Stuck, Eh?
by Sumwe

Warning! Contains;

mother-son farting
face farting
mouth farting




Michael, 25, was dressed in bathing-shorts and had his backpack with a towel and stuff on his back as he was heading towards the local beach after eating lunch at home. It was a really warm day and there was nothing better than to sun-tan and to splash around in the water on such days. He usually headed to the beach in the morning but this time was an exception.

He lived only half a mile from the beach so he was walking there instead of driving, which was the more popular way to get there. To get to the beach though, you had to normally walk or drive around a large patch of trees to get there from where he lived, which made the trip roughly a mile long.

Michael knew of a short-cut though.

Through the large patch of trees, there was a hidden trail, which was quite nice and clean-looking but relatively unknown to the public as he had seldom actually met anyone along that trail. Taking that path, the walk was just half a mile long.


Michael walked the forest-path, humming a wild song until he spotted something in the distance. It looked like a person was stuck under that large tree that had fallen right over the trail two years ago, creating something of an obstacle course that you had to either climb over crawl under to get past.

It showed itself to be a woman in a two-piece bikini, who upon seeing Michael get closer raised her hand towards him.

"Hey! Could you please help!"

Jogging over, Michael lightly chuckled in his mind. An adult woman his own age, getting stuck under the tree due to her probably large ass. It was hard to see from this angle, but still, hilarious. She was facing his way so she had probably already been to the beach and was heading somewhere else now or something.
He stopped chuckle internally when he got closer and noticed there was a child's head buried in the woman's butt, equally stuck.

Painting the picture, this woman had long and wavy, brown hair and was really attractive. More cute, kinder looking than hot though, but that was just Michael's type. She was on the curvier side with wide hips and a really fat but round ass while her upper body was thinner. She was dressed in a bathing suit bra and black booty-shorts that covered her whole buttcheeks, almost like yoga-shorts.
She was on her stomach on the ground, with this tree stationary right above her protruding ass. A short-haired, 8-year-oldish kid, presumably her son, had his face buried mockingly deep in her meaty ass with the tree against his neck, pinning them both stuck with the kid's face right up her butt, ear-deep. It seemed like she had tried to crawl under the tree and the son had tried it at the same time above her, then they had become stuck this way somehow. The kid's head looked so tiny in her large ass, Mikey had to admit, it looked a little funny. Not that he would laugh or anything.
But really, how had they managed this? The girl's ass was fat enough she would've gotten stuck just by herself. Now, there was a kids head wedged in between them as well?

"Could you help us? I'm not sure what to do!" The woman said politely but a bit frantically, obviously stressed to get herself and her son free of this predicament.

"Can he breathe?" Was Michael's first question as he assessed the situation. Terrible to admit, among his first thoughts were "I could switch place with him if you want."

"Yeah, he can." She nodded sadly before looking back at her son. "Are you okay, Daniel? Sweety? I'm so sorry about earlier."

Her hand caressed the back of the kid Daniel's head as the little tyke groaned and made muffled noises into her thin, black booty-shorts clad butt. His fists were balled up so he probably didn't like the situation very much.

"Ok, well, uhm... " Michael looked around the scene and nodded to himself before standing before her.

"It looks easiest if I pull you from here. Give me your hands."

"Okay." She obliged and took his hands. Carefully, he started pulling her arms to see if the stuck duo would come loose somewhat. Just a little pulling later though had the kid whining muffled into the seat of his mom's ass. The mom cringed a bit.

"Ok ok, stop! I think it hurts him... "

Michael stopped and scratched his chin.
"I can push from the other side, maybe?"

"Yeah, perhaps---" The mother started but then closed her eyes ruefully.

"...Yes? Hey, hello?" Michael asked, not knowing what was going on until three seconds later of silence, a low, bassy hiss sounded from behind her, accompanied by the wild flailings and muffled screams of the little Daniel.
It took Michael a second to understand that she had tried but ultimately failed to hold back a fucking fart! At this moment, she was now releasing a long and deep, horrible-sounding gas-package, right into her son's face, smothering him with her warm, sulfury perfume.


