Goddess D's Giantess Story
by Derrick

Goddess D and her girlfriend Estella have been having quite the good time humiliating the Goddess D Dummy. Farting in his face, teasing and completely denying his orgasm while in bondage are their favorite things to do.
There is a mystical rule that a female or group of females can only have 2 shrinking abilities the whole year and can only last a month (If a woman shrinks someone let’s say Xmas then that’s a month from Xmas the affects will last.). Estella, being the naughtier woman, shrinks the dummy without Goddess D’s permission.
In between the booty cheeks of Estella, the dummy experienced the gassy effects of her diet, bad, but no where near as bad as Goddess D. She would giggle and laugh whenever she blew one out. Shake her booty to tease humiliate him. Then Goddess D entered the room.
Goddesses D: what’s with the yoga pants and the giddy noises I’ve been hearing.
Estella: oh, well, I know I should of told you but this is my birthday month. Our little dummy is right where my torture fumes are coming out.
Goddess D: Estella! You know you need my permission no matter what. What if I wanted to use my ability thinking I have a second to spare? Now you’re not getting your birthday surprise I did plan.
Estella: what was it?
Goddess D: I can imagine what you would want from me in bed. Involving my mouth and tongue. I was going to be good goddess but now......
Estella: (drops to her knees and knee crawls towards her goddess). Oh please no I’m sorry!! I want your mouth there so bad. I will literally do anything. Anything!!!
Goddess D: well first thing, put our slave in the playpen where he’ll stay shrunk for now until I’m done with you. (Estella immediately does so and goes right back on her knees in front of her goddess). Now, your punishment, and I have so much confidence you’ll fail I’ll give you an offer you can’t say no too: you’ll be shrunk, for a week, secured and up against my butthole, being farted on and verbally abused. You complain once and it’s the rest of the month with the dummy. You take it all, you get your present, plus, the rest of the month I’ll be shrunk, in your booty taking your farts for the remaining time.
Estella: (super nervous cuz goddess D can have powerfully smelly gas, and that’s only when you’re full sized, but she couldn’t turn down what happens if she wins.). Yes goddess D.
With that Estella was shrunken and put in Goddess D’s booty.
Goddess D: oh my. It’s a great thing I’m working at home today.
Goddess D sat on her hard wooden chair. While doing work on her computer she had a feeling in her that made her smile. A blast of gas hit the chair so hard it vibrated her booty.
Goddess D: how was that?
Estella: oh just wonderful (too obviously lying)
Goddess D: well it’s a good thing for you to say that. Any complaint, I win. No worries for me I have all week.
Bbbbbbbrrrrrbbbbbppppppptt. A 5 second blast came out . Goddess D just laughs. Estella coughed and gagged but thankfully for her that’s not complaining. If you stood 5 away the smell would instantly hit your nose. So imagine Estella. A ROTTEN silent one pushed out.
Goddess D: hearing you gag on my ear piece and trying not to complain is hysterical.
Now it’s Tuesday and after a day of work, goddess D went to the gym. Estella can feel goddess D’s butt cheeks alter back and forth. The stair climber. Luckily, the butt sweat was keeping her lubricated but the motion was giving her motion sickness. Goddess D was taking big, fast steps. After what seemed like 2 hours of stairs, jump squats and bicycle, Goddess D got back in her car.
Goddess D: well that was a great workout. You shrunken slaves are lucky in a way, you don’t have to eat or drink, and you get auto oxygen for yourselves. Me on the other hand, I just had 4 scoops of protein powder.
With that comment, Estella was blasted by a fart that felt like it was going to kill her. Hot, humid and just LINGERED. The coughing and gagging just made Goddess D laugh.
Wednesday rolled around and Goddess D asked:
Goddess D: what’s going to happen if you win?
Estella: once I’m out of here...
Goddess D: oh I’m sorry did that interrupt you? Lol
Estella: you are so.....
Pppppppppplllaaaappt. Goddess D laughs and keeps up the routine of farting to stop Estella from talking.
Thursday rolled around and Estella is not doing very well.
Goddess D: hunny, you know if you pass out or puke that’s a complaint and I win. Also this is my 4 day weekend. Which means I can just eat gassy foods all day and relax.
Estella has been battered all week by Goddess D’s smelly gas.
BBBBrrrrbbbppppppp. Estella tried super hard to not uncontrollably dry heave. Hours later: PPPbbbbpppprrb. Goddess D smiled. The foods she ate were hitting her all at once. Which means Estella won’t be getting a break. Braaaaapt. Brrrrpppt. Estella tried to hang on but it’s way too bad right now. Then: SSSSSSSsssssssbbbrrrrrbrbrbrppppppp. Bruuuuppppprruuuuptt. An SBD followed by a knock out punch from hell caused not only Estella to dry heave but beg for mercy. Goddess D won. She grabbed the shrunken male sub who has been living shrunken in the play pen all week.
Goddess D: you have a guest to be with.
He then joined Estella inside Goddess D’s booty. A fart rocked both of them. By the end of the month, they were both covered in her smell. Before they could grow back, there was one more thing Goddess D had planned. They were taken out of her butt and ducked tapped onto a hard wood floor. Both looking up and were horrified when Goddess D’s booty sat down. They were in the toilet box! A big dump came out and landed on both of them. When they grew back, they were ordered to take a shower. Goddess D felt a lot more powerful now.