Little Lost Tom
by Paul


Tom gets to a clearing after walking through the bushes with grasses as tall as he is, large trees surround him and he hears cricket sounds, it was getting dark now. Then he sees a figure of a woman in a cloak, the moon shone on her face, so the boy could see she wore brown dress with a red corset.. she is beautiful and slender but her hips and waist were wide and rounded, she goes straight on to a cottage and Tim follows behind her. As she enters and leaving the door ajar, she goes to the kitchen staying in there for a long while, the tired boy sleeps on a large couch soundly dreaming of home.

“Oh my fates, oh my, oh my. It’s a boy, a child” Tim awakens to her cries, her voice was friendly d his as he rubs his eyes.
The dark haired woman was about Tom’s mother’s age, in her 30’s he guessed, she now wears a loose brown robe, she smiles, “ Dear child , dear boy, you’re tired, you’ve walked along way.. did you sleep well ?!” she held his shoulders and patted his blonde hair, Tom nods ,hopping she would not be angry to see him sneak on her.
“Hahaha! Don’t be afraid, it’s funny visiting my home this evening like this, what’s your name boy. .how old are you?” She smiles and says proudly holding her hands..; “I am Farah I’m 32..”
“Tom I’m seven, I’ll be eight next Wednesday”, he said smartly. .allowing a smile.
“Seven!” She raised her brows and voice as if surprised and impressed.. “My, you’re practically a gentle man, she smiles as Tim does proudly.
Ooops.. don’t mind my manners. .won’t you have a bowl of soup with me ,she hands him one and takes a very large bowl for herself.. “The big man, takes the big one” she jokes as they drank from their bowls,… “Good boy, now go to sleep child and we’ll know what you’re here for, what we’ll do as it brings it day” she tucks Tom, pats him and puts out the candle…
Tom wakes up in fright, when he could not get out and gropes on a thick glass wall holding him; Then he is startled when a familiar voice booms loudly over him;
“Hello little boy” The woman’s beautiful giant face looks at the tiny boy in the glass jar with a sexy mischievous loving look, her robes were parted in front so that her breasts with large pink nipples and deep bushy pussy gapes down like a goddess’s private sex over a tiny human worshipper…,Tim was awed and very frightened.
“Please ma’am let me out. .let me out.. let me go..!!!”
“You poor boy, dear, don’t you like it in there, she brings the jar down to her robe clad ass and presses it to her ass cheeks..!
The woman passes ass gas into the jar onto the shrunken boy .The foul rotten soupy odour thick air surrounds the boy who gags ,holding his nose, she blasts another wet stinker foul air from her arse…BBBBBLLLLLAAAPPPPLLLAAPPPPPPPLAAAAPPPT.. “The wee boy writhes about the jar in suffering her large ass burps… “No…mmmfff..please …stop. awful….let me out..mmm..!!”
“Aww… you little boy like farts…. This mine was a very good one”, she brings out, raises him to her mouth.. “UUUUUUUURRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!”
She burps on tiny tom.. who fans his face frantically… “mmffff..!”
“You love that..dear child..”
“’s nasty!”
She chews her mouth smiling, ‘Then you’ll love this”;
The woman bring s the shrunken boy to her ass and parting her ass cheeks,she shoves him inside her ass cracks, pressing him nearly into her ass hole,it stank of her shitty reeking gas, She hums as her anus pushes out against Tom;
She blasts several wet farts on his tiny body..the boy breathes shitty air, she lets loose more windy ass air…PPPPPPPPRRRRUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSPPPPPPPPPFFFFFF!
Her dank moist anus blasts him with deadly polluting stinks; her dead smells polluted life out of the body of the boy.

The Beautiful Sorceress has Tom’s tiny ghost trapped in a small glass jar, She laughs and taunts the small spirit boy;
“Little boy, child, you’ll remain in this jar, and I will fart on you a lot of times everyday, forever…ha!ha!ha!ha!”
The Sorceress then to the hopeless boy’s horror, shove the jar into her crack, inserting the mouth deep into her anus;

Several wet bubbly, long gut wrenching farts explodes into her fart jar and her poisonous shitty gases chokes the poor tiny boy ghost a her very foul hellish ass stench as her suffocating farts tortures him for a very long time.