Morning Routine
by skeezan



Greg had awoken to this ever single day since his wedding and still wasn't used to it. The five inch tall man should have know better then to marry a girl with triplet teenage daughters. Once they saw that there new step-daddy was virtually powerless to stop them from doing anything Greg essentially became a slave, again. They used him for all sorts of things ranging from seat cushion to foot massager. There was Gillian the ditz who would convince herself that the tiny loved to do ever single task for her no matter how gross or disgusting, Grace the tormentress who would tease and mock Greg at ever opportunity she had, and Greta the slacker who barely paid any attention to him but nevertheless was the most feared out of the three. Though these girls did very in personalities they all did have own thing in common, they all had the biggest fattest asses of any girl you could've ever known. Big enough that even if Greg wasn't his current height any of them could consume him in their meaty butt.

Now the tiny man who was known to the world for his struggles against a crazed women found himself the father of three and with it came so very large changes to his life. For example he no longer slept in a bed rather he would sleep wherever the girls would place him for the night. So when Gillian screamed for him to wake up Greg was greeted by the scent of a thousand dirty undergarments on top of him as Grace thought it would be funny to make him sleep in their dirty clothes hamper. Greg desperately pushed at the weight of filthy clothes on top of him but found himself unable and would hve to wait until one of the girls remembered where he was. This had become a very common occurence. Eventually though the pile was thrown off him and Greg was greeted with the sight of Gillians face.

"Daddy what are you doing there I need to get ready for school and Mom used all the toilet paper last night and then I had to go to the bathroom this morning and I didn't know and I already went and now my booty is all gross and stinky and I can't go to school like this or else everyone will make fun of me so I need you to clean it right now before I'm late!" Gillian said never taking a breath to stop.

"Wait just hang on a sec.... let me just take all that in." Greg said still rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.


"I don't really recall saying that."

"DADDY I NEED YOUR HELP EVERYONE WILL MAKE FUN OF ME PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE YOU HAVE TO HELP!' Greg looked up at his giant daughter begging him to help and knew he would at least have to try and help.

"All right fine I'll........." Gillian picked up her step-father once she realized he would help her and proceeded to move him to her naked stinking rear.

"Thanks so much Daddy I knew you wouldn't let me go out like this even if it meant you had to be my toilet paper." Greg yelled out as loud as he could while he was quickly approaching the brown crack. "WAIT GILLIAN DON'T.....MMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFF"

Greg made contact with Gillian's ass and was plunged deep inside it's crack. His five inch body conformed into the space of the colossal asscrack while Gillian forced him further and further towards her asshole. All of the disgusting leftover shit was rubbed smeared onto Greg's tiny body as he clung to anything that could stop this. However his step-daughters grip was to strong and she was much to concerned with making her booty clean then her fathers well being. The tiny man surprisingly was of good use as toilet paper and the once dirt crack became surprisingly clean after not too long. At least not to long for Gillian. Eventually she pulled him out so as to put a rub a finger to check how well her father did.

"Ugh Daddy you should be much better then this it's like you're not even trying. Whatever I can just use a paper towel from downstairs thanks anyway" Gillian said dropping Greg onto one of the girls beds before running off to get breakfast. Greg tried to call for Gillian to get him a paper towel as well but if she did hear it she acted like she didn't. Greg looked at his body now completely covered in unspeakable filth. With not much left to do Greg got a bit of the bed sheet he was on and rubbed as much of it off of himself as he could. Once he finished and had gotten himself "relatively" clean Greg took the bed sheet away from his face and looked up, to see the mischievous grin of Grace looking down at him. Greg let out a long sigh and said "Okay Grace let's just get this over with."

"Dad what ever do you mean can't I just talk to my father in the morning" Grace said in sharp tongued speech.

"Grace you're completely naked from the waist down and your clutching a pair of visibly dirty panties in your hand. I'm pretty sure whatever happens next won't be in my favour."

