Double Trouble
by Fireball02

Today was the day that Katie was moving in with her new roommates. She had been looking for a place to stay and this place was perfect. It was a small house, close enough to the school to walk, but still felt isolated. She was glad she was able to sign the lease, but wondered why anybody would give up their spot here.

As Katie moved her stuff in, the house seemed empty. There were two other girls she would be living with, so she was curious to meet them. After a few hours of moving in, she waited in the living room for somebody to come home. Nobody ever did and it was growing late, so Katie retired to her room.

In the middle of the night, Katie woke up to a rather strong stench. It was faint, but stung her nose and smelled like decomposing matter. She got up and checked around the place, but everything seemed normal so she went back to sleep. She didn’t think much of it and thought that maybe her roommates knew something about it.

The next morning, Katie got ready for school and was almost on her way out of the house when she heard a door open. She looked over and saw a beautiful, tall redhead.

“Hey, my name is Katie! Nice to meet you!” Katie said, friendly as ever.

“Oh, hey. You are the new roommate huh? My name is Emma, welcome to the place. I’ll catch up later, I’ve got to get to class.” Emma said, rushing out of the house. As Emma left, Katie noticed a bulge under her jacket.

Katie thought the interaction was kinda weird, but maybe Emma was just shy. And the bulge must’ve been her backpack under her jacket. Maybe it was going to rain today? Katie pondered on it as she walked to school. After her long day of classes, she walked back to the house and was met by a similar smell again.

Katie looked around the kitchen for a source when a shorter brunette walked in.

“Oh, hey! You must be our new roommate Katie! I’m Natalie, nice to meet you.” Natalie said.

“Hey, glad to meet you too. I met Emma earlier today.” Katie said, continuing the conversation.

“Cool, hope she was kind, she can be nervous sometimes.” Natalie said, reaching into a cabinet for a plate.

Katie watched her, captivated by her beautiful hair and confident stance. She also noticed that the back of her shirt was slightly disformed.

“Oh no, it’s all cool.” Katie said, taking her glare off her back and heading to her room. “See you around.”

Later that night, Katie woke up to a similar smell again. This time it was stronger and more potent. Her eyes were almost watering as she tried to waft the stench away. She creeped out into the kitchen to see if there was an animal or trash in there. She heard talking and froze. Katie remained silent and tried to listen.

“You have to be more friendly. She might find out otherwise.”

“We all can’t be like you, so confident that nobody will discover us.”

“I’m just asking you to act normal, like you do around me. We don’t want to have to keep cycling through new roommates, do we?”

“No, probably not.”

Katie felt bad for snooping and returned to her room. Were they criminals? Did they kill their other roommate? What were they hiding? All of these irrational fears kept her from sleeping. Soon enough, she began to smell the stench again. It was so strong this time, Katie gagged for a second as the toxic air permeated her nose.

Katie determined that the stench was coming from the vents, and she closed hers. It was now the weekend, and Katie called a HVAC technician to look at the ac unit. She did, but saw nothing wrong. Katie told her about the smell and was complaining about it quite a bit. There was nothing the worker could do, so she left.

Natalie and Emma heard this exchange. It wasn’t the first time somebody had tried to “fix” the AC. They knew they had to keep low but with how persistent Katie was, it would be hard. They all lived in peace for a more weeks, but Katie was determined to find the source of the smell.

One day when Katie was coming home, she decided to go into Emma’s room. She was sure they were both at school. The room seemed normal, like a normal college girls room. There were empty cans of air freshener everywhere and lots of candles. There were clumps of black hair on the floor and on her bed.

“That’s weird, Emma is a redhead.” Katie thought as she left the room. A few minutes later, Natalie and Emma walked in. Katie hid in her room. As Natalie went into her room, Katie heard a hiss, as if a hose had busted. Then she was hit with the same toxic smell. It was so strong that Katie had to cough into her pillows as she began to feel light headed.

“The smell had to be coming from Natalie's room then” Katie thought and decided.

The next day, Katie went to snoop in Natalie’s room. She opened the door and was hit by a wave of stench. This was the place. Katie put her nose in her shirt and wiped tears from her eyes. The smell got worse and worse and she reached the center of the room. She saw clumps of black hair again but didn’t have long to think about it before she blacked out.

As Katie woke back up, she was in the middle of the living room. Emma and Natalie were standing over her. Then Katie saw it, the huge tails on both of the women.

“Are those real?” Katie asked, trying to comprehend this.

“Yes, they are real.” Emma said.

“Real skunk tails, indeed.” Natalie said.

“We were going to tell you eventually, but you just had to get in our business. Going into our rooms? Calling the HVAC technician?” Emma said, disappointed.

“I’m sorry girls, if you just told me I would have been understanding. It’s just that the stench was overbearing.” Katie apologized

“Oh really? You don’t know what overbearing is. But we are going to show you right now. Right from the source.” Natalie said with a smirk on her face.

“No, please. I can move out, I’ll do whatever you want, please!” Katie begged.

“No, you are a good roommate, we just need to break you in. Once you learn to love our stench, you will be perfect.” Emma said.

With that, Emma raised her tail and shot a burst of gas through her black leggings. The fabric did nothing to hold it back. The hissing was loud in Katie's ears as the stench hit her. The smell was so strong and toxic, very similar to a skunk just with a gaseous smell. Katie tried to get up, but was met by Natalie’s ass.

Katie almost died as she realized her face was right in Natalie's ass and the only thing protecting her was a pair of jeans. Katie fell over as she released her gas. The fart bubbled out but stank much worse. Katie almost blacked out again as she sat on her knees.

Then, both Emma and Natalie released at the same time.


Katie couldn’t take it much longer. The smell overloaded her senses, her lungs were burning, her nose was screaming for her to get fresh air. Her brain was numbed but it all.

“Can’t…. Breathe….!” Katie gasped as she was knocked unconscious.