by stcoo

I was finally getting a big break in Hollywood. Ok, maybe I wasn’t an actor or anything yet but I got a job as a chauffeur for celebrities which would keep me close to random people all the time. Maybe one day when I come across someone nice enough I can slip them a copy of my screenplay and hope for the best.

I had gotten used to dealing with small time celebrities who thought they were big and big celebrities who were as down to Earth as anyone who you’d meet on the streets. Nothing prepared me for who I was driving today. I usually don’t pay much attention to the name beforehand as I don’t like to get myself too worked up and nervous if it’s somebody who I actually idolize. I became increasingly curious though when I arrived at the house and there was a swarm of paparazzi outside of this incredible mansion that somebody called home. Knowing Hollywood, it was probably even a second or third home for whoever lived here. I was instructed to text a managers number when I arrived and after I did it took about 10 minutes for my client to actually arrive. First the bodyguards had to clear the way and when they did I saw none other than Kim Kardashian walking with who I assume was a manager. I couldn’t believe that I would be driving her today. I didn’t idolize her as an artist but i sure as hell had drooled over pictures of her in the past! My surprises continued as a few steps behind Kim I saw her half sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Those two were much younger than Kim and only a few years younger than me, but wow they were still stunning. Especially today, as I was preparing to drive these three to some type of awards show.

They were very nice as they got in the car and greeted me. Kim did most of the talking. “Hi, I’m Kim. What’s your name?”

“I’m Jeff. Are you girls excited for the awards show tonight?”

“Yes, but we’ve been to so many that it isn’t as exciting as you might find it. You know, I might be able to get you in and into the after party if you do something for us.” Kendall and Kylie giggled as Kim said this, although it didn’t take much consideration from me. This could help me get a big break!

“Sure, what do you need from me!” I replied.

“Well first I need you to pull over. Then we’ll get to talking.”

While I was waiting for a place to pull over on the highway, the separator on the middle opening came up. Kim called somebody on her phone and had a brief conversation which I couldn’t really hear. When I finally pulled over, another car came up and out popped the same guy Kim was talking to earlier. He said “Sorry buddy” as he hopped into the drivers seat I was just in. “C’mon Jeff, you’re in the back with us” Kendall said with a smirk.

I got into the back seat of this limo that was bigger than I could have imagined it being from the outside. Kendall and Kylie sat real close next to me with Kim across, staring at me like a lion stalking it’s pray. I really didn’t know what they wanted from me before, but looking at my current situation there was a brief thought that I was going to get lucky with these three beautiful women. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Once we started moving, Kendall and Kylie gently lowered me down onto the seat and started unbuttoning my shirt. I was so preoccupied with the two young sisters that I didn’t even notice the lion coming above me until the light was blocked and she was standing on either side of my head. “Ok Jeff, if you want to come into the grammy’s you need to sit here and let two things happen.” This was the big moment. What could she possibly want that I would turn down?

“First, you need to obey everything I say once I sit my big ass down on your face.” she spread her cheeks and let them smack back into each other. You know how people sometimes say that beautiful celebrities are even better in person? That’s how I felt looking at Kim’s ass up close. It was so round, and so full and still tight at the same time that I was already hard thinking about just having it on my face. Kendall and Kylie started to take off my pants and were giggling when they saw. And I was only more turned on when I saw these two beautiful girls smiling at me. “You understand Jeff? If I tell you to stick your tounge into my asshole, you will do it. And just a warning, you will do that because it hasn’t happened in awhile. Kanye doesn’t like it.” That part was fine with me. I’ve kissed a girls ass before and even though I wasn’t a fan of it, I could make an exception for Kim Kardashian.

“The second part is that you need to let Kendall and Kylie fuck you. And you better not cum, because we don’t have condoms and my sisters are too young to have a baby. However, they’re still young and horny so they’re gonna ride you while I sit on your face. When you feel like you’re about to cum, put both hands on the small of my back. Otherwise, don’t touch me”

Wow, I really wasn’t seeing the bad side to this at all. I think they noticed that thought too, because they laughed when I quickly and eagerly replied “Of course!”

The girls stripping was the last thing I saw before Kim’s ass engulfed my face. I felt her thong string tickling my nose as she attempted to position me where she wanted. When she finally stopped moving, my lips were pushed against her asshole. It was so beautiful and so perfect, but then again it was still an asshole. And it smelled like one too. But that was fine. I still remembered what Kim said, so as soon as I was lined up I impaled her asshole with my tongue. I heard her let out a small moan, while I also felt one of the girls’ pussy on my dick. I honestly didn’t know how I was gonna survive without cumming for even 30 seconds. Thankfully, Kim lifted off my face for a moment.