The muffled ruffler must've been around three seconds long and the woman was still and silent like a statue in a weird trance from start to finish. Michael was just staring at the kid, imagining how it must be like to literally be smothered with a fart.
A second after it flickered out, Michael was really close to laughing out loud but he managed to hold it back, luckily. He couldn't help staring between the kid and his mother though, the woman who flushed madly red.

"I'm... I'm... I'm so sorry, Daniel pumpkin!" She looked back towards her son, ashamed, then forward at Michael before her head dropped low, so embarrassed. "Please Lord, kill me now."

Upon seeing Michael still staring at her at a loss for words, with only the kid making sounds, she cleared her throat quietly. "There... was this new food stand on the beach, homemade enchiladas... It kind of wrecked my stomach."

"That's... awful to hear," Michael said as seriously as he could, trying to ignore the still flailing child which the woman tried to calm down with head caresses. He didn't know what else to say until the smell of the fart hit him like a punch.

"Oh--- OH!"

The fart smelled like this concoction of old eggs and diarrhea that had been cooked up and then left to simmer in the Arizona sun for a month! Michael physically recoiled and held his nose before looking back at the mother. His reaction had perhaps been a bit insensitive, with where her boy was. His reaction had made her expression drop even lower.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean... "

"It's... it's okay. I can't even hold them back, it's so silly and embarrassing... and the smell... " the mother said, trying to laugh at herself to ease the tension but couldn't find the strength to do it. She then shook her head, just trying to forget everything and move on. "Could you try and push from the other side now?"

"Yeah, of course."

He got to the other side and tried to push from there but the kid started yelling again into the mom's butt, his screams muffled as he tapped out on her lower back like an MMA tapout, so Michael stopped and got around to the other side again. The mother looked a bit worried while the kid started silently whining again, clutching his mom's waist with small, defeated grips of frustration.

"I don't... what should we... "

"I could call the police or the fire department? I'll just call 911, I think." Michael said, bringing up his phone from his backpack but the mother objected for some reason.

"No, not 911! That's like for shootings and real, serious stuff, right? I don't want to get in trouble for calling them during a non-emergency! Isn't there another number for non-emergencies?"

"... You don't think this counts as an emergency?" Michael asked hesitantly. He looked at the kid, his face buried deep in the mother's big butt with the tree wedging them stuck together in place. Michael could still smell the remnants of the woman's fart as well, which had a certain muddy sting to it. Knowing that the kid had gotten a face full of that rancid gas point blank made Michael wonder about the kid's welfare. The kid wasn't suffocating back there, but what he was breathing couldn't be good for his young, little lungs.
"... Alright, sure, I can call the non-emergency line."

"Thank you." She said, smiling and sighing sadly like she'd had a really long, tough day.

Michael sat down on the ground next to the woman, close to her butt to see if he could help the kid somehow, ease his predicament in whatever way while he waited to get someone on the line.

"You are... 28th... in line. Please hold."

"Girl, there's 28 other people in line before us, shouldn't I just call 911?" Michael asked the woman.

"Damn... still, no, I don't... oh, no... " The woman said, dropping her head and looking away.

"What?" Michael asked. "Another fart?" He thought.

"I think I need to fart again... Ooooh, my stomach really hurts... I'll try and hold it back!"

The woman grimaced and clenched her teeth while the kid, overhearing his grim, possibly near-future, started yelling into his mom's butt again. The next few seconds were quite insane.

The kid started screaming, a high pitched but muffled "Noooooooo!" which could be heard from within the confines of his mom's fat buttcheeks, which honestly sounded hilarious to Michael. Then, mid-scream, the woman moaned in pain before a deep gurgle shook her stomach, resulting in a muffled chainsaw-like sound as the mom shut her son up by reluctantly letting out a heavy, nasty ass fart, right into his mouth.




The moment the fart erupted, the kid's scream was silenced and all that could be heard was the low-rumbling echo of the woman's fart filling up her son's mouth and lungs, like an air pump or something, for five, unusually long, cruel seconds. The kid's limbs locked up during the gassy assault as he was completely at the warm gasses' mercy.
He was being force-fed his own mom's fart, Mike thought with a chill going up his spine. While he fantasized about stuff like this, it neither sounded nor looked comfortable.
When it ended, little Daniel could barely even cough and spasmed like he had an epileptic attack.

