On Track with Her Farts
by Kandor

Melissa felt her belly growl as she hauled pretty ass around the college track late on a summer afternoon. "Mmmm, cabbage and knockwurst does a number on me," she sighed to herself as she pulled around the far corner of the track to complete her 10th mile. When she got to the other corner near the gymnasium, she noticed Sheldon Hartsbeller, the geekiest geek in possibly the entire history of Larsfield College's 200-year existence, sitting on the bleachers. She'd noticed him before sitting near where she'd be working out, running, stretching, pushing his glasses back up his nose nervously as he tried to be sly about catching a glimpse of the brunette coed's muscular body. Melissa smiled to herself as she ran by, and caught the reflection of Sheldon in a window of the gym as he stared hard at her legs. How could he not, she thought, how could any man not.

Melissa, at 5-7, 130 pounds, probably had the best legs on campus, long, lean, very sexily muscled, thick hard thighs oozing out of very high and tight red shorts, rocky columns of peaked calf meat rising out of her low-slung white socks. As Melissa ran the far corner again, the belly grumbles grew louder until she couldn't contain them and let out a vicious "PHRRRRRRRIP" from the undulating confines of her muscular asscheeks. She giggled to herself and then waved her hand in front of her face as the smell, even as she ran, gushed out between her pumping thighs and up into her face. "Whew, that was ripe," she laughed, and then spying Sheldon sitting in the bleachers pretending to read an anatomy book, adding "And so is the time." She hit the corner where he was and let fly again, this time a burner, a rump-thunderer, a low growling fart that not only caused Sheldon's jaw to drop as she ran by but reverberated off the gym walls to come back at him even louder. Melissa looked at the look of horror on his face and grinned, giving him a thumbs up. His face reddened, and he buried it in the book, trying to ignore her on each passing lap as she blasted fart after fart in passing, each louder - and smellier - than the last.

When she finally stopped before him after the 12th mile, hands on hips as she walked up to him, she was cheesed up in the pussy something fierce, the thick coating of cunny sweat forming a wedge of goo that parted her cuntal lips, and the ass gas that was trapped in her tight shorts was warming the sweaty orbs of her succulent butt meat. "Hey, Sheldon, anything in that anatomy book on farts?" Melissa laughed, pulling her long brown hair back to retie with an elastic. "Uh, flatulence, flatulence..." Sheldon stammered, thumbing with shaking hands through the index. "Uh, let's see..." The book was closed. Melissa had sat down next to him and shut it. Inches away from him, she looked into his darting eyes, her big brown ones captivating him."You won't find what I mean in there, little man," she hissed. "When it comes to that, I wrote the fucking book!!" Sheldon gasped and pulled back, the books falling on the grass at his feet,papers scattering. He bent to pick them up and Melissa sat with her sweaty legs crossed.

"Look at my calves, Sheldon, do you like them?" she growled, flexing the muscled tubes of socked meat. "You must, you've been looking at them all afternoon." Before he could answer, Melissa had scooped her calves around his neck for a tight scissors. He was kneeling before her looking up the tops of her legs, over the thick hump of her muscular quads, up her hard belly and chest, into the glare of her flashing eyes. She squeezed harder, leaned up on her hands and she was bridged now, hands on the bleachers, Sheldon on his knees, her legs straight out and squeezing him hard, his glasses hanging askew on his rapidly reddening face. "Come up here, Sheldon, I have something for you..." Melissa barked at him. "C'mon, up you go..." Melissa began chewing at his face in her legs, hunching him up, her calves pinching his neck and dragging him forward to her knees, where she squeezed his neck so hard he almost passed out, up to the thick ropes of her inner thighs that she rolled down and up, squeezing his neck and pressurizing his face until it was bloated and fat in the crush of her scissoring thighs. His nose and mouth were now at her crotch, a thick sheen of sweat covering her thighs and stinging his terror-filled eyes. She laughed and sat down on the bleachers, legs extended over his back, as she scissored him to her muff. "Smell that pussy?" she growled, reaching down to pull his glasses off his face and toss them aside. "Even through my shorts? Hmm? You should, I've been working out all day and it oughta be rank as hell by now!" "P....please.....no...." Sheldon begged, on his knees in the scissor lock of the college track star. "Uh-oh, here it comes," Melissa said, eyes open in mock fear. "Sheldon, you're gonna learn something about flatulence and the female anatomy you'd NEVER learn in that stupid book of yours!!!" The skies opened up and thunder exploded out of the clouds - or so Sheldon thought.

