Leon's Losses
by AzazelTheFallen
(Formerly LuciferSonOfSatan)

WARNING WARNING WARNING: This is a sequel to a previous story. You don't HAVE to read that first, frankly. I just need to warn you. Oh, uh, also this story contains farts, scat, suffering, submission, domination, huge women, green sweatpants, and coffee. If any or all of these things offend you, then please do not read this. Thank you, and have a merry Christmas.

Leon stumbled out of his car, inhaling some of the fresh air outside his home, as he slowly brought himself toward it. He felt like he was trapped in a bad dream, as his shaking hands fumbled around with his keys before pulling the door open. He close it behind him haphazardly, too eager to brush his teeth to care, as he rushed to the bathroom. He immediately began to brush hi teeth, using far too much tooth paste, and as he did, began to think about all that had happened.

Leon’s small arms still ached, as he recalled the weight of his boss’s behind, and he shuddered as he recalled the smells and tastes he was forced to experience. He thought about the coming day, about her wanting him to come in early, and gulped, spitting some toothpaste into the sink as he stared in the mirror. Could he refuse? Did he have the willpower, the strength, to deny that request, and leave his job? He just stared into the mirror, then spit again, rinsed out his mouth a few times, and stepped down off his stool, onto the bathroom floor.

He stepped into his shower, tossing his clothes aside, and began to wash himself, his short body occasionally trembling or shuddering, as he neared crying. He didn’t want to go, and with every passing second, he convinced himself more and more that he WOULDN’T go. He didn’t care what kind of contract he was under, he’d rather be in prison then go back to her. He’d quit that job. He wouldn’t take that abuse. And he was going to report Sheila, and get her fired, even if his job or reputation in the company was ruined. He couldn’t let her do what she did, no matter who he was, or who HE was. It wasn’t right!

All those thoughts felt strong and firm in his head, but when he stepped out of the shower, his legs were shaking. He felt cold and terrified at the prospect of disobeying that terrifying woman, let alone going to prison. He looked in his bathroom mirror, touching his childlike face and brushing his bright, blond hair. He gulped, imagining how being in prison would go for someone like him, and sighed heavily. After drying off a good bit, and brushing his hair, he left the bathroom, shoulders hanging low.

Leon began to flip through the T.V., as he plopped down on the couch in his small apartment. He laid there for a long while, watching various shows and movies, as he got tired, and finally dragged himself up to bed, early, head full of conflicting thoughts and desires, but as he laid down, he couldn’t help but feel peaceful, his small head sinking into the large pillow. He sighed, and relaxed, and it didn’t take long for him to slip into sleep.
Leon awoke from his sound sleep, the room still dark as night, as he sat up. He had to get ready for work to head in, early. He went through his normal routine a few hours early, stepping up on a small stool in almost every room of his house, as he was more then used to. It didn’t even occur to Leon, but he wasn’t sad anymore. He was so nervous and wrapped up in everything that it didn’t even occur to him to be depressed or annoyed with his height, and he left the house a little nervously, worried he would be late…and the consequences for doing so. Regardless, he leapt into his car, adjusted the two phone books on his seat, and was off in a moment, driving a little faster than usual to work.

Leon arrived at work on time, walking past the various giggling girls, smirking male coworkers, and only very briefly flashed his badge at the annoying security guard. He ignored anything they had to say. He was far, far too preoccupied, physically and mentally, with Sheila…and contemplating what she might make him do.

He fund Sheila’s door locked, and stood outside it, waiting patiently, at six in the morning. At around six forty-five, Sheila actually arrived, holding a large coffee she was sipping, and blinked. “Oh, wow, you’re here pretty early.” She said, around her pink straw. “I was sort of expecting you to be a little late.” She said.

Leon gave her a weak smile. “Ah…No Ma’am.” Leon said, gently.”I-I’m always on time.” He said, smiling nervously. She smiled back at him, not speaking as she unlocked the door. He glanced at her outfit, unable to keep his eyes off the tight, low cut shirt, or fairly short skirt. At his height, he could see the edges of her panties, and felt excited…then a little nauseous, hoping he didn’t see anything more intimate that day.

