Paladins Skye x Ying
by Unknown

"Hey, Ying. Tough mission today, huh?" Said a tall, purple and black haired woman to a slightly shorter, black haired girl. The shorter girl looked up and answered. "Y-Yeah. I was really nervous, Skye. The other side had plenty of good Paladins. We almost...almost didn't make it..." Skye, the taller woman, ruffled Ying's hair. "Don't worry about it. We got through it. That's what matters." Ying nodded as the two of them started walking off. "T-That's true, but it always gets me so nervous. It always does a number on my poor tummy...speaking of which, could you walk in front of me...?" Skye looked at Ying with a confused expression. "Why? Don't wanna subject me to your horrible post-battle farts or something?" She laughed as she said that, but Ying maintained a serious expression. "Y-Yes...?" Skye's eyes widened, then narrowed just as fast. "Oh really...? Alright, if that's what you want." Skye walked ahead of Ying, and tried to keep an ear out for any of that gas that Ying mentioned.

After about five minutes, Skye heard one. And then another. And one more. "Sorry...s-sorry...I'm sorry, Skye." Ying kept repeating after every emission. The sound alone was already making Skye a bit wet. "F-Fuck..." she whispered to herself. "Get ahold of yourself, Skye. Not here. Not now." She tried taking her mind off of Ying's gas, but it was getting harder by the minute. Ying constantly apologizing didn't help either. Her farts varied, but for the most part, they were deep and bubbly. Probably didn't smell great. "Hey Ying. Let's cut through the forest. Much less attention, you know?" Skye hid her true intentions well, and the naive Ying ate it up easily. "Thank you, Skye...t-that would help a bit."

Upon hitting the entrance to the forest, Skye started slowing down, trying to change the subject. "It's always so calming here. Perfect place to come after a battle. Don't you agree?" Ying nodded, and floated a bit closer to Skye, her mind starting to shift off the previous topic. "It is! I love coming here to clear my mind and relax..." She sighed happily, but blushed immediately as another fart escaped her. "Oh! I-I'm sorry, Skye..." Skye walked closer and shook her head. "Don't be. Ying, I'm an assassin. There's not a lot I can't handle." Hearing that calmed Ying a bit, but she couldn't help flinching as she passed more gas. That was Skye's cue. "But this...this is one of those things I can't handle." Ying was caught off-guard, about to ask Skye what she meant, but before she could, Skye quickly got on her knees and brought her face to Ying's ass. "S-Skye! What are you...?" Her voiced was slightly drowned out by the intense sniffing that Skye had started doing.

"What I'm doing, is enjoying your scent, Ying. It drives me crazy..." Ying blushed immensely and covered her face with her mirror. "N-No...please don't do this..." Skye shook her head, and lifted Ying's dress frills. She pulled her black undergarments down around her ankles and buried her face deeper. She was breathing in heavily, thoroughly enjoying the smaller Paladin's odor, and her free hand went down into the front of her own pants. "Ying, I'm sorry...but could you...?" Ying was frozen in embarrassment She didn't speak, nor did she react to Skye's advances. "Ugh. Well, sorry in advance, love." She poked her tongue against Ying's asshole and kept it there. That sent Ying over the edge. The shock alone made her jump and release another big fart point blank into Skye's face and mouth.

"D-Damn, these are a bit rough..." Skye slipped her middle finger into her moistening pussy and started to moan wildly. "...but I fucking love it." Ying couldn't stand anymore. She slumped over onto the floor, leaving her ass in the air for Skye. "P-Please...Skye, please..." Skye pulled away and sighed, knowing that what she was doing wasn't right. She was about to pull away completely. "...don't s-stop." Skye's eyes widened, and she licked her lips seductively. "This'll be our little secret, okay love?" Ying nodded slightly and started to moan as Skye got back to work. She traced her tongue around Ying's asshole, and that made her ease up a bit. She let out some more gas, and it was even more pungent than earlier. Skye slipped another finger into herself as she took in Ying's scent, and she loved every second of it. Her legs trembled, and her body shook. Ying closed her eyes and started to moan a bit louder herself.

"K-Keep going." Skye ordered as she pressed her nose right up against Ying's asshole. She tried her best to keep up with Skye's demands, and for the most part, she did. More potent gas escaped from the small Paladin, and Skye made sure none got away from her. She wanted it all for herself. She breathed in as much as she could as she kept pleasuring herself to it, and eventually, she came hard. She squirted intensely and fell back onto the soft grass, breathing hard, her skin moist with sweat. "O-Oh fuck..." she moaned. Ying, still blushing heavily, sat up and looked at the spent Skye. "H-How was it...?" She covered her face with her arm and laughed. "I loved it, Ying. This...this'll be our little secret. I promise." She nodded in response and stood up. "Um, b-but Skye...? I'm n-not empty yet..." With that, she moved Skye's arm off of her face and replaced it with her ass. Skye was shocked. Shy, innocent little Ying was smothering her face, ready to indulge her even more.

"P-Please enjoy until your heart's content, Skye..." She grunted softly and farted directly into Skye's face. She couldn't take her own smell, though, and she covered her nose and mouth while quietly apologizing. Skye loved it, though. She was breathing heavily through her nose and mouth, and her legs were quivering. She licked and bit Ying's ass, which made her jump a bit, but she endured it, not wanting to displease Skye. The area they were in was now saturated with Ying's stink, and with each fart, the grass blades around Skye's head blew violently. Even if she wanted to hold back, she couldn't at this point. It felt way too good. Each pass made her moan in relief, and that only furthered Skye's pleasure. They were at it for about an hour. To Skye, that felt like a lifetime.

Ying finally was empty. She got off of Skye's face, and offered her hand to Skye to pull her up. Ying couldn't help but laugh. "Geez, you look like a mess." Skye's hair was messy, and her cheeks were tear-stained. " don't smell good, either..." Skye blinked a few times and then licked her lips, trying to regain her composure. Skye opened her mouth to speak, but Ying started first. "Sooo...same time tomorrow?" The two of them laughed, Skye nodded, and then they headed off back to regroup with the rest of their team.

"Thanks, Ying."