Summer Breeze
by Voidmasterdom

Warning: This story references face farting and humiliation.

'Charlotte, put your cheesy feet down off the sofa. I can smell them from here', Harriot said, shuffling further up the coach as her sister sprawled out on the other side, her feet clad in dirty, once white socks pointing in Alicia's general direction.

'They're not that bad', Charlotte said, yawning, 'you need to stop being so prude all the time. I never whine about your bad habits.'

'That's because your bad habits supersede mine by several orders of magnitude. Can't you just be a little more clean and tidy? God, I wish I had a nice younger sister, one who didn't make me gag at times.'

'I'm still prettier than you', Charlotte said, 'and no, I can do what I like. This is my house.'

'First of all, this isn't your house. Second of all, you are not prettier than me. I mean, sure, you are my sister, so it does seem you have managed to inherit some of my looks, but your awful habits just make you seem like a slob. You should clean up your act.'

Charlotte smirked, 'Clean up my act? What are you, my mom?'

Alicia sighed and allowed silence to take over the room. She knew that there was no point in trying to change her sister. She had been trying for some time, but nothing worked. Charlotte squandered the genetics she received from both of her parents. Their mother was a model, nothing special just jobs in the local fashion magazines, but it was enough for Alicia and Charlotte to look good enough, But whilst Alicia used this and improved upon it by dressing well, Charlotte took for granted these looks and merely wasted her life. Now she was laid upon the sofa, dressed in a baggy t-shirt and a pair of light grey sweat pants. It was a Sunday afternoon and she would laze around for the rest of the day.

Alicia's internal criticism of her sister was interrupted by a sudden stench which had quickly permeated the entire air of the whole room. It was a vile, potent stink of bitter, rotten meat and cheese which seemed so thick that it made the air an inhospitable liquid. It smelled like an hundred dairy farms formed into one. Alicia looked over at her sister in disgust, who stared at the TV whilst her hand wafted the air in front of her.

'Oh my god, did you just fart?' Alicia scoffed, faking surprise.

'Silent but deadly', Charlotte muttered, smirking as the air was transformed into a sauna of gaseous smog thick with rancid cheese.

'Fucking hell, that stinks', Alicia said, holding her nose tight against the onslaught of her sister's fetid ass stink, 'You're a disgusting fucking pig'.

In response to this, Charlotte made a sort of short, lazy gasping noise until her butt audibly released a short, low ripple which vibrated against the leather of the seat. It was quite loud, and it's sound awakened in Alicia horrors of past smells.

'Oh my god, stop farting. You're so gross. I've got to find a way to stop me from having to smell your nasty butt.'

'Good luck', Charlotte giggled and shuffled her hips, wafting the air away from her own nose, which seemed to be somewhat resistant to the smell which now hung in the room like the smell of a used toilet. Alicia hated Charlotte's flatulence more than anything. Charlotte held no compunction about cutting the cheese whenever she needed, and that was a lot. Recently, as their mother was feeding them different foods in an attempt to diversify an healthy diet for them, Charlotte had been even worse with dropping bombs. It was getting beyond a joke, and since the summer holidays was now upon them, she couldn't put up with it for long. Something had to be done, that last fart and it's horrid, potent stink made that clear. Fortunately for Alicia, she had already spent many weeks planning something, and it was ready to be put into action.

It wasn't just the farts, Charlotte's gross habits were steadily getting worse. She was getting more bitchy too. She really seemed to enjoy fucking with people. It seemed to be her hobby to put people into positions they can't escape so that she can fuck with them. That wasn't necessarily a bad thing, Alicia thought, however. First of all, Alicia has always been a fan of fucking with others for no reason, although probably not to the extent Charlotte enjoys it. Second of all, the plan she had formulated to stop having to smell Charlotte's ass relied on Charlotte's sadistic desires.

It was the next day, at high school, where her plan begun to come to fruition. The name of the guy who made all this possible was Jerry. She didn't know his second name, nor did she care to learn it. Jerry was one of those pathetic failures Alicia had nothing but contempt for, and she wasn't afraid of showing this. He was so low on the social scale that even the girls bullied him frequently. Scrawny, weak, and with an unfortunately pathetic personality, he was an easy target, and Alicia wasn't ashamed to say that she often took full advantage of this. When she wanted to trip somebody over, or humiliate somebody in front of her friends, her thoughts turned to Jerry. The only issue with that is that it may have obstructed her planned deceit, but considering Jerry is dumb as well as woefully wretched, she wasn't particularly worried about tricking him into assisting the ruination of his own life. In fact, she looked forward to putting her plan into motion.