"Noooo!" The woman began to whine, angry and disappointed at herself while Michael crouched down and tried to calm the spasming kid by patting his arms. Mike had no idea what he was doing, nothing in life had prepared him for calming down kids, drowning in farts.

Being so close to ground zero though, Michael got another little taste of the strong gas himself and closed his eyes. Like earlier, it smelled really bad of expired food and shit. It was just a little less oomph this time as most of the gas was probably inside the kid. Still, it was bad, like rotten eggs and beans with shit-bad. It made the hair on his arms stand.

"The kid got an overload of this in his mouth??" Michael thought, still kind of envious of the kid's predicament. Yeah, he was a fart-loving perv, but that didn't mean he wasn't doing his best to get the kid out of the situation.

"Ooooohhh.... " The woman groaned, sounding like a heavy pressure had been relieved before she shook her head, defeated and done. "That was... okay, call 911, I don't care, just call them, please! I'm not sure if I have to fart again soon!"

"Y-Yeah, I'll call them." He said while having calmed the kid down by holding one of his hands, calling emergency with the other. "Hang on, little buddy. The police and the firemen will come and save us soon enough."


It took roughly ten minutes before both police and the fire department was able to locate their position and five minutes after that, the mother and son were freed. Michael had stayed on the phone with the dispatcher during the wait and had done his best to reassure both the woman and the kid during this hilarious tragedy.
The woman was holding and soothing her forlorn child in a hug while talking to Michael afterward.

"Thank you for helping us. If you hadn't come by... "

"It was nothing. I'm just glad you're alright."

The woman sighed and tried to smile at him but looked completely out of energy, which Michael could understand. Yet, she took a breath and eased her tense shoulders.

"I'm Liza. You?"

"Michael. Friends call me Mike."

"Well, Mike, I was just thinking that I... I just wanted to thank you again and I, ehm... You don't think we could uhm... meet up for a coffee somewhere... sometime, you know, talk for a bit? I understand if you're busy and, uhm... "

Michael raised his eyebrows before scratching his chin, a bit flustered. Was she really...?
"No thanks are needed, really, but I wouldn't mind just meeting up with you anyways... "

They both shared a look, looked away, then back at each other. Michael grew red hot while Liza laughed nervously into her hand.




After meeting up with each other later, Michael and Liza hit it off pretty quickly and started dating. After a couple of years of ups, downs, trials, tribulations and sweet moments, Michael eventually took the role of Daniel's stepfather when he simultaneously married the mother Liza. A short while after, they bought a house and had more kids together.


Ten years later...


Daniel, 18 years old now, went down the stairs and into the living room. He was heading out and wanted to just give his mom and step-dad a heads up.

He stepped into the living room as he saw his parents, cuddling up on the couch. Well, not ordinary cuddling, their kind of cuddling. Daniel made a disgusted face.

"Mike, sometimes I wonder if you like the smell or something."

Liza, 38 years old now, was on her stomach, dressed in yogapants and a shirt, taking up almost the whole couch as she watched the tv. Behind her, 35-year-old Michael laid comfortably between her legs, using her round, meaty butt as a pillow as he too watched the tv. His head sideways, Mike's nose was practically hovering above the epicenter of her ass and that had prompted Daniel's question.

"Your mom's butt has perfect padding. What can I say? A better pillow doesn't exist. You should know, right?"

Daniel visibly shuddered. It was a long time ago but he hadn't completely forgotten. It made him cringe, remembering it.
Liza snickered, just thinking of that moment ten years ago as a fun memory.

"How is it, Daniel? Want to see tv with us?"

"Ugh, please don't remind me of that occasion, ever again, Mike. And no, was just about to tell you, I'm heading out! I'll be over at Alfred's." Daniel shrugged.

"Okay, have a good time and take care of yourself," Liza said, smiling tiredly back at her son.

"Yeah, have fun!" Mike said also.

