Smelly Ellen Ch. 01
by Mills17

It was 3:15 on a cold Friday afternoon and Andrew sat impatiently in his car. He had just finished his last lesson of the day and was waiting for his friend Ellen to give her a lift home. He often did offer her a ride, not just out of kindness, but just to admire how incredibly sexy she was.

He had been close friends with her for years now, but despite this they were never anything more than that. They both always seemed to be struggling with their own relationship problems to realise that they would be a great match. Andrew had been waiting for several minutes now and grew more and more impatient and began wondering whether Ellen would even show up.

He sat staring at the wall in front of the car park waiting to see that beautiful girl strut around it showing off her incredible figure. Five more minutes passed until finally Ellen appeared and walked up towards Andrew's car. He smiled, almost amazed at how incredible she looked.

Her long, dark brown hair was shining from the afternoon sunset, which also made her big brown eyes gleam. She walked confidently – her wide hips moving up and down. She turned for a second and waved goodbye to her friend from afar; and there it was. Her black leggings were held tight against her big round bottom. Ellen was quite a skinny girl – she had average sized breasts that suited her slim figure. But her beautiful ass was so disproportionate to the rest of her body - it stuck out so perfectly behind her.

Andrew admired her ass as she turned, wishing, not for the first time, that he could just have one chance to touch it. Just to feel her soft, perfect ass. Ellen turned back and walked up to the car opening the passenger door.

"Took your time!" said Andrew, playfully.

"I'm really sorry about that!" Ellen replied, "I just- haven't really been feeling very well!"

"I'm just kidding, I don't mind!" Andrew started up the car and began to drive off.

Ellen stayed surprisingly quiet for the majority of the short journey home, which was unlike her. Andrew kept glancing across to make sure she was okay. Ellen squirmed slightly in her seat, and bounced her leg impatiently.

"Everything okay? You seem a bit quiet" Andrew said, sympathetically.

"I'm fine" replied Ellen, "I- I've just got a bit of a tummy ache, it's nothing".

Andrew drove the car into Ellen's estate and suddenly heard a loud rumbling noise. Ellen's belly continued to gurgle and rumble a few times until Andrew parked up.

"Well, there you g-"

"Okay thanks! See you later!" Ellen interrupted Andrew and hurried out the car to her door and rushed inside.

Andrew hesitated for a moment, but began to reverse out before realising in her hurry Ellen had forgotten her bag. He parked up again, reached for the bag and shut the car door, locking it.

"Why did she run off like that?" Andrew thought to himself. "What's up with her today?" He gave a gentle knock on the door. "Ellen?" He called.

"Ellen, you forgot your bag!" Still no answer.

Andrew pushed on the door and it opened. He slowly walked in and shut the door behind him, but the second he stepped into the house he was hit by an incredible smell. He screwed up his face and immediately covered his nose to try not to inhale any of this nasty odour. The house stank of what smelled like rotten eggs and smelly rubbish. Andrew looked around but couldn't see any sign of where the smell might have come from – or anyone else in the house for that matter.

"Ellen?" He called out again.

"Oh. What?" Andrew heard Ellen shout from a distance.

He looked up at the large staircase to see Ellen slowly walk down with a worried look on her face. She could clearly see Andrew's disgust at the unusual smell.

"Here," said Andrew, softly. "You forgot this"

"Oh! Thanks!" Ellen replied reaching out to grab her bag, before her tummy gurgled again. She started to look even more worried now. Andrew took his hand away from his nose.

"What is that smell? Something absolutely stinks!" Ellen stuttered by attempted to answer.

"Oh- that's just- I had this-" BFFFFRRRRPPPPPPTTTTT! Ellen blushed immediately after releasing a huge fart! Andrew's eyes widened as he witnessed the loudest fart he had ever heard come from his friend's perfect round butt!

The smell hit him instantly as he suddenly realised he had found the source of all of the awful smells in Ellen's house. Andrew stayed silent not quite knowing what to say. He had been aware of his fart fetish for years now and didn't even dream of experiencing a girl's fart – let alone one that big and stinky from his beautiful best friend!

"...I am so, so sorry!" Ellen started, not knowing quite what to say.

"Ellen I- I can't believe it..." Andrew stuttered. Ellen hid away in her hands, completely mortified.

"I have a problem, sometimes I just get them so bad! I can't believe I just let you hear that I-"

"Ellen that was so hot..." Andrew interrupted, embarrassed he'd even admitted this to Ellen, but he noticed he'd already become erect, which was starting to become more and more noticeable in his jeans. Ellen slowly moved her hands away from her face and looked back at Andrew, completely shocked.

"Wh- How was that hot?!"

"I- I don't know, I just have this- this fetish...for farts."

Andrew just stood there, erect, so turned on but so embarrassed that he'd just admitted this. He waited for Ellen to be disgusted by what he'd just said and kick him out of her house. He started to turn ready to leave until Ellen finally replied,

"Wow. I can't believe someone actually likes my farts!"

Andrew turned back, to see Ellen stood there more confidently now, with a devilish smile on her face.

