by skeezan

"So in conclusion I have a deep very real fetish for girls farting in my face and also every other disgusting gross things girls can do. Like I'm talking scat and sweat and burping and femdom and all that shit. Also big into femdom you know where the girl is evil and mean and basically makes men there slaves.....Yeah that shit is just so hot to me." Said Dennis to his girlfriend Maureen. "So Since I love you soooooooo much I really really really really REALLY want you to start farting in my face hard and as often as you can it would um be so fucking sexy plus the other stuff."

Dennis was a lying little shit. And he was an idiot.

See Dennis had been dating Maureen for about two weeks now and that was all it took for him to realize that this relationship wasn't going anywhere. Problem was that for all of Maureen's great qualities (long flowing hair and wide hips despite her petite size) she was just a little too clingy for Dennis' liking. She told him she loved him on there second date and if they were in the same room Maureen would be practically attached to Dennis' arm. It just wasn't really working for Dennis. In no way was Maureen a bad girl in fact she was sweeter than anyone else but that was the problem. How can you tell a girl that sweet and kind and loving that you don't wanna be with them without hurting their feelings. Figures there are only really two options; One you suck it up and tell them straight up offering comforting words but informing them that it wasn't meant to be saying it as gently as you can. There is another option though where you trick this kind loving person into breaking up with you instead. This was the option Dennis chose.

Maureen was quite a girly girl and her apprehension to all things gross was apparent from the get go. Dennis figured he would need something incredibly gross but something Maureen would believe and... well one quick internet search later and Dennis knew what he was gonna say. As she sat there in her light blue sun dress staring forward trying to process what she just heard Maureen was dumbstruck. "So you...like farts?" She whispered out in her high voice. "Like real farts from a butt...that smell bad and everything?"

"Yup love it more than anything especially when they're forced on me and I couldn't see myself being in a relationship with someone if they weren't umm willing to indulge me." Dennis said adding the last part for good measure.

"Wow... I just can't believe it... that someone would like something so...gross." Maureen paused for a long time. "I'm sorry Dennis I need to think about this....I umm...I'll call you later alright."

"Oh..okay." Dennis answered leading Maureen to the door. At the door Maureen stopped and looked back at him for a moment then left down the hallway without another word.

Dennis was ecstatic. There would absolutely positively be no way this would come and bite him in the ass later. He spent the rest of the night drinking and perusing Tinder for his next would be significant other happy that this whole mess was over.

Some hours later Dennis was passed out on the couch when suddenly there was a loud thumping on the door. Dennis bolted up and made his way to the door rubbing sleep from his eyes as he walked. He had only barely unlocked the door before Maureen was rushing inside.

"Maureen it's like 1 am what're you...."

"Shhhh." Maureen placed a finger on his mouth and grabbed his hand. "I have something for you." Maureen led the perplexed Dennis to the living room couch in his apartment.

"Here you go." From her purse Maureen produced a small clear jar. There didn't appear to be anything inside.

"Umm what?" Dennis questioned.

"Just open it silly and look really far inside." On her insistence Dennis complied and opened the jar.

Immediately the most rank scent Dennis had ever smelt wafted right into his face. The odour floated around him burning his nostrils with it's overbearing stench. Dennis was recoiling in disgust but Maureen was all smiles.

"Surprise! I wanted to show you that even though I think it's super gross I still want to make my dirty little man happy. So consider that fart jar the first gift of many my love. In fact I......wait is something wrong?' Maureen noticed Dennis' apparent discomfort and looked worried. "Did I do something wrong was the jar too much, was it too little. Oh god I don't know I just wanted to make it up to you for leaving and I read all this stuff online and..."

"No *cough* No no it's ummmmm..." Dennis thought for a moment. He couldn't just come out and say he was lying that wouldn't look good and plus Maureen would be so upset. "It's okay babe just *cough* part of it I like that it stinks cause it's like ummm....it's like umm you're forcing me to do it and that's umm really.....hot?" Dennis stated the last part like a question visibly searching for the perfect response for Maureen.

"Oh okay...I think I remember reading something like that.....well in that case then just wait till you get a load of this!" Maureen hiked up her sun dress and pushed her pantied rear right into Dennis' face. Wasting no time at all she let loose the a horrid torrent of gas.


"Oooooooo damn you like that babe I ate so much Mexican before I got here just for you!" An ecstatic Maureen replied while Dennis was suffering the stench brewing in between Maureen's surprisingly sweaty butt cheeks. "Oh and sorry if it's a little sweaty I had to run back here from the Mexican place. I don't know if you like that though...."