"Oh I'm so happy you noticed that" Grace said completely ignoring what her step-father had just told her while aslo throwing the pair of panties on top of her father. "You see Dad I could really use some help putting these on, on account of my wonderfully plump booty and if I'm not dressed for school I would be late and have to spend all day with you and Greta. I mean who knows what the two of us could do all alone with you. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo."

"Yeah *cough* *cough* Yeah I get it and I also assume you'll do something to me like throw me into the clogged toilet if I refuse" Greg said throwing the stinking garment off himself.

"Actually maybe I should just do that instead. Nah you already got the panties there let's just do this instead." Grace then laid on her stomach so her feet were near Greg at the end of the bed. "And makes sure you're quick about it I can only do this for so long."

"Fine" Greg said clutching the panties that were triple his size and went off to get her foot through one of the leg holes. And then he immediately fell face first onto the backside of the panties.

"Hahahahaha" Bellowed Grace looking back at Greg as he struggled to escape the smelly cloth.

"Oh shut up just let me get this over your foot." Too Greg's surprise Grace did nothing and even let him put her foot through her leg hole that is until he went to her other foot where Grace's true colours were shown in full. Grace's sweaty foot stomped her tiny step father into the cushiony bed. Twisting her foot on top of his body squishing him in the process. Now the reason this was even worse for Greg was because Grace had made a habit of working out early in the morning then taking a shower right before heading off to school. The three inch man had found himself between those two activities and at the epicentre of the foot stink being rubbed hard onto him.

"Oooops did I step on you Dad. You know you should be more careful in the future after all you're just a little bug to us." Grace said stomping her father as she did. The stomping and squishing continued for some time while Greg still clutching the dirty panties desperately trying to find a way to angle the leg hole into the foot that was constantly hurtling towards him. This task wasn't being helped in any way by Grace but eventually she did calm down with the stomping.

"Okay that's enough of this you're barely even trying. Let's just move on to my ass that should yield some fun." Grace said putting her foot through the leg hole and place her father right below her butt cheeks facing the dirty panties three quarters of the way up her leg. Greg struggled to stand up after the recent stomping and sauntered around the area trying to keep his balance. This resulted in him falling face forward once again into the panties right on the brown streak on the back.

"Hehehehehe this is just too perfect." Grace said watching her father struggle out of the pair of underwear.

"Can you just help me for the love of god." The tiny step-father spouted out from the fuming panties.

"No I'm sure you'l be fine just hurry up and get these panties over my ass before the bus comes otherwise who knows I might have to stay home with you and Mom." Grace replied looking back at her father facing the impossible task. That notion shook Greg to his core and in an instant he got himself out of the panties and got ready to fulfil his daughters wishes.

Greg had to jump up to reach the top part of these panties even though he just barely got it. From there he had to walk backwards closer and closer until he got to his step daughters ass. Then came the hard part, now Greg would have to climb up that butt the fabric over all with the constant knowledge that Grace could easily do this within a few seconds.

"Tick tock tick tock Dad."

"I'm on it Grace just shut up." Greg shouted back. Climbing while hold the pair of panties with one hand proved to be quite difficult for Greg and the abyss of an ass crack right next to him didn't help in the slightest. Even though he wasn't that close to it an awful smell emanated from it as he climbed up and it was impossible for him to hold his nose without dropping the pair of panties. Eventually though after much trial and tribulation Greg made it to the the top and pulled the panties as best he could over his daughters rear end.

"There see I did it, I'm done, now go to school."

"Uh oh Assvalanche." The fleshy ground beneath Greg began to shake and he lost his footing obviously because of Grace's shaking. He would have taken some solace that the panties were already over her crack but Grace fixed that quickly moving her hand back and giving an opening right where Greg was falling. Grace's would always do something like this he was foolish to think that this morning wouldn't involve falling inside her crack. Inside the crack everything was sweaty and had the familiar stench he had become accustomed to once Greg became apart of this family. Something new though was the sweat Grace usually wasn't this sweaty in the morning even with her exercises and now experiencing what a truly sweaty ass crack felt like enveloping you Greg was glad this wasn't regular.

"Had an extraaaa long workout this morning gotta focus on the glutes right Dad. Just look what I can do with them now."