Jerry was also an orphan. He lived in a shared home. This meant it would be easy to ensure that he won't be missed all summer. You see, since Jerry turned 18, he has been waiting for College to leave  home. However, a well faked letter from a summer school claiming that Jerry would be spending all Summer in their halls preparing for college in the fall had already been delivered that morning. The home was notoriously negligent, and it didn't care what happened to it's occupants once they turned 18. Alicia couldn't see any realistic situation where this would backfire. All she needed now was to reel in the prey.  

'Hey Jerry', she said after checking the corridor was empty. He turned to face her, and his eyes bugled out in fear as she approached, before staring at the floor as he backed up. She wanted to do something to him then, to make him feel small, but she knew she had to control those feelings, at least for a short while.

'Hey, look, don't be scared. I'm here to apologise before we break up. I've been really mean to you this past year, and I've just realized how badly you must have felt. I mean, I've pretty much bullied you every single day, and I honestly didn't think it was that bad. But when I saw you cry last time it made me realize how much of a bitch I've been', she felt bile rise to her throat as she continued, 'I just hope you can forgive me.'

He looked at the floor still, and she grew worried. What if he didn't believe her? She had tricked him before, and the last time she did that he had ended up trapped in a locker for three hours.

'W-Well, I guess so. Yeah, if you're being honest, that's fine. Thank you for saying that, it makes me me feel a whole lot better.' He said, kicking the floor, daring not to look into her eyes.

Fighting against driving her fist into his stomach, she clenched her eyes, 'Well, I was wondering, to make it up to you, do you want to come to my house after school for dinner? This is the last day and I won't ever get to make it up to you again, so I would really appreciate it if you could attend.'

'Yeah, I mean, sure, why not?'

Forcing a smile, Alicia had to end this soon, or she would puke.

'Okay, well, I'll see you after school. Here's my address, I'll open the door for you. I have to leave early today so you'll have to come by yourself, is that okay?'

'Yes', he confirmed, itching his neck nervously, 'thank you'.

Alicia walked home that day with both excitement and disgust brewing inside of her. She thought that, whilst she cannot wait to use her new device on that loser, she still felt like taking a shower after pretending to be anything other than hostile towards him. Still, it made her feel better that she would have the last laugh, or at least, Charlotte will.

She had timed everything right, but still had enough time to make sure her device was ready. She released the device from her drawer. It was an head harness she had assembled using a BDSM tutorial online. It was strong, and not too heavy. She couldn't wait to see how it looked on her gift to Charlotte, and she didn't have to wait for long, because the door bell rung. She smiled, placed the harness on her sister's bed, and then walked down the stairs to greet Charlotte's new gift.

'Hi', she said, 'Come in'.

She shut the door behind him and then locked it. He looked around the home, and she thought she could see envy in his eyes. He still seemed to have trouble looking at her, but that didn't matter. He won't be looking at faces all summer, that's for sure.

'Well, let me show you my room. We'll have dinner later.' She said. There was no point in not getting things rolling as soon as possible. She knew her sister would return soon, and she needed her gift to her to be ready before that happened.

'O-Oh, okay. Thanks for this, you have such a nice house'. He muttered.

She walked away and felt him follow her up the stairs. She led him into her sister's room, and when he walked past her she shut the door behind her and turned. He seemed to look around the room for a second, peering into the nooks and crannies of her sister's messy room, before looking towards the bed. He must have noticed the harness laying there. He made a sort of confused clicking sound with his tongue.

'What's that?' He said, turning around as she begun to smile.

Before he could face her, she quickly pulled from the pocket of her hoodie a pair of handcuffs. With surprising ease she pulled him towards her and slapped them around his wrist with a click. Then, before he could say anything, she slammed into him and winced as the floor shook with as his tall frame crashed violently down. It was a good job her mom was away, she thought.

'What are you doing?' He squeaked, fear now overtaking him as he tried to shuffle on the floor.

'Did you really think I was going to be your friend? God, you're such a moron. Why would I ever be friends with you? No, I would never, ever show you anything but disgust and hate, not truly. You've been tricked, I'm afraid. Feel stupid? You should, freak.'

'P-Please, you've had your fun. Just let me go', He cried pulling at his cuffs, to no avail.

'Nope, I trapped you here for a reason, you're going to be spending all summer here. If you thought I was mean before, I can't wait until you find out what I have in store for you. Trust me, loser, you're not going to be shown any mercy in this house.'

'You can't', he cried out, tears welling in his eyes as he seemed to shake in terror, 'I live at a home. They are expecting me back.'

