Eproctophilia Support Group
by Iloveskyrim1

Part 1

"Hi, my name is Josh, and I have a fart fetish." Josh said.

"Hello Josh." everyone else said.

"Tell us Josh, how did you discover your fetish?" asked Paula, the group's leader.

"It all started when I was 13. I was down the hallway at school when I was jumped by 3 girls who were frequent bullies of mine. They dragged me into the girl's restroom and 2 of them held me down while their leader took her pants and panties off and squatted her ass on my face. 'Give him some of your beef stew, Kandy.' one them said. She farted 5 big wet ones in my mouth." Josh said.

"Did she ever fart on you again?" asked Paula.

"No, they got expelled later that day for spray painting the principle's car and I never saw them again." Josh answered.

"How did you feel while Kandy was farting on you?" Paula asked.

"At first I was scared, terrified. But then the first fart hit and... I wanted more." Josh answered.

"Has any woman farted on you since?" Paula asked.

"No." Josh answered.

"Thanks for sharing, Josh." Paula said. "Would anyone else like to share?"

No one raised there hand.

"Okay then. I'd say this meeting has come to a close then. We have about 2 hours before we need to lock up so feel free to chat with each other." Paula said as she got up. "I'll be in the bathroom if anyone needs me."

Everyone got up from their chairs and started chatting with one another, Josh even getting the phone numbers of the female members. He had never been given so many numbers in such a short amount of time, at all even.

Josh was getting tired so he decided to leave early.

As he was leaving the building he saw Paula sitting on a bench.

"Leaving so soon? It's only been about a half hour." Paula said.

"Yeah, I'm getting kinda tired so I figured I'd go home." Josh answered.

"Oh, well good night then, Josh. Will you be back here tomorrow?" Paula asked.

"I should be." Josh answered.

"Before you go, let me give you my number." Paula said.

"Good idea." Josh replied.

Paula and Josh exchanged numbers.

"I'll see you tomorrow." Josh said.

"You too." Paula said, giving Josh a wink.

Josh went to his car and headed home.

When Josh got home he got into bed and masturbated himself to sleep, thinking about the girls in the group farting in his face the entire time.

Josh had always wanted to have a girlfriend, even just a friend who happened to be a girl, who'd fart on him. The closest he ever got was his girlfriend in college, Kylie, who had really bad gas after eating Mexican, which she did allot, thought it was never a fetish thing for her. He would've told her about his fetish but he didn't want to risk ruining their relationship so he had to settle to sniffing her chair when she got up to got to the bathroom.

The next morning Josh was woken up to his cellphone ringing. He checked to see who it was and saw that it was Paula.

Josh answered. "Hello?"

"Hi, Josh." Paula said. "I hope I didn't wake you."

"Honestly you did, but it's nothing to worry about." Josh replied. "What's up?"

"I was wondering if you'd like to come to my place after the meeting tonight." Paula answered.

"Sure, sounds fun." Josh said.

"Great. I'll see you at the meeting." Paula said.

"Bye, Paula." Josh said.

"Bye, cutie." Paula replied.

Josh lied back down and started masturbating to the thought of Paula ripping farts up his nose.

Though Paula was older than his mom, at least that's what he assumed, Josh felt an attraction to her unlike he had ever felt for any woman he'd ever met.

After Josh was done, he got out of bed and took a shower to get ready for his day.

After spending the day doing some errands, Josh headed to the community center where the meeting was being held.

Entering the meeting room, Josh was greeted by a woman he'd never met and assumed she just wasn't at yesterday's meeting.

"Hi, you must be Josh." the woman said "I'm Olivia."

"Hi." Josh said. "I take it you're not new here?"

"Yeah, I would've been here yesterday but it my daughter turned 21 so I took her out to a few clubs." Olivia replied. "Anyway, I hope you're hungry because I got you a little something."

Olivia pulls a small baggie containing a brownie from her purse and hands it to Josh.

"It has a... special ingredient just for you." Olivia said in a seductive tone before giving Josh a wink.

Without hesitation, Josh opened the bag and was hit by a very strong fart smell. Josh then shoved his face into the bag and inhaled deeply.

"What's he doing?" asked Emiko, one of the group members.

"I spent all day farting on a brownie in a baggie and now he's enjoying it." Olivia answered.

"Maaaaaan, why didn't I think of that?" Emiko said.

"I'm sure there'll be plenty of chances in the future." Olivia replied.

