The Commensalism
by AmericanWonton




Goddess Bella paused before the figure mirror, admiring herself in the morning sunlight pouring into her study. A woman beyond beauty smiles back in dark red lipstick, with sharp brown eyes to gaze at the powerful face. Her body seemed to eat and gnaw at her red dress with every movement. Bountiful white breasts were barely contained amidst the top; down below, her booty seemed to mock the constraints of a width for pants. As such, she was allowed to turn and admire her naked white buttocks, just before grabbing the tube and angling it into her asscrack.
“Goddess Bella, Goddess Bella!” came a small voice, along with the tattering of his sneakers. “Can I put it on this time?!” The Goddess chuckled, rising up to hold the tube at her waist. “Young Zane,” she addressed the tiny creature beneath her. “Are you sure you can even REACH my bootyhole?” The Goddess turned, standing upright as she separated her mighty cheeks with either hand. Below her was the young man, dressed head to toe in a black t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. His spiky, matted hair seemed to part in admiration as he stared up into her glory. A dark brown anus puckered giddily as it released a sharp blast just above him. BBBRRRTTUUURRPPTUPPPUPUUTTTT! The bacon and bean breakfast showered down to taunt him as she sighed gently. Zane smirked-it’d take more than one fart to scare him off. “Let me do it!” he took up again. “I can do it, see?!” He reached for her arm; when he found his grasp out of reach, (for the millionth, disheartening time), he elected to pull the tube out from under her. The Goddess laughed, watching him hurriedly scurry to plant the suctioned end amidst her anus. “Better hurry, little one,” she warned. “All the good ones are getting loose.” PPPPTTTAATTTOORORROPPOOTTT! BBRRRRUUUUUUUUUTTTTTT! She tauntingly wiggled her rump above the boy, his hands raised trying to reach her asscrack. “Poor thing,” the Goddess thought in her head. She bent her knees slightly, lending her helper a little help himself.

“This one’s a baker!” the boy Zane pointed into the glass. “And she’s a…well, I met her after school once, I think she’s a teacher. Oh and there’s the mailman! Guess we’ll have to switch to another service, haha!” He went on; Goddess Bella toned him out. Her lips curled in a struggle, as she bent and mushed her buttcheeks against the glass, making a permanent seal with her bootyhole and the tube. There would be no escape from the magic her ass would release. BBBRRRUTUTURRUMMLLPMMBBRUURUUTTTT! “Whoah! THAT’S a stinker, haha!” Zane cried, watching the anus flutter and her now visible gas sour into the chamber. The Goddess smiled at the boy…then past him, as the inhabitants slowly rose. The Goddess reached down, picking the boy up easily without his notice. He was but a sack of flower in her mighty arms. “Your Goddess needs a handsome boy’s assistance!” she told him, tickling his tummy. He looked like he was about to protest…before she shoved her tongue in his mouth. BBBBBBBBRRRMMMPPTTTOOOTTT! The two moaned, fighting for dominance with their own jaws and tongues.
Their victims came close above a hundred or so. No number would be satisfactory to the Goddess. She laughed, as her guests took in the confusion of her rankness inside their glass cage. PPPPPPRRRROUUUTTOURURBBBRBRTTT! FFFFBBBBBBRRRRRRRPPPAOOOOUUTTTT! Farts of dry powdered eggs and citrus soared around the container, causing the inhabitants to shield their mouths. It was a temporary solution, given their predicament.
FFFFBBBBBRRRTTTTTT! PPTTTRRROOOOOOOOTTTSSTT! The stink cloud begun to thicken, as the souls became smaller and harder to find. BBRRTTTUUUOOPUUPPUUTTTT! FFRRBBBBBRRRUUUUURROOUUATTT! PPPPTTTTTOOOOOOOOTTTTTTT! PPPPSSSSLLTTUUUURROOUUUUTTTT! “Ahhh,” the Goddess sighed. Zane giggled, kicking her backside as her wet fart soaked the container. “Zane dear, not while your Goddess is working,” she told him. The boy removed himself from her face, bowing his head. “Sorry Goddess,” he said. Goddess Bella sighed, rubbing his head with a hand. She delivered a sloppy wet kiss, making overzealous smacking sounds as her asshole relieved itself. Zane was happily content, tasting the plastic within her dark red lipstick as she worked. PPPPBBBRRRUUUUTTTTTT! “mmmm,” she moaned into his mouth. “Tell you what, you can be my little booty stretcher…would you like that?” She adjusted him to face forward, having his heels knead either side of her booty. BBBTTRLLLLAAAARRRUUUUOOTUTTT! PPPPPTTTTRRRROOOAAOOATTTTT! The boy gave a wild cry as his feet vibrated amongst her jiggling booty. “Can you keep it spread for me?” The Goddess asked him with a wink. “Yes maam!” he retorted, applying pressure to either cheek. His face poured itself into her breasts, giving sloppy kisses as she slowly bounced. His erection was ever present amidst her tummy; so then, he was satisfied…and she could work.
BBBBLLSSSTTUURROOOAOUUUUUTTT! PPPRRRRTTTTTOOOOOOOOOTTT! PPLLLOUUURRSSBBFFBTBTTT! She liked to shield him from most of the horror…lest he ever get a change of heart…or erection, as his young boy idled mind was. One man wretched onto the floor, collapsing on his own filth as her farts toppled on his own head. BBBBRRTTOURURURUUOUTTTTT! Whatever young woman he had caught was screaming just beneath the entrance of the tube. Perhaps she’d meant to crawl out and find an exit…or maybe she wanted to plead with her shrinking Mistress. FFFFFFFFFBBBBRRRSSSOOOSSSSSSS! The Goddess sighed, watching her eggy SBD trail into the tube. The tiny woman caught the wink of the Goddess before shrinking into her final form.