Grace proceeded to clench her cheeks further compressing Greg the two giant buns. She went on and on like this, it seemed almost rhythmic in the way she Grace was doing it. Again and again Greg was squished and squashed while Grace was just laying on her stomach clenching and unclenching her cheeks. Yet this small action could destroy the tiny man. Grace even pulled up the panties she was wearing to put her step-father further inside her stinking crack.

"All right I'm gonna be late and these panties are way to dirty I'm just gonna find some clean ones." Grace said pulling her panties off and throwing them onto the bed. "Later Dad." Grace said leaving the room with a laugh.

Greg sputtered and spit out all the sweat that had accumulated in his mouth while screaming for Grace to stop but it didn't matter that stink would be there all day. It was then he saw a shadow fall over him and upon seeing who it belonged to. Greta Greg's final unaccounted step-daughter suddenly entered the room and picked him up off the panties without saying a single word. There was a reason Greg feared her the most out of the three because unlike Gillian who was just to stupid to realize what she was doing or Grace who was just teasing him Greta didn't even seem to recognize Greg as a human being much less a father figure. To her Greg was just a tool that her mother married a tool that she could use for whatever she felt like at the moment and this morning she was putting her tool to work.

"Ummm.....Hey Greta whatcha......"

"I need a seat cushion for my computer it hurts my ass when I have to sit on it for long game sessions." Greta said in her monotone voice cutting off the terrified little man.

" challenge you or anything but shouldn't you head to school with your sisters." Greta didn't answer and just dropped her step-father onto the chair's seat then put her butt down on top of him plunging Greg back into another assy abyss.

"FYI I had a bean burrito for breakfast so have fun with that for the next couple of hours. PFFFFRRRRRRRPPPPPTTTTT Yeah see there you go." Greta finished clearly forcing that fart out onto Greg.

Meanwhile Greg was experiencing first hand what that breakfast burrito was capable of and to an extension Greta. Each fart that hit him was like being forced into a new level of hell. Greg thought of keeping his silence knowing that any attempts to contact Greta would just be met with gas and anger. If there was one thing Greg had learnt from his experience with these girl's it was don't mess with Greta while she's playing her games. One time he made the unfortunate mistake of asking Greta to clean her room while she was on the computer. Thirty seconds after that he was taped to a pair of panties which some how made it across all the women of the house before one of them realized Greg was inside them. Which was for days later and as luck would have it they had Mexican for dinner each of those days. Still though this was too much for Greg he needed to stop it, he squirmed around and started to yell up at Greta though the sound of her farts.

"GRET.......PFFRRPPPT........*cough*........A....PLEASE.... BRAAAAFFFFFFPPPTTTT"

"Would you shut up for Christ's sake I'm trying to focus." Grace said hopping her mammoth butt onto her step-father.


"Greg......for the love of fuck you're going into my panties."

"Wait Greta I'm sorry I....."

"Shut up. It's you're own fault for disturbing me so you're going to a place where I can't hear your constant whining." Quick as could be Greta opened up her panties, through her step-father in, gave herself a wedgie, and went back to playing her games like nothing had happened.

Time was endless underneath Greta's ass. Now being the lazy slob Greta was she didn't really wash herself and that butt of her's was no exception to this. At the very least Grace and Gillian washed themselves (occasionally) but Greg had yet to see Greta wash herself the entire time he had spent living with them although to be fair most of his sight was blocked by one of the girls ass's or gassious emission. So inside the rank butt cheeks Greg remained while Greta played her game and let out butt trumpets at every opportunity. His screams were no longer heard so he just chose to stop as it just made him swallow up the farts. Greg remained there for hours acting like a fart cushion to his step-daughter completely helpless to her farting ass.

Greta eventually pulled him out and placed the tiny man on the seat before leaving the room. Likely to go get a snack or something but Greta never said a single word. Greg took advantage of this finally managed to leave the girl's room after this horrible morning but once he got out he heard something far worse then any of those three.


"Honey I'm up and guess we got dirty sheets again hehehe." Greg sighed his wife's sweet voice assured him that this morning was far from over.