“Wow Jeff, you have no idea what that feels like. I’m ready to help you just for making me feel that. The only problem for you is that before every awards show we go get a huge meal. It’s part of a tradition. Unfortunately for you, or usually a toliet, we always have to let out the nastiest farts before the show. And I feel one coming on right now. Open wide!” she said while taking a picture on her phone ripping a loud fart into my shocked mouth. “Haha what a perfect picture. Bitch!” She sat back on my face and bounced her ass a couple of times. “Get licking bitch because here comes the storm!” She released three short bursts straight onto my tongue, and they tasted like pure shit. I was bound to throw up soon, the only question was whether it was going to happen before or after I came. Even though the farts in my mouth were enough to make me throw up I was still having sex. And whichever one was currently riding me knew what she was doing. Shortly after a particularly wet fart, I put my hands on Kim’s back to let her know I was about to cum. As soon as my hand was in position the Jenner girl hopped right off me and stayed away, leaving me with the bluest balls I’ve ever had.

“Ooooo baby I bet you wish you could cum in my sisters tight little pussy right about now. Too bad that won’t be happening. But I’m sure after a couple more big juicy ones you’ll be ready to cum anyway.” She sat back down on my face and kept her promise by immediately farting again in my mouth. One of the girls sat back on my chest and started rubbing her ass on my dick. And once again, against the odds of the gross ass on my face I was able to get pretty hard again. That was, before I heard the rumble on my dick and the girls laughing.

Kim got off my face and walked over to her sisters and leaned towards Kendalls ass as she released another extremely wet sounding fart on my dick. They were laughing hysterically about my extremely hard dick getting farted on when Kendall grabbed for her stomach with a concerned look on her face. “Ummm Kim. I don’t think it’s gonna stop. It doesn’t feel very good.”

“Well who cares! Jeff wants to make it in Hollywood. Let em rip” And with that it seemed like Kendall had all of her confidence back. “OK, but only if I get to do it on his poor little loser face.”

“Sorry Kendall but that seat is reserved” she said while giving me a look that struck paralyzing fear into me. I slowly moved my head to see Kendall and Kylie squatting over my dick and chest and while I had them accounted for I made the mistake of losing track of the pack leader. It was too late and before I even knew it my face was covered once again by Kim’s gorgeous ass, only this time she was rougher.

She released by far the worst wet fart into my mouth and that should have been a sign of things to come. It wasn’t until she lifted her ass a couple inches and I saw her puckering asshole that I knew what was coming. And I was done with the Hollywood dream. I tried to thrash away but Kylie and Kendall on my chest and arms were enough to keep me held done.

And only seconds after I felt their warm shit hit my chest did I see the beginning of some coming out of Kims ass. “Don’t worry Jeff, this will all be over soon. You can either take it in your mouth and make less of a mess or take it on your face like a pussy. Although of course if you choose the second option you can’t come in with us”

I couldn’t believe I was doing this but when she said that I made the decision to open my mouth wide and hope for the best. I made it this far I may as well see this through. Once her shit hit the back of my throat though, I gagged. There’s no way you can prepare for somebody to take a shit in your mouth. I would take the nasty farts in my mouth over this any day. Kim said they had a big meal and I sure believed them after seeing all of the shit that came out of her mouth. I tried to resist at first and that was a huge mistake, as I was now having trouble keeping up with the amount of shit entering my mouth. She looked down and laughed at me in a way that really made me feel pitiful like you would expect when you’re eating a beautiful girls shit. “You know what, don’t swallow my shit yet. I want a picture of this.” She finished her load, which now packed my mouth full and was sitting on top of my lips. I just wanted to swallow this and get it over with but Kim made sure to draw out my embarrassment. She took a couple of pictures on her phone before she allowed me to swallow her huge load. I had also noticed the piles of shit on my still hard dick and my chest from Kendall and Kylie.

“Alright slave, we’re almost there. I’ve got no more shit but you need to clean all of our asses before we go in.” She sat back down on my face again and I had no choice but to clean off her shitty asshole. “Oh, and I guess you can cum now too. You’re gonna have to jack off yourself though because none of us are gonna touch your gross dick” she said as they all laughed. I didn’t even care though, as I started beating my dick while Kendall took her seat on my face. My dick had shit all over it but that didn’t stop me, and pretty soon I came hard. They all giggled once again at that site. We pulled up to the awards show and I cleaned Kylie’s ass quickly before they started to get out. Kendall and Kylie left and I started to sit up and clean myself off before I could go in and end this torture. “Oh, one more thing before we go in.” Kim said. She lifted up her dress once again and pushed her ass into my face before letting go a super wet fart which was followed by a flow of wet sludgy shit that went all over my face. “Oops” she said while wiping her asshole with my shirt, “guess you can’t come in with us tonight. See you soon Jeff!”