He felt the thighs holding him vibrate with the quivering power of the earthquake series of farts Melissa was cutting. She had her head back, eyes closed, teeth clenched in concentration as one after another after another belly-rumbling, ass-thumping butt-blasters rifled out of the tight sweaty ring of her asshole."YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" she screamed, humping her legs hard on Sheldon, scissoring him blue as her nasty rear door opened again and again. "FRRRRRRRRRIP....FRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP........" a couple roared out, followed by a wetter variety, "BLUURIFFFFFF," and a drier, sharper "KRZZZZZAP!!!" She was a symphony of rectal melodies, presenting a veritable butt buffet of anal emissions. "Oh, shit, GODDDAM that fucking stinks!!!" she roared, head back, snapping her thighs on his face. "YESSSS!" She leaned up, grabbed his ears and rudely rammed his face farther down into her crotch where rivers of hot, fetid air were washing up from her bottomless fart pit. "Get that nose in there and smell," she ordered him. "Smell my farts, inhale my ass vapors, and I mean I wanna fucking HEAR you breathing in my shitter through your nose or I'll scissor your neck so hard you'll be in the hospital for a week! Think I'm fucking with you? Remember Tommy, the quarterback?" Sheldon did. They said it was a fall in his home that dislocated his neck vertabrae. Now caught in the iron grip of Melissa's thighs and knowing those two had dated in a relationship that ended when Tommy had called it off, well, now he had his doubts about the accident report.

The smell was killing him, a combination of eggs, cabbage, shit, cheese, every foul aroma he could think of, all of it oozing out in low hissing farts from the asshole of one of the school's most beautiful girls. He couldn't see anything, his eyes were lost in the folds of Melissa's shorts as she squeezed him in her thighs, his nose poking into her foul rectal cavity through the nylon. He breathed, breathed deeply, he gagged on the smell as he felt it gush directly from her nasty butt into his nose. He thought he'd die, or at least puke. She kept farting, slowly releasing a squeaker of pure anal air directly up his nose. She'd fart hard, long and loud, she'd fart soft, short and barely audible. She was a fart machine, playing her ass like a virtuoso violinist plays his strings. Then he was free and lying on the grass, coughing, sputtering.

He looked up through hazy eyes and saw Melissa's muscular form silhouetted against the darkening dusk sky. He shook his head and rubbed his nose and mouth to scrape the smell of her away, but could not. And as he watched her wriggle out of her shorts to stand only in t-shirt, socks and shoes, he knew it was going to get worse."No, please, please, Melissa, please, noooooo," he begged, sitting up and backing into the gym wall, trapped in a corner near the bleachers. "I'll do anything, just please, no, no more farts...." She smiled and walked toward him on muscular legs. She stood in front of him and spread her feet, reaching down to part the lips of her pussy. Sheldon looked in horror at the white line inside. "Pure pussy cheese, cunt ooze, snatch slime, gash 'stache, you name it...." she hissed, walking forward, rubbing a finger on her wet clit, "you're gonna eat it..."