Leon’s knees almost knocked together, as he shook like a baby deer, entering Sheila’s office. He wasn’t sure what to expect as he watched her move to sit behind her desk. She gave him a small smirk, and opened her mouth, and he nearly flinched, as he waited for her first order. “Ah…Go pick up the copies of the B-1250 report, from Norman.” She said, simply.

Leon blinked, and nodded quietly, rushing off to do so. The next few hours went by with him being sent around on various busywork and chores for his new boss, and he soon sank into the work, more than happy to be dealing with the simple fetch jobs. After one particularly long trip, he arrived in Sheila’s office to find a second person, and hesitated as he entered.

The new person was a woman, and she was huge. Sheila was by no means short, and this girl towered over her by a head and shoulders. And she wasn’t big only in height, her body was thick in every direction. Her chest was huge, and her hips were so broad he could barely see the chair she was sitting on, hr chunky cheeks and thighs squish around it’s edges, nearly hiding the small furnishing. She had golden brown skin, wrapped in a pair of dark green sweatpants, and a similarly colored t-shirt stretched to its limits on her body. Her bright green, eager eyes turned on Leon as soon as he entered the room, sending a jiggle through her chunky, chubby body. She looked like she might have been of eastern on Indian descent, but Leon was a little too shocked at the very sight of her to make a comment. “Ah, Leon. Good. So, we’re done here for today. For the remainder of today, you’ll be going home with Natalie, here.” Sheila said, gesturing at the big woman. “She’s a very close friend of mine, and is in need of your services at her home, so….have fun, bye.” She said, waving her hand at them uncaringly.

Leon worked his mouth, as if to object, but the huge woman, Natalie apparently, stood up, and he was a little scared of her height and girth, as she walked over to him. “Ah, it will be very nice to have you at my home! Ooh, I can’t wait, let’s go right now!” she cried, not letting Leon respond to her at all. He had a faint accent, but Leon and trouble contemplating it as she grabbed his hand, planning to drag him along…but practically CARRIED him, his legs barely touching the ground as he was pulled along, causing his head to continually bounce against her big hips, her sweatpants rubbing his ear every time he struck her.

He was practically thrown into a huge van-like car, and blinked a little, dizzy from bouncing against the big girl for the quick walk..and realized he was in the driver’s seat. “A-Ah, Um..M…M-miss Natalie, A-Ah…I-I t-think your c-car is um…T-Too large f-for me…” he stuttered, struggling to keep his composure. He wasn’t feeling scared of the huge woman, but…extremely excited. She was gorgeous to the tiny, shy Leon, and he was struggling to meet her eyes.
“Ah, that’s okay, Mister Leon.” She said, brightly. “You won’t be driving.”

Leon was about to ask her what that meant, but he got his answer faster than he could have asked. He swung her huge behind into the seat and, without hesitation, planted it firmly on Leon, a he settled in for driving, adjusting her seat and buckling her belt. Leon found himself absolutely squished into the massive, green-clad pillows of hr behind, each cheek seeming nearly as large as him as his torso wedged a little into her. He found his chin resting in the waistband of her pant, arms pinned tightly to the seat. As he scooted back and settled in to drive, he couldn’t help but come to the conclusion that she was wearing the sweatpants because she had been exercising, because the thick smell of sweat and body odor began to surround his small space. “Ooh, Mister Leon…You are sooo comfortable…” she moaned, grinding on him a little, as she started to drive. “I must remember to take you everywhere when I drive…”

Leon couldn’t answer her, her wiggling squishing him further into her huge, brown behind. He jut let her, unwilling, and really unable, to struggle or try to change his position. She was as heavy as he expected, and his legs were asleep in minutes. “Mmmhph ffmf fmmf hmmfp?” Leon mumbled, voice muffled by her sweatpants.