She giggled, 'Not if some smarty pants-', she pointed towards herself, '-sent a convincing letter from a summer college-prep school claiming that you were spending all summer there before you leave for college, a letter that was confirmed received by the head of the home this morning. I mean, they needed an excuse to get rid of a failure such as yourself, so they weren't exactly keen to look into it. Trust me, you won't be missed.'

'O-oh g-god', he squealed, face reddened and plastered with tears,'w-w-what are you g-going to d-do to me?'

Grinning, Alicia brought her face close to his. He blinked at a few tears as she pressed her foot hard against his chest. He begun to wheeze as she applied pressure.

'It's not what I'm going to do to you, somebody else is going to be using you. You're a gift. Well, sort of a gift, more of a toy, for my benefit and for the benefit of the individual you are going to be spending all summer used by. Trust me, this is going to make every bad thing a bully at school has done to you look like heaven in comparison.'

He begun to blubber incessantly as she lowered herself down and sat on his chest. He squirmed under her weight but she felt like relaxing as her sister got home, so she merely shuffled her ass and got comfortable. Occasionally he'd plead with her to let him go, but she merely laughed at his begs and soon he realized he wasn't going anywhere. The floor was sprinkled with his tears as he accepted defeat.

Then the door banged downstairs. Alicia smiled and stood up from Jerry's chest. As she did he inhaled loudly and made a pained cry.

'She's here', Alicia said, looking over her shoulder at her bound victim. She almost felt sorry for him, knowing what was going to happen to him for at least the next 11 weeks.

Alicia met Charlotte at the top of the stairs. Alicia looked smug as she crossed her arms, blocking the doorway to her room.

'What are you doing? And what's that sound?' Charlotte said, hanging her coat up on the peg next to the mantelpiece. She wore a grey t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Her auburn hair was loose and wind struck. As she stood there she combed it away from her freckled face and looked towards her sister with a expression of confusion.

'Remember how I said that I'd find a way to stop smelling your gas?'

'Yeah, I guess. What is this about?

'Well', Alicia revealed a wide grin, 'I have a gift for you. I think you're going to like it.'

Alicia turned and led Charlotte into her own room. Charlotte followed along and stopped as she saw the bound guy on the floor. She thought she had seen him before, but from the look on her face, Alicia imagined that she had a lot more on her mind. Whilst never usually expressing anything other than smugness or casual indifference, Alicia was proud to see her sister's mouth held open, eyes wide in astonishment at what lay before her. His teary eyes looked at them both in fear.

'What the hell is this?' Charlotte asked after a brief moment of shockful silence, 'who the hell is this fucking freak?'

'You know, it's that loser I fuck with at school. And as for what it is', Alicia exhaled, 'It's a gift. For you. You usually spend all summer locked away in your room lazing around, so why not have somebody to torture? Wouldn't it be fun to make this summer his hell?'

Charlotte blinked several times and looked up at her sister, 'I don't understand.  Why- I mean, what- no, I mean, yes, it would, of course it would. You're saying that you've given me a slave to do whatever I want with over the summer?'

'Yes', Alicia grinned, 'So, do you accept him?'

Charlotte turned to face the bound loser mumbling on her floor. Grinning, she slowly began to wander back and forth as she realized what fun she was in for.

'Yes, of course. This is going to be one crazy summer', she turned her head as the slave cried out in response to her sudden enthusiasm. Even Alicia was shocked, 'I don't know what to say. Won't he be missed.'

'No, I sent a convincing letter to his home today about him staying at some training school over summer. He's an orphan, you see. And there's no need to thank me, I am also going to enjoy watching you destroy him and turn him into your little bitch. But, in regards to what I was talking about before, take a look at what comes with your new slave',  Alicia said, pointing towards the harness on the bed.

Charlotte picked it up and analysed it.

'Guess what it will be used for.'

Looking confused for a second, colour suddenly filled Charlotte's face as a large grin stretched out. She looked towards Alicia, and made a sort of excited gasp, indicating she realized what it was designed for.

'You're such a bitch', Charlotte laughed.

'Me? You're the one that's going to be using it all the time.'

'That's true. Does he know?'

As Alicia shook her head, Charlotte's face twisted into a humoured expression of mirth. She bent down towards her slave, who shuffled away from her, his eyes wide and panicked as his body shook in terror of what awaited him. His various protests amounted to nothing, as Charlotte pressed her knees onto the floor and brought her face close to her new torture thing.

'So, you're going to be spending all summer with me. Isn't that fun? I get to use you for whatever purpose I desire whilst you suffer whatever consequences my actions will cause you, and trust me, there will be a lot to suffer. It was really nice of my sister to give me to you, but if you thought she was mean to you then you are going to hate me. Now, you see this harness here? Good. Anyway, what this does is it locks you in so I can wear it.'