Josh pushed the brownie into his mouth and began chewing. The fart taste was unimaginably strong which he guessed was the result of Olivia getting drunk the night before, which he assumed she did. Within no longer than 10 seconds, the brownie was fully eaten and he continued to inhale the remaining farts in the bag.

"You're really enjoying that, aren't you?" Emiko said.

Josh shook his head while still breathing the bag.

"Well... why don't you zip that bag up and save it for later? Come get some straight from the source." Emiko said as she turned around and pointed towards her ass.

Josh instantly pulled the bag away from his face and zipped it up. He then rushed to Emiko's ass on his knees and stuck his face in her ass.

Emiko grabbed the back of Josh's head and pushed his face further into her booty before letting a loud 8 second fart.

Josh breathed in the fart as if he came up from being underwater for a whole minute and his nose was his only breathing passage.

"That felt good."Emiko stated.

"Holy shit, Emiko. Did you just fart or did someone try to play a tuba?" Olivia said.

Emiko let go of Josh's head and turned around.

"Did you like that?" Emiko asked.

"I loved it." Josh answered.

Emiko let out a proud giggle in response.

"Thank you for farting in my face, Emiko." Josh said as he stood up.

Suddenly Paula came into the room.

"Sorry I'm late, everyone. I got hungry so I got some Taco Bell on the way and I parked my car to eat it." Paula said. "Josh, you made it."

"Hi, Paula." Josh said as he turned around.

"How was Stephanie's birthday last night, Olivia?" Paula asked. "Did you 2 get drunk?"

"As skunks." Olivia answered.

"You look excited, Emiko. Did you win the lottery or something?" Paula asked.

"I just farted in his face." Emiko answered.

"Aww, you got to fart him before I did? Oh well, good for you finally farting on someone." Paula said. "Besides, I'll be farting on him plenty tonight."

Paula gave Josh a seductive wink that shook his core with excitment. Josh had become so engaged with Olivia's fart brownie and Emiko giving him his first face fart in over 10 years that he almost forgot he was going to Paula's place.


Everyone in the room took a seat at the circle of chairs in the middle of the room. Josh was sat between Paula and Emiko.

"Alright, everyone. Does anyone have anything new to share tonight?" Paula asked.

Shannon, one of the group's members, raised her hand.

"Yes, Shannon. Go ahead." Paula said.

"I finally told my girlfriend about my fantasy last night. She said she's cool with it so long as I can find a man to do it with." Shannon replied.

Suddenly everyone started smiling at Josh.

"I guess you need explanation." Paula said. "Shannon's biggest fantasy is to fart on a man eating her ass while she's eating out her girlfriend."

Josh looked at Shannon who then raised her eyebrows in a seductive manner.

Riley, another group member, raised her hand.

"Go ahead, Riley." said Paula.

"That guy I've been chatting with is coming to see me next weekend. He's going to be my little fart slave while he's here." Riley replied.

"Good for you, Riley." Paula said. "Does anyone else have anything to share?"

No one raised their hand.

"Alright then. I'm gonna give everyone a chance to chat with Josh for a little bit. But make it quick cause Josh and I are leaving in an hour." Paula said. "Olivia, you don't mind locking up, do you?"

"Not at all." Olivia replied.

"Thanks, I appreciate it." Paula said.

Everyone got up from their seats and start chatting with each other. Shannon approached Josh.

"Yeah, she'll like you." Shannon said. "You know you're cuter than most guys I've fantasized about farting on."

"Thank you." Josh replied.

"You want a little sample?" Shannon asked seductively raising her eyebrows.

"I'd like that allot." Josh answered.

"Then get on your knees so I can give you what you desire." Shannon said.

Josh quickly got down on his knees as Shannon pulled down her leggings just enough so that her ass was exposed.

"HEY EVERYBODY, WATCH!" Shannon shouted. "Now stick your tongue in my asshole, boy."

Josh did just that. He stuck his tongue up her asshole as far as it could reach.


Shannon then let out a 13 second fart that sounded like a duck quack.

"Oh my god." Shannon expressed. "I'm sorry if it's too much for you, they're usually not that big."

Josh began thrusting his tongue back and forth inside Shannon's asshole, making Shannon moan in pleasure and release a few small farts.

"Oh yes. Keep fucking my ass with your tongue, baby." Shannon moaned.

Josh continued rimming Shannon's ass for another 30 seconds before he started sucking her asshole and releasing causing an audible popping sound.

"Oh my god that was amazing." Shannon said as she pulled up her leggings. "Suzy's not gonna like you, she's gonna LOVE you."