Dennis tried to answer but once he opened his mouth the taste of Maureen's fart stained butt made him only able to scream muffled cries. "Oh sorry babe I'll...wait what am I thinking you said you like being forced to sniff these and me being gross." Dennis screamed. "Well great I'd hate to do something you were absolutely revolted by *groan* uh oh get ready for this my little fart.....sucker?."


A loud wet fart popped into Dennis' face the intense heat and raw stench absolutely covering him. Apparently this seemed like a good moment for Maureen to sit down and sit down she did resting all of her ass meat onto her boyfriend face. Dennis yelled again and tried to push her butt off but Maureen only sat her rancid rump down even harder. "Don't worry hun I'm going to make all of your wishes come true just you stay there and *groan* inhale!" Maureen punctuated her statement by ripping a tremendous fart and rubbing it deep into Dennis' grinding her ass cheeks into the couch as Dennis was surrounded by her disgusting flesh.

The rest of the night was spent much like this with Dennis face firmly in Maureen's farty butt. He didn't really remember when it ended but at some point amidst the clouds of gas and stink of sweat Dennis did pass out.

In the morning Dennis awoke in his bed. "Maureen must've put me here." He thought. Dennis looked through his bedroom door to his kitchen there was Maureen making pancakes wearing one of his shirts and nothing else. She looked pretty damn good. "Fuck what am I gonna do about this." Thought Dennis again just as Maureen noticed him.

"Oh hey hun I didn't see you get up." Said Maureen skipping over to him bringing a plate full of pancakes with her. "Last night was sooooooo much fun I mean it was still kinda gross but I gotta say it is pretty cool to feel your breath struggling under my booty hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe
heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheehehehe." She went on for quite a while and Dennis was no fan of the length of that laugh. "Anyway to thank you I made you these pancakes."

Dennis looked down at them fluffy and perfect just like pancakes should be. "And I'm gonna add your favourite ingredient!" In an instant Maureen sat her end onto the plate and ripped a hefty fart. The once fluffy pancakes were squished flat allowing the cloud of gas to be easily absorbed. "Here you are." Maureen said presenting the plate to her love once again. Dennis was hesitant still not wanting to come clean about his lie and have to deal with that aftermath. Besides how bad could it possibly be.

At his first bite Dennis quickly learned just how bad it could be. Maureen's recent burst of flatulence was fully caked into the once pleasant platter. With her eyes peering deep at him Dennis couldn't rightly stop at one bite though and took another few unfortunate fart filled bites. Tasting the fart in his mouth with each chew made his entire mouth revolt at the bitter taste. Maureen was still watching still happy as could be when Dennis offered a small smile with each bite. Only half of the plate was eaten before Dennis decided he had eaten enough to stop without hurting Maureen's feelings.

"Mmmmn that was so....filling I couldn't eat another bite." Winced Dennis as he placed the plate away. Dennis now had his chance he would get Maureen out of his house than simply duck her calls for the next little bit and this whole mess (that he started) would be behind him. "Anyway thanks for breakfast..."

"You're welcome!" Maureen said smiling. "But it's not the only nice thing I'm going to give you today. Look I know what I was like last night about being grossed out but I have to admit feeling you trapped under me sucking farts was ummmmm kinda extremely...umm hot."

"Oh fuck me." Thought Dennis realizing this would not be over quickly. Maureen continued.

"Like I have no idea why you like it I smelt some of what I was ripping and it was absolutely horrendous. I mean for me it's awesome cause I get to be as revolting as I want and my loving boyfriend just takes it all for me like a little pet! All those cute moans you made just sent shivers right up my spine."

"Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat." Moaned Dennis.

"You can say that again! See I spent all of last night and this morning online learning as much as I could about my little boytoys fetish. I never could've imagined how deep this whole gross femdom thing went but babe honest and truthfully the more I read the more I wanted to do it. Like so badly. So my love today is gonna be all about you."

Dennis gulped loudly trying to think of some excuse.

"Ummm I need to go to the bathroom." He got up and ran to his adjacent bathroom turning the tap on and rubbing water all over his face. Dennis stared at his reflection in the mirror with contempt. "It's a fine mess you've got yourself in now Dennis. *sigh* Shit what am I gonna do."

The door suddenly opened and Maureen peaked her head through the door frame. "Babe are...are you okay? Did I do something wrong?" She asked sheepishly.

"No, no Maureen you're perfect you could never do anything wrong. It's just.......something else." Dennis said still not wanting to hurt Maureen's feelings but still deeply unsure of what to do.

"Well....I think I know what could help."

"Maureen that's nice but I highly doubt...." Dennis turned around and looked back at Maureen who was now bottomless and sitting on the bathroom toilet. Dennis stopped dead in his tracks.

"Get on your knees." She calmly said. "I know just what you need."