'P-Please', the slave made a sort of shrieking cry. Pathetic, Alicia thought, enraptured in her sister's torment of her new toy.

'And I'm going to be wearing it almost always. You see, this goes around my waist. Yes, that's right, your face is going to be pressed into my butt. That's where I want you to be, but trust me, you're going to realize how much you don't want to be tied to my ass. Let's give you a little demonstration why, huh?'

As the slave whined, Charlotte tied the harness around her waist. The second half of it she forced over her squirming slave's head until his face was close to her ass, which must've given off a displeasing scent as he looked grossed out. As he looked at her ass in fear she drew the belt and tightened it, thrusting his face deep into her Jean clad butt crack, his nose pressed hard against the denim material of her ass. Alicia made a sort of excited squeal sound just as the slave cried out.  She looked almost like a centaur, standing with Jerry kneeling, his face disappearing into her butt. She stood proudly, arms at her sides, grinning as the man attached to her ass expressed his disgust and pain in various piggish squeals.

Smiling at her sister, Charlotte moved around, 'God, this is comfortable. I can sit, lay down, do whatever and his face will still be up my butt. This is going to be very useful, as I'm going to need him locked in. Anyway, I think I need to show this bitch just how bad his time down there will be.'

Charlotte bent a little, her face screwed up with concentration. All of a sudden the muffled blast of a deep fart rippled against her slave's face. It was a disgusting bubbling fart which escaped her ass with a forced explosion of air. It violently attacked her slave's face and made him scream in an high pitched agonized shriek of violent disgust.

Alicia almost collapsed she was laughing so much. Whilst she clutched her sides Charlotte made a sort of loud 'Whew' noise and begun to waft the air for comedic affect. Clearly it was a bad fart, but only a little cheesy whiff escaped, as most of it was forced up the nose of the slave suffering behind her. Still, the portion of it that did escape made Alicia cough violently as she moved out of the air of the potent cheese fart.

Only a second later did Alicia hear the wheezy puffing of an SBD. The slave wasn't warned this time, and thrashed as the smell was forced into him. Charlotte closed her eyes and grinned whilst the air escaped her behind, ending in a slightly louder gust of air which was quickly drowned out by her new toy's weeping. Alicia could smell the fresh scent of this foul concoction, and stepped back even further, chuckling.

'I'm going to get dressed'. Charlotte said, moving about as the fart smell dissipated, 'Could you leave for a second?'

Glad to be out of her room and away from that fart, Alicia listened in as Charlotte released her harness and began opening her drawers. As she did her new toy begun to plead with her, crying as he attempted to convince her to let him go. She laughed at his attempts and made it very clear that he was going nowhere. Then his pathetic begs stopped and his muffled, defeated cries echoed out of the door.

'Come in', Charlotte yelled.

Alicia entered the room and saw Charlotte attach the harness around her slave. She now wore an old, baggy t-shirt and sweatpants, the same she had wore last night. As her weeping slave's face disappeared into her ass, she saw that she had gagged him with something and had taped his mouth closed. His cheeks were slightly expanded with what was inside.

'I gagged him with my sock', Charlotte explained as she pulled tight on the harness, securing him in, 'I don't think he'll enjoy the taste, but I don't want him to breath through his mouth when I fart.'

'Wow', Alicia said, studying her victim's face as it disappeared into her sister's gross butt, 'you've got that tight around him. You sure he can breath?'

'He can breath, unfortunately for him. Even if he can't, they'll be enough air flowing down there for him to live off, if you know what I mean. Not that he'll want to survive on my gas, but since he's mine now he's got no choice', Charlotte sighed and lowered her shoulders, 'do you think mom will approve of this?'

'Mom was one of the most vicious bullies at school. She'll find this hilarious. By the way, how long has it been before you washed those sweats? You've been wearing them for days now.'

Charlotte giggled, 'It's been a while. Anyway, that doesn't matter, they're called sweatpants for a reason. Sure, they smell like farts, but that's a good thing. My new toy is going to have to occupy himself with the stale build up of fart smell.'

As she said this her slave moaned. It was an high pitched moan that showed the two girls that their victim had been crying inside his sweaty prison. Rather than feel sorry for him, they looked at each other with a vicious gleam in their eye and chuckled softly.

'Oh, and speaking of farts', Charlotte said, bending down slightly. Before her slave had a chance to react to what she had said, two sharp trumpeting farts rippled deep into his face. Charlotte emitted a relieved 'ahh' as Alicia laughed loudly, and as the Slave's screams reached a climax just as Alicia heard an airy whisper pierce his nostrils as her sister's eyes rolled backwards in relief.