"I got an idea." said Emiko. "Let's line up and take turns farting in his face. I estimate we should be able to fart on him a few times each before he and Paula need to leave."

"I like that idea." said Emily, another group member.

"Does that sound good to you?" Emiko asked Josh.

"That sounds fun." Josh replied.

"Can I go first?" Emily asked?

"I guess so." Emiko answered. "Line up behind Emily, girls."

All the girls stood in a single file line.

One by one, over the course of an hour, the girls took their turns farting into Josh's face. Each fart being as big and juicy as the last. Finally Paula came into the room.

"Sorry to break the fun, but Josh and I need to go." Paula said.

All the girls let out a disappointed "AWW!" and Josh quickly stood up and walked over to Paula.

"Bye, Josh." all the girls said simultaneously.

"Bye, everyone." Josh replied.

"Before you leave, you should fart on him." said Olivia.

"Yeah, fart on him." agreed Shannon.

The girls began simultaneously chanting "FART ON HIM!" over and over.

"Alright, I'll fart him for you." Paula said.

"YAY!" all the girls shouted.

Josh got on his knees as Paula pulled down her leggings. Paula grabbed the back of Josh's head and rammed his face into her ass crack right before letting out a 15 second ripper which Josh sniffed up immediately.

"Holy shit, that was big." Paula expressed. "How was it?"

"It was lovely." Josh answered.

Paula pulled Josh's face out of her ass and pulled her leggings back up.

"Let's go, cutie." Paula said.

Josh stood up and followed Paula.

"Wait, before you leave." Emiko said.

Josh turned around and saw Emiko blow him a kiss. The other girls followed suit with some even making kissing noises. This made Josh blush.

Josh and Paula left the building and and got into Paula's car.

Part 2

Paula arrived at her house and parked in her garage.

"Oh crap, I forgot to tell you." Paula expressed.

"What's wrong?" Josh asked.

"My oldest daughter is getting her house remodeled so she's staying over here for the next few days." Paula answered. "I hope that's okay. I'm sorry I didn't tell you."

"It's okay. You have nothing to apologize for." Josh replied.

"Thank you." Paula said before she leaned in and gave Josh a kiss on the cheek. "Now let's go inside."

Paula and Josh both got out the car and walked inside only to be greeted by the smell of pizza.

"Oooh, that smells good." Paula expressed. "You order pizza, Claudia?"

"I sure did. Gotta keep my sexy figure." Claudia answered. "Who's your friend?"

"This is Josh, he's from the group." Paula answered.

"Feel free to grab a slice or 2. I'll be in my room watching Netflix or something." Claudia said as she grabbed a plate stacked with slices and a 2 litter of soda and walked upstairs.

Josh couldn't help but stare at Claudia's ass the entire time she walked. She had the biggest ass he had ever seen in person. He imagined her farts would rip a hole in her leggings and wanted her to rip one up his nose.

"Would you like a slice?" Paula asked.

"What? Oh... yeah, that'd be great." Josh responded.

Paula grabbed a baggie out of a drawer and put a slice of pizza in it. She then pulled down her leggings and farted a 20 second ripper into the bag before sealing it.

"I'm gonna let that marinate for a bit." Paula said as she pulled up her leggings. "Let's go upstairs to my room."

Josh followed Paula upstairs into her bedroom and they both took off their shoes.

"Lie down on the bed so we can have some fun." Paula said.

Josh immediately rushed onto the bed and turned so he was lying down on his back and laid his head on of her pillows. Paula got on the bed and stood over Josh's face and squatted down as she placed the baggie on her night stand.

"Kiss it." Paula ordered.

Josh gave Paula's ass a few kisses before she let out a 5 second fart, a fart which Josh inhaled.

"That's right, breath in that fart." Paula said.

Paula then released 3 more farts, each lasting around 10 seconds. Josh inhaled each and every one of them. Paula then got off the bed and took off her leggings and panties. She got back on the bed and stood over Josh's face again.

"I've always wanted to try this." Paula said as she squated down and let out a 3-second ripper only to lift herself up and squat again and release a 2 second fart. She continued this for about 6 minutes before she stopped and sat on Josh's face.

"That was a workout." Paula expressed. "You okay down there?"

Josh gave Paula a thumbs up and Paula began grinding her ass in his face, rubbing in the fart smell.

"Get your nose in my asshole, I got a big one for you." Paula ordered.

Josh maneuvered himself until his nose was directly touching Paula's sphincter and proceeded to shove his now in as far as he could.

