper of course did nothing to help Aaron instead enjoying the feeling of a man struggling to free himself from the confines of her ass with only his head.

“Hehehehe.....oh for fuck's sake this is awesome. Here have some help.” With that Harper let out a might ten second fart that just so happened to be strong enough to blast her poor roommate out of her ass and onto the couch leaving only the stench of flatulence to surround him. The dizzy man laid there just trying to get a grip on reality.

“Well that was fucking hilarious.” Harper said at the sight of Aaron. “But I think I can carry some of this into the night.” Without breaking eye contact Harper took of her panties and held them up in front of her roommate. “Looks like there still steaming oh and here even a few skid marks. Yes I think these would make an appropriate face mask.”

“Harper......seriously.....fuck you.” Aaron replied while Harper just ignored him and strapped the disgusting panties to his face being sure to make the backside be placed right over his nose. Every single burst of gas Harper let out that day had been collecting in this small cloth and now it was literally emanating less than a millimeter from Aaron's face. Harper even pulled Aaron close to her ass for one last fart just as tiny little fuck you before she went off to her room.

“Man I'm am so fucking happy you broke those bones. Hell you should do it waaaaaaay more often cause what happened today it's just the beginning”And with that (and a wink) Harper left Aaron on the couch wearing the incredibly dirty garment on his face. No matter how much he tried they would remain there until Harper came back. Swallowing his pride Aaron let the fart mist on the panties permeate hoping at some point he would get to sleep. He didn't. Instead for hours his mind ran lose with questions about what was to be done with Harper or how he could get around this. They all turned up with the same answer: Aaron was dependent on Harper without her he could starve or worse. It wasn't so bad though and the casts would be off in a few months even then at some point she would have to go back to work then maybe he could away from her at least for a bit. After all how much damage could this kinda gross girl do in a few months.

Just then he heard a light turn on and a shadow appear from Harper's room. The shadow grew until it's source (Harper) entered the living room.

“Toilet's clogged.”She said half awake.

“Youff didffnt evefff go chefffffk.” Aaron replied as best he could from his pantie face mask. Harper ripped the pantie's off his face to Aaron insane amount of relief.

“Yeah don't look so happy yet with that toilet gone I'm using the next best thing.” It took a minute for Aaron to put two and two together but when he did he screamed, he screamed louder than any human had ever screamed. But the scream would not be hear nor would it be any use to him for the second Aaron had opened his mouth Harper had already mounted her roommate's face. Aaron looked up and saw the pulsing anus descend over his mouth Harper's giggles following along with it's descent. He could only look up in fear as his roommate prepared to unload on him while he was powerless to do anything but accept it and swallow.