Daniel went over to his friend, leaving his parents to continue watching tv in peace. Mike was subtly gracing his cheek against her butt as he took in the thick smell of her behind. In a moment, they both could hear three little rugrats enter the livingroom.
Mike and Liza sighed as one, not audibly but in their minds.

"Hey, kids," Liza said. "It's about time for you to brush your teeth and jump into bed, right?"

Christina, Wayne, and Oliwia, the first one Christina was 6 years old and the twins Wayne and Oliwia were 5. Their faces told they didn't like the idea of brushing their teeth.

"No! We want to play!"

"Kids." Mike sighed. "I think I heard your mom's stomach growl. If you don't go brush your teeth and then go to bed, I think she's going to fart on you."

"Noooo!" The little gang erupted half-screaming and ran out of the room. Both Mike and Liza watched as they ran away and chuckled as they disappeared around the corner. Mike contemplated going after them and make sure they did as told when he heard a soft hiss from Liza's butt. Almost immediately, Mike took a large sniff of it and groaned in disgust. The gas was searing hot and the smell of beans and rotten landfill was almost too bad, too strong to be appreciated. He didn't move away though. He just held his breath and closed his eyes as he rubbed his nose gently against the seat of her ass.

"I don't think they appreciate them as much as you do," Liza said with a snorting laugh.

"Me, too. Got another one?"

"I think so." Liza mused aloud.

Mike then began to lightly play with the hem of Liza's yogapants. He tugged at them lightly and wiggled his eyebrows at her.
Liza looked at him, unsure.

"Mike, the kids could come in any minute... "
Then she looked towards the hall. It was quiet enough that the little ones had to be in either the bathroom or their rooms at the other end of the house.
She bit her lip and looked back at her husband.

"Fine, but hurry!"

Without thinking, Mike pulled down her yogapants, revealing Liza's naked butt. With a childish squeal, he then spread her round, supple cheeks with his thumbs. Her luscious, dark brown anus was damp, shiny with sweat and grime, enough flavor for Michael to taste as he quickly scraped it all away with a wide lick of his tongue, earning a sharp inhale from his wife as they both moaned in pleasure. Mike then positioned his nose just by the round crater of her newly licked brown star. Liza didn't spare any time as she immediately pushed it out while biting her lip.


Liza blasted Mike's face with a short but seething-hot afternoon-fart, washing over his face and around his head, blowing his hair around like a warm, smelly summer wind while infiltrating his lungs as he inhaled lots of it. Mike made a sickly face but breathed in her rotten, shit-smelling fart and was about to pull up her pants, all satisfied when Liza gripped his hair to pull his face back in again.

"Wait, got another one. It's huge, open your mouth!"

Without asking, Mike quickly stuck out his tongue and put it below her anus, opened his mouth wide open and put his upper lip above her sphincter.


Liza released a rank, bassy behemoth of a fart that rumbled Mike's teeth as the gas overwhelmed his mouth and lungs in a fraction of a second. Mike had sucked the fart tentatively as it exploded out but immediately felt like his lungs would pop so he bailed by closing his mouth. Then instead, he got his nose full of the heated, shit-smelling gas of his wife, like with the first one. He took on this superior fart in great stride though, inhaling to the best of his capabilities through his nose while trying not to cough and dry-heave as the warm, nauseating storm crashed over his face.

As the warm, deadly fart flicked out, Mike swallowed some of his wife's gas into his stomach. He then took a second to get past the nauseatic feeling, resting his head on her naked cheeks. Liza purred like a cat and turned her head around, her mouth open with giddy excitement.

"My god." She said, holding back a smile while quickly spying around for any wandering kids. Upon seeing no kids around yet, she snorted a laugh and fanned herself. "That was a really big one! And doing it while the kids are home? What a rush!"

"That it was!" Mike said hoarsely, dry-coughing a couple of times into his hand as he nodded, peeking around as well. "You know, if you want to be adventurous and do it more times while the kids are home, I'm all for it, you know?"

She looked at him blankly, then quipped a laugh.

"You horndog... I'll think about it."

They shared a smile and Michael kissed her buttcheek before pulling her pants up and letting his head fall down on it to rest for just a bit longer on his favorite pillow.