He was a little surprised…and nervous, when she clearly understood his muffled words. He couldn’t help but wonder how she was so good at picking up his muffled sentiments, but he quickly forgot that when he answered his question. “Ah, this drive takes about an hour or so, Mister Leon.” She said, wiggling on him, as if to grind the news into his mind with her giant bum. He felt himself pale, and whimper gently under her weight as the drive began.

The smell of her body odor grew stronger as he at underneath her, the car’s eat, and Leon’s body, both warm enough to start making her sweat and grow moist as she at on him. “Oh my…” Natalie mumbled, as she drove. “Oof, I don’t know what kind of coffee miss Sheila gave me…” She groaned, and Leon heard her belly gurgle a little. He gulped, nervously, but the drive became quiet for about five minute. After that, he began to hear soft gurgle and blurbles from inside the gigantic girl, causing hr to grunt and groan in discomfort with each passing sound. Suddenly, about fifteen minutes into the drive, Natalie gasped, and Leon felt her buttocks clench against him before…

A soft, short queak escaped the huge girl’s behind, and she let out a gasp of relief. Leon, however, was overcome with the sour, horrific smell of her behind, suddenly filling his airspace. He cried out into her behind as he coughed and struggled against her weight helplessly. “A-Ah…I apologize Mister Leon, b-but you cannot be moved while we’re driving on the freeway.” She said, putting on a sympathetic voice. He could hear the obvious, excited glee behind her voice. “I will do my best to hold back, but you’ll just have to…” she trailed off for a moment.


“,…ah….Endure.” she said, blasting the tortured little guy with a much longer, much thicker emission that filled his lungs with a pungent, dairy odor. He was left in her fuming, reeking behind for several long minutes. He guessed it had been maybe twenty minutes into the drive, before Natalie groaned again, loudly.

“O-Oh my…t-that coffee was much too strong…” she groaned, belly gurgling much more loudly. “I shouldn’t have had it so soon after lunch….I-It’s not agreeing with that seafood…” she whimpered. Leon nearly sobbed, but the sound was drowned out as Natalie cut loose at the same moment, his nose AND mouth being filled with the moist stench.

Fffrrrt, frrrrrrrt, ppppllllbbbt

Several long gusts of wind issued from the huge girl, making her wiggle and adjusted herself, dragging Leon just a bit lower, and just a bit closer to the source. The odor was nostril burning, the fishy odor making him gag, and feel a little glad he had missed lunch that day as he was forced to endure the smell.

The gassing went on for what, to Leon, felt like hours, but was barely fifteen more minute, as Natalie began to cut loose more and more, wiggling often to squeak Leon further and further down into the seat, with every blast from her ass. He was struggling to get enough air to stay conscious through the horrible seafood and coffee scented digestion of the massive girl, when she suddenly gasped, the car swerving a little. “O-OH! Oh dear, oh gosh, oh god…!” she squealed, starting to panic. Leon wasn’t sure what was happening, but nearly sobbed with happiness when Natalie lifted her as about six inches off his squished, sore, stinky body. “I-I’m sorry, L-Leon, t-this is an emergency!” she cried, desperately, grabbing his leg.
Natalie pulled him into the middle of the stink-stained seat, his head DIRECTLY under her ass. He gulped, nervously, but the nervousness quickly devolved into fear, a Natalie tugged her massive sweatpants down, with a groan. Still driving, the massive girl began to tug off a cute pair of pink, lacy panties, the words “princess” along the back, but only the letters “PS” being visible, as she dragged them out of her huge, sweaty behind. Leon’s fear melted into terror as he lowered her sweaty, bare ass back down, gulping. “I-I’m v-very, very sorry…!” was all she said, before he was lost in moist, reeking darkness.

He didn’t get much time to admire the scenery, as Natalie seemed quite panicked and rushed, and quickly grabbed his head, forcing it deep into her behind. The scent went from horrible to torturous as he was thrust deep into her sweaty, greasy ass, and he quickly felt his face rubbing on her puckered, slick hole, tears streaming from hi eyes, both in horror, and from the stench. “S-Sorry, L-Leon…I-it’s t-the only option…!” she whined, suddenly prying his mouth wide open. He couldn’t really react, as she forced her anus against his mouth, pressing her weight down hard, trapping his mouth wide open. He started to wonder exactly WHAT was going to happen, but didn’t get to wonder long.