"All my friends that know about my problem hate them! They get so annoyed at how smelly I am! But them?! This is great!" Andrew just stood there amazed at Ellen's joy from knowing his fetish.

"Well, yeah! I love it! I never knew you could produce farts like that! I just wish you'd let me smell more!" Andrew realised he'd got lost in the moment, and worried that he'd said too much. He couldn't risk scaring Ellen away after discovering what she was capable of, and how perfectly she could fulfil the fetish he craved. Ellen looked back at him and smiled again, biting her bottom lip as she grabbed his hand and turned to walk back upstairs.

"You really want to smell my farts? Come with me then" she whispered, seductively.

Andrew couldn't believe his luck! His cock was so hard under his jeans as he held Ellen's hand, following her up the stairs – her round perky ass in his face. As she took each step a short stinky fart slipped out and she started to giggle slightly at Andrew's moans after each one. Ellen led him into her bedroom and lay down on her bed, face-down. She brought her legs close together causing her plump round butt to stick out up into the air. She lay her arms down by her side, and her beautiful brown hair lay gently across her back.

"Come and sniff then Andrew..." Ellen said, softly.

Andrew leapt up onto Ellen's bed admiring the view in front of him. She lay there inviting him to sniff her smelly farts from her incredible big bum. There it was on her bed like a big soft pillow inviting him to lie on it.

Andrew lay down across Ellen's legs and immediately buried his face in-between Ellen's soft ass cheeks. He could have came there and then as a smelly fart ripped out in his face between Ellen's luscious cheeks – her skin tight leggings trapping the eggy smell, causing it to linger even longer. Andrew moaned loud as he sniffed as hard as he could from her ass, sucking the nasty smell up through his nostrils.

"Mmm, that was a stinky one! Oooh, here comes more!"

Ellen took on the dominance role instantly, loving the power she had over Andrew with her big smelly ass. She released four more smelly farts right into Andrew's nose as he shook his head around between her cheeks smelling as much as he possibly could.

"Oh Ellen, this is amazing! Your farts smell SO good! Please give me more, I love this so much!" He continued to sniff at Ellen's stinky leggings waiting for more farts.

"Hmm, well don't think I didn't notice that bulge in your jeans! I know what you want, so let's find a better position shall we?"

She got up from lying down and gestured Andrew to move back, so he did. He turned over and wriggled backwards so that his head was placed on Ellen's pillow facing her. She knelt over him with an evil grin.

"I'm going to brew up some extra big smelly ones just for you!" She gently rubbed his hard cock through his jeans as she spoke, sending a shiver down his spine.

Andrew moaned, "Ohhh please! Please give me more Ellen!"

Ellen giggled and undid Andrew's jeans, pulling them down along with his boxers revealing his hard cock. She turned and sat down hard on Andrew's face leaning forwards slightly to grab hold of his cock. PFFFFFTTTTTT! She let another nasty fart rip, this time right on top of his face.

"Yeah, sniff that one!!" Ellen started to get more and more into it, and started to rub Andrew's cock faster and faster, harder and harder. She had such a firm grip that lead Andrew into ecstasy as he sniffed her big smelly fart.

"Hang on, this will help!" Ellen said, as she let go of his cock and spat on each hand before grabbing it again. She began to stroke Andrew's cock again, harder than before, her hands slippery now.

"There, much better!" Ellen scrunched up her pretty face and pushed two more eggy farts onto Andrew's face, wiggling her big ass around as she did. Andrew moaned louder this time, sniffing desperately at her delicious, eggy farts.

"MMM!!" He moaned - his voice muffled below Ellen's soft plump ass cheeks. Ellen giggled and fidgeted more on Andrew's face, stroking his cock as hard and as fast as she could. He still sniffed at her stinky leggings, his nose right on her asshole sniffing out all of her smelly, stinky farts.

"Right, I'm going to push every last eggy fart out for you, and I want you to cum for me, okay Andrew?"

Andrew nodded, which was hardly noticeable below Ellen's huge ass, shaking him around. She giggled, and continued to wiggle her perfect ass around on Andrew's face, and started to bounce slightly now.

"Okay!" she said, "Get ready!"

Ellen scrunched up her face as much as she could and pouted her lovely lips as she pushed out three more huge eggy farts right into Andrew's face! She shook her big ass around, bouncing on him as she continued to let massive eggy farts slip out of her soft plump bum. PFFFFFTTTTT! BLLLPPPPPPPPTTTTT!

"Mmmm, smell those eggy farts Andrew! Sniff all of my stinky farts!" Ellen kept shaking her bum around on his face releasing wave after wave of disgusting smelly farts into Andrew's nose.

She stroked his cock so hard up and down until Andrew came, sending cum flying in the air, into Ellen's face as she kept scrunching it up, farting. He sniffed as much as he could, making sure he savoured each one of Ellen's smelly farts as he came everywhere. Ellen stopped shaking and bouncing her big ass on his face and lifted off him to give him some air.

Andrew's face was so red from being suffocated by Ellen's perfect ass, but he couldn't have been happier. Ellen looked down and smiled at him, saying

"I'm so glad you love my smelly farts! We'll have to do this again! Are you free tomorrow?" She winked and licked her lips.