"Brace yourself, boy. I'm about to unleash the stinkiest fart I can produce, and it's gonna go right up your nose." Paula said.

Right after saying that, Paula grunted heavily and unleashed a massive 30 second fart that was unlike anything Josh could imagine. Had it not been for Josh's fart fetish, he would be thrashing about like a rabid animal.

"Oh my god. I knew that would be big but I didn't expect it to be that big. Holy fuck." Paula said. "Are you okay? That wasn't too much for you, was it?"

Josh responded with another thumbs up, making Paula giggle with pride and joy. She then grabbed the baggie.

"I hope you're hungry for some pizza, cause I'm about to feed it to you." Paula said as she scooted back so that Josh's mouth and nose were uncovered, releasing a quick farts as his nose slid out of her asshole.

Paula opened the bag and quickly pulled the pizza slice out and sealed the bag back up. She then started ripping off pieces and dropping them into Josh's mouth and he began to chew.

"How does it taste?" Paula asked.

"It tastes amazing." Josh answered.

Paula continued feeding him ripped off pieces until there was nothing left. She then grabbed the baggie and opened it before shoving it in Josh's face so that he can smell the inside of it.

"You like the smell of my farts and pizza trapped in a bag? I bet you do." Paula said.

Paula continued this for about 4 minutes before Josh began slapping her thigh. She assumed this meant he couldn't breath, so she removed the bag and Josh took a deep breath.

"Sorry about that." Paula said. "Was that too long."

"Only a little." Josh answered.

"I don't know about you, but I'm getting kinda tired." Paula said. "I'm guessing you've never received a Dutch oven, have you?"

"No, never." Josh answered.

"Well then I guess I'll give you for first one." Paula replied. "Why don't you lie under the covers while I fart all night."

"That sounds lovely." Josh replied.

"Then get under the covers, sweety." Paula said.

They both got up off the bed and Josh got under the covers followed by Paula getting into bed and resting her head on a pillow. She then pushed a button a remote and the lights turned off.

"Good night, my little fart slave." Paula said

"Good night, Paula." Josh replied.

Paula then released a 10 second fart which Josh sniffed up. Soon after they both fell asleep.

Part 3

Josh woke up and sniffed Paula's farts that were trapped inside the covers. He then felt the urge to pee, so he got out of bed, careful to not wake Paula up, and left her room.

Josh walked quietly around the hallway looking for the bathroom. He found a door that had a restroom sign nailed to it and assumed it was a bathroom. He quickly opened the door only to see Claudia on the toilet.

"WHAT THE HELL!" Claudia shouted.

"Oh god, I'm so sorry. I didn't know this was occupied." Josh said as he pushed the door halfway shut.

"Hold on. Don't leave just yet." Claudia said. "Come in here."

Josh was really confused. He had just walked into a woman taking a shit. He figured she'd get angry and berate him, but she was asking him to come in. Josh was kinda turned on but was mostly scared. Regardless, he entered the bathroom and shut the door.

"Sorry I yelled. I just got startled." Claudia said.

"And I'm... sorry for walking in on you." Josh replied.

"Get on your knees." Claudia ordered.

Josh did as Claudia asked him and kneeled down in front of her.

"What do you think of her?" Claudia asked.

"Excuse me?" Josh replied.

"What do you think of my mom?" Claudia answered. "Do you like her?"

"Yes." Josh replied. "I like her very much."

"You know I've thought about joining the group but I never had good enough reason, that is..." Claudia said before she started stroking Josh's cheek. "...until now."

This made Josh gulp. He always had a thing for plus sized women and Claudia was very plus sized so the fact that she had an attraction towards him made him both excited and nervous.

"Would you say my mom's farts are the smelliest you've ever smelt?" Claudia asked.

"Y... yes." Josh answered.

"Wait until you smell mine." Claudia said before giving Josh a seductive wink. "My mom should be asleep for a few more hours. Wanna have a little fun in my room?"

"Yes." Josh answered.

Claudia wiped her ass and flushed the toilet. She pulled her leggings up and walked towards the door. Josh attempted to stand up but was interrupted.

"Stay on your knees. I want your face to be at ass level." Claudia said as she opened the door. "Crawl over here, so I can grab your wrists."

Josh crawled over to Claudia's ass and she grabbed his wrists.

"Why don't you give my crack a little kiss before we head off." Claudia said.

Josh puckered his lips and they made contact with Claudia's ass crack. At the moment his lips touch her ass crack, Claudia let out a gigantic fart.