Natalie had barely gotten her weight down on Leon before a long, intense fart gushed into his mouth. His mouth was wide open and, with all Natalie’s weight pushing down, and formed a nearly perfect seal around it, so his cheeks inflated painfully with the hot, horrible stench, and taste, of her gas, quickly filling his lungs, and his stomach to some degree. He was thoroughly convinced, in that moment, that he had just tasted the worst thing he ever would, or could, taste in his life…until she let go a second time.


The fart was loud and airy at first, but Natalie let loose a loud, desperate groan and, to Leon’s pure horror, began to defecate, her anus quickly gushing hot, sludgy waste into his mouth. Her weight settled down so hard as she did, that he couldn’t do anything with it BUT swallow, the seal between her anus and his mouth far too tight to allow him to spit it out or move, even slightly. Everything coming out of her butt had nowhere to go but his mouth as, desperate to escape the wretched taste of her loose stool, he swallowed it.

No sooner had he swallowed the first mouthful then he let go, in full, grunting, groaning, and moaning as she loosed her bowels, without mercy. Leon scratched, struggled, screamed, and fought with everything, but he might as well have struggled against a mountain. The big girl seemed uncaring and unfeeling to his plight, and as he struggled harder, he heard her actually push particularly hard, blasting hot, wet waste into his mouth o hard, he had to chug it like a hot milkshake, eyes welling with tears.

Leon’ torment was not short, nor easy to endure. After emptying what felt like at least a gallon of hot sludge down his throat, Natalie began to let out long, soft-serve logs that he had to mash up with his tongue, unable to chew. Natalie, after another large amount of waste was pumped into Leon, sighed heavily. “All right Leon…don’t worry…” she said, gently and sweetly. He was absolutely sure, for one second, she was about to get off him, but nearly screamed as she aid “We’re just about halfway there…” she said. Natalie bit her lip, as she saw a sign for a rest stop in one mile, and instead settled down on Leon, harder. “We’ll be able to use my toilet at home, so you just have to hold on that long…” Leon screamed as loud as could, and was silenced, as Natalie cut loose, still emptying her bowls with thick, cow patties of fishy waste.

Natalie didn’t budge a single inch as she sat firmly on Leon, and continued to loose herself the whole time, with long, three and four minute pauses between emissions. Every time she paused, Leon couldn’t help but feel hopeful and eager that she was finally done, and his hopes were crushed to dust every time she filled his mouth three or four more times, seemingly never running out of the horrible waste. As the timer clicked down on the length of their trip, Natalie smiled.”A-Ah…A-All right, Leon…We’re almost there…” she said.

Suddenly a loud, terrible gurgle issue from her, and she gaped in pain. “O-OH, O-Oh gosh…!” she squeaked. “Y-You best brace yourself…w-whatever’s coming is…n-not g-good…” she whimpered. Leon almost wanted to laugh. He was highly convinced that she couldn’t top what he had already endured. Natalie seemed read to prove him wrong, as her belly gave one last loud rumble, before…


Over and over, loud, loud blasts or gas accompanied her current emission, the waste wetter and greener then before. The waste was pushed and blasted with such intensity from her huge behind that it not only inflated Leon’s cheeks, but squirted, slightly, out his nose as he chugged with all his might, to the point that it felt like she was shitting literally down his throat, the flow between anus and stomach nearly unbroken. But the speed didn’t save him from the taste, as the long, nearly three minutes of high pressure, wet, splattering blasts filled Leon’s body to its capacity.

The event was beyond horrible, and Leon felt like he was being tortured by some goddess of filth and disgust. Finally, she finished, as the car begin to slow to a stop. He began to drift and lose consciousness, as Natalie spoke, slowly climbing off him.

“All right, Leon…We’re home!”