'You're so gross', Alicia laughed as the air quickly filled with a meaty cloud of her sister's excess fart smell. At least it wasn't as potent as usual, the filter just needed to get used to the torture of his nose that will occur daily all summer.

'That proves it. My farts are worse in these pants. More of the smell escapes', Charlotte said as a whiff of her own butt stink wafted by. Alicia held his nostrils shut, still chortling as Charlotte sniffed the air and smiled.

They sighed together, but before any of them could think of anything to say, Charlotte's belly began to violently gurgle. Her eyes widened and her mouth twisted as another loud gurgle exited her stomach. Alicia knew what this meant from the poor loser attached to her sister' butt, it meant the pure horror of the farts that hid deep within Charlotte's belly, farts that were inhuman in both scope and smell. Alicia widened her own eyes and backed away. The slave's moaning intensified at the sound, but he could only imagine what was in store for him.

'Jesus, did you hear that, slave?' Charlotte scoffed, 'that's a pretty big fart that's coming your way. You really do not want to be there when I release it, and if I was you I would try to escape now, because if not you're going to be enduring the most foul concoction you have ever encountered.'

The slave tried to pull away at the binds but it was useless. Charlotte's gaze was set firmly on the floor as she guided the poison cloud of flatulence through the depths of her bowels and towards her ripe asshole. As his writhing gave way to desperate begs and then hopeless whines, our grins widened.

'I guess you're going nowhere then. Too fucking bad, you're about to know what hell is, because it's coming right now.' Charlotte said, twisting slightly to one side to allow the gas to ease it's way towards it's goal.

'This is gonna' be disgusting', Alicia exclaimed, covering her nose already as she backed up even further. The pathetic noises of the slave represented his inhuman fear.

It started with a final growl as the extent of the cloud filled up her lower gut. Then, after Charlotte's face reddened with exertion, it came from out of her anus. It was a bubbling, deep, growling fart which rippled loudly for what seemed like forever. As the fart continued it's escape from Charlotte's bowels her face was screwed up in ecstasy, the sound of her muffled trump so loud it almost drowned out the animal like screaming of the guy attached to her butt.

The sound alone made Alicia feel the sensations of bile rising in her throat. She dared not release her hold on her nose, due to the fact that Charlotte was gagging on her own smell as her slave screamed into her.

'Oh my fucking god, that's putrid', Charlotte said, her face red from the smell, 'You're going to have to learn to sniff better. But there's all summer for you to learn, isn't there?' We're gonna have so much fun.'

Alicia talked with Charlotte for the next few minutes as the slave boy's cries became mere whimpers. Clearly, Charlotte was getting bored of not torturing him, and soon Alicia could see whilst they conversed that she was building up and holding back another fart. Charlotte smiled and winked, and Alicia knew that she should back up some more.

'Oh shit, there's another one. I tell you what, sniff this one, and I won't pull my trousers down. How about that?' Charlotte teased, clearly happy by her slave's futile begs which now vibrated the cheeks of her ass.

Charlotte bent her ass up a little, so that the slave's face was stretched deeper into her crack. For a second, no noise other than the slave's cries existed, before it was penetrated by the sound of Charlotte's exertion and then the release of a wet, rippling fart which loudly blasted through the fabric of Charlotte's pants and into the face of her now shrieking slave.

It was wet, almost a shart, and clearly reeked, because the slave kicked up with a newfound horror at the smell which was now burning his nasal cavity with it's thick, gross warmth. He had attempted to sniff through his cries as Charlotte demanded, but this only resulted in one of the most disturbing groans of agony Alicia had ever encountered. Alicia was horrified herself when the smell of pure shit hit the air, a smell so bad that it's mere scent caused Charlotte to burst into minx like laughter.

Alicia then realized that sister's gaseous abomination had gotten worse, likely followed up by an hot SBD which she had not heard, 'Oh my god- I think I'm going to throw up if I smell any more of that one. Jesus, that's fucking putrid.'

'Oh shit', Charlotte said as her slave screamed into her, 'I think I've got another one coming. Slave, you're not having any breaks today, are you? I guess beginners aren't lucky all the time.'

'I can't take this', Alicia said, gagging, both disgusted by her sister's stink and happy with the wretched existence she had bestowed upon a loser she so despised, 'I'm gonna' go. Have fun with your living fart pillow'.

Charlotte laughed as Alicia rushed downstairs before her next monster was to be released from her gut. 'Smell you later', she said, and as Alicia reached the bottom of the stairs she heard the vile releasing of her sister's gut and the subsequent screams of the poor creature that would, for the rest of the summer at least, be trapped in a living hell of flesh and farts.