"Sniff it up, boy. Sniff it up." Claudia said.

Josh sniffed up the fart.

"Onward to my room." Claudia said before she started slow walking towards her room.

As she was walking, Claudia was releasing several trumpet sounding farts into Josh's face.

Josh couldn't believe what was happening to him. In not even 12 hours he had smelled the farts of over 20 girls and was currently being farted on by the gassiest woman he had ever met. He wondered what he had done in a past life to deserve such good luck.

His thoughts were interrupted by Claudia letting go of his wrists followed by the sound of a door opening.

"Go on and lie down on the bed. I'm gonna go make you some breakfast." Claudia said as she left the room.

Josh lied down on Claudia's bed and begun smelling her blanket.

Claudia came back in the room about 2 minutes later holding a baggie with a slice of pizza inside.

"Your breakfast is in the oven." Claudia said with a wink.

Claudia threw the bag on her nightstand and gave her ass a nice smack. She then began stripping and approached her bed.

"Like what you see?" Claudia asked.

"Yes." Josh answered.

Claudia got on her bed and stood over Josh's face.

"Buckle up, it's gonna be a bumpy ride." Claudia said before sitting on Josh's face. "Wow, your face is really comfortable. You'd make the perfect chair."

Claudia let out a 10 second fart that sounded like water being blown out of a trombone. She then began rubbing her ass back and forth across Josh's face and released a few short farts.

"Oh my god, wow. Ripping farts in your face feels so good. It's better than sex." Claudia expressed.

Claudia stopped rubbing her ass in Josh's face and lifted her ass up slightly.

"You do okay?" Claudia asked.

"This is amazing." Josh answered.

"Good, cause I got plenty more." Claudia replied before sitting back down and moving her legs onto Josh's chest.

Josh was in absolute heaven despite his face crushed under a 350 lbs behemoth, in fact this only made him love it more. Even though he would accept a farting girlfriend of any size, he most definitely wanted one that super sized. He was starting to fall in love with Claudia.

"Lick my asshole. I wanna fart on that tongue of yours." Claudia said.

Josh wasted no time in sticking his tongue out and lapping it across her asshole. This made Claudia moan in pleasure as she began letting out farts that sounded like a tuba being played underwater. This kept going for about 15 minutes.

"Stick your tongue in my anus and wrap your lips around my sphincter." Claudia ordered. "These next few are going to be super big and I want you to taste every particle of them."

Josh didn't hesitate. He did what she asked like his life depended on it.

"I hope you don't have limits to how much you can handle, cause these farts are going to be like nothing you thought possible." Claudia said immediately before grunting.

Claudia then proceeding to let out 25 farts one after another, each lasting at least 45 seconds. And each of them were more powerful than the last.

After releasing the last fart, Claudia got off the bed and started putting her clothes back on.

"Are you done?" Josh asked.

"Yeah, I'm all out." Claudia answered. "But that was fun, wasn't it?"

"Yes it was." Josh replied.

"We should exchange phone numbers so we can stay in contact." Claudia said.

"That's a good idea." Josh replied.

They both exchanged numbers and Claudia went to leave her room before stopping.

"Crap, the pizza." Claudia said out loud.

Claudia walked back to her bed and handed Josh the baggie with the pizza slice.

"Eat it for me." Claudia said.

Josh practically ripped the bag open and grabbed the pizza slice and stuffed it into his mouth like he was at an eating contest. He then swallowed the pizza which made Claudia laugh. She then started petting Josh's hair.

"You're so adorable." She said.

"JOSH! WHERE ARE YOU?" Paula yelled across the hallway.

"HE'S IN HERE, MOM." Claudia yelled in response.

Paula walked into Claudia's room.

"Are you ready to leave, Josh?" Paula asked.

"Whenever you are." Josh answered.

"You wanna come with us, Claudia?" Paula asked.

"I would love to." Claudia answered. "Can he sit in the back next to me?"

"Of course." Paula answered.

The 3 of them went to the garage and got into Paula's car with both Josh and Claudia sitting next to each other in the back seat. Paula pulled out of her garage and drove back to the community center with Claudia cuddling Josh the entire drive. As Paula was driving, she and Claudia kept talking about good of a fart sniffer Josh was which only made Josh want more farts.

They arrived at the community center and Paula parked in front of Josh's car. They all got out of Paula's car and said their goodbyes.

Josh got in his car and looked at the 2 girls who then blew him kisses before he drove off.