Before he could react Sheldon found himself buried up to the ears in Melissa's wide-open and foul-smelling pussy. She knocked him to his back and was riding his face, snapping her slender hips back and forth, coating him from eyebrows to chin in the cheesy goop lining her sweaty pussy walls. She was coming in no time as Sheldon fought for air in the hairy clamp of her tight cuntal lips, the thick river of her nectar choking him. He licked and sucked and swallowed as best he could, having no basis for comparison. This was the very first pussy he'd ever seen, much less been forced to suck. He settled on the nub of her clit and sucked on that for awhile, as it seemed to calm her down; she sat still on his face and just absorbed it in her nasty pussy folds, coming again and again. "Mmmmmm, not done with your inhalation therapy just yet, Sheldon," she cooed, turning around to perch on his face, his nose slowly being encased in the sweaty hams of her muscular ass. Then his last name dawned on her.

"Sheldon Hartsbeller is a smart fella..." she sang, settling down harder, feeling the thick ring of her hairy, foul asshole envelope his nose as her thighs slid farther out to the sides. "But now he's a fart smeller, Sheldon Hartsbeller, he's a fart smellah...." The next barrage began. Melissa spread her asscheeks as wide as she could in her hands, burying Sheldon's face deep inside the musky confines of her rank rump. She started undulating, rocking back and forth, holding in her tight belly and letting it relax, working her lower intestines, massaging them to new life, calling up the remains of last nights cabbage and knockwurst feast and rolling the stinky thunder down her shit tube to the open maw of her wet rectum as it milked Sheldon's nose in its smelly, oily grip. "BLAP-BLAP-BLAP-BLAP-BLAP!!!" the first barrage blasted out in a frenzy of ass-flapping fury, a cracking wet sound around the obstruction of Sheldon's nose. The gas had nowhere to go except around and mostly up his nasal cavity, and the screams they caused him to emit were lost inside the nasty folds of Melissa's cheesy muff. "Oh, yeah, Sheldon Fartsmeller, you nasty feller," she sang again, eyes closed as she rocked on his face. "These are the worst ones yet!" And they were, a pure acid smell of the most foul intestinal rot imaginable.
Sheldon had done his fair share of animal dissections in his time, opening jars of long-dead animals and gagging on the smell, but that was roses compared to the stench of the wet slimy air being forced up his nose now. The farts she was cutting sat inside his nasal cavities like a warm, burning plug. "Mmmmmmm, more..." she hissed, kneading her lower belly, forcing out the nastiest, deepest farts yet. "PHISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS," hissed a long, wet one, little sprays of shit coming out along with the river of steamy funk. "PHISSSSSSSSAPP-APP-APP!!" Sheldon was nearly out by the time Melissa had come in his mouth one more time, the last remnants of puss cheese being forced down his throat. His entire existence was a big fart now, it's all he could smell, feel, taste, hear. His vision was gone, lost in the sweaty clamp of her muscular ass. His skinny legs lay flat on the grass, his hands useless at his sides, long since having stopped trying to pull the teen muscle maiden/fart machine off his moaning face.

To anyone who may have walked by, it looked for all the world as if Melissa's lower body had grown a nerd; Sheldon's entire face was buried in the sweaty maw of Melissa's growling ass, none of it visible. His legs and arms twitched from lack of oxygen...clean oxygen. She quieted now, laying down one last rippling rumble of rectal vapors, and all she could hear was his labored breathing - through his nose - directly up her wide open and airy asshole. She stood up, smiling, and waving her hand before her. "Christ, that was the worst one yet," she said to herself, feeling the grass for her shorts and panties in the dark. "But the easiest. This one didn't put up hardly any fight at all." She looked at Sheldon's moaning form in the dark and laughed. She put his glasses back on him and piled his books on his chest. She bent to kiss him but stopped at the smell. His entire head was shrouded in a shell of her rotten ass gas. She smiled and used his notebook to write him a note, which she left stuffed in his shirt. "Sheldon Fartsmeller: Tonight was fun, whether you know it or not. I expect to see you in the bleachers again Thursday night when I run again. Oh, and that day for lunch I'll be having raw broccoli, pickled eggs, a can of baked beans, and a large salad. Oh, and some leftover steamed cabbage. You better pray you get a cold by then. But I'll have something to clear your head, believe me..."

She trotted down the track and out the gate, a last couple of blippy farts squeaking out of her sweet cheeks...