Goddess Bella clenched her asscheeks…hoping to contain at least some of her power. PPPRRRTTTT! The boy giggled, standing on his tippy toes to peck her naked asscheek whilst it tried to silence the fart. “Okay…go get them!” said the Goddess, opening the chamber door. “Yay! It’s playtime, haha!” cried Zane. He scrambled to pick up the tiny humans, sized as miniature dolls between his fingers. They would make little trouble, their bodies too tired from the magic of the Goddess. Bella turned, leaving the boy to his work as she strode into the bathroom.
He entered giddily, his clothes strewn about in the hallway behind him. “Patience little one,” Bella instructed with a smile. She turned slowly, bending and spreading her buttcheeks. The young man was left with the wonder of her hole once more. “There we are,” she said with a sigh. “Now…slowly…first one.” The boy presented the mailman, screaming as Zane’s fingers brought him within an inch of Bella’s mighty hole. “Mmmm,” she jested. “Yummy.” Zane laughed as her buttcheeks chomped one his hands, stealing the tiny person from his fingers. When they opened once more, Goddess Bella’s asshole was finishing the process of slurping down his feet. “Next one,” she said with a grunt. The boy brought in two tinies; Goddess Bella winced. “I said ONE, boy,” she told him. Zane giggled, still pushing the screaming heads, adjacent to smell her mighty hole. Goddess Bella sighed, beginning to suck them in. Zane pushed as well, giggling as his finger was temporarily sucked inside. BBBBBBTTTORROOWWOOOOTTT! Her asshole fervently blasted it out. Zane coughed; even that fart was a little much for him. “Last one, come on boy,” Goddess Bella instructed. Zane put this one in feet first; the woman screamed as the suction started, tugging on any wall she could grab hold of. “Bye bye stink lady!” Zane called, waving as the woman’s arms struggled to remain above the flesh. FFFBBRRROUPAAAPOUUURROUTT! The Goddess sighed in relief, grunted quickly, and sucked the woman in whole. Her screams were now buried inside an avalanche of fart flesh.
The Goddess grunted, hurrying to the cupboard. She strapped the saddle along her front side, beckoning the boy to come closer as she bent. BBBBLLLLLLTTTOORRUUUPUUUTTTTTT! The ragged fart and her bent ass combined had the screaming tiny searching for a foothold at the head of her anus. The boy climbed inside, either unaware or uncaring for her plight. Goddess Bella smiled down at him in her saddle. “Ready my sweet?” she asked. “Ready!” he replied. The Goddess stood, allowing the woman to scream and dangle amidst her asscrack. It would make no use once she bent to seat herself on the toilet lid.

The boy was a beneficial addition. Bella had had her doubts…but he had proved himself an ally in her sensual quests. BBBBBRRWWWPPUUUUOOUUUTTTT! The Goddess sighed, releasing the first tiny to splash into the toilet water. Incredible. It took only two extra farts to lodge the rest free. PPPPPPRRRRRRRMMPPBBTTT! FFRRRUBBBUOUUPUUTTTTTTT! The screams of the tinies were only outmatched by their gags. Her asshole had nearly cooked them alive. Silently, some still prayed for the safety of her tight hole, given the endlessness of the toilet bowl. The boy was beginning to upend himself, planting kisses on her neck as her farts sent water splashing up her own ass. A sight and feeling to behold. “Are you a good helper of the Goddess?” Bella whispered, stroking down the boy’s back as he kissed. “I am!” he responded. “Yes Goddess Bella, I am!” He thrust his tiny erection forward, trying to hit her breasts. Adorable…and just the power fantasy she needed to silence the screams beneath her.
BBBBLLLRRROOM—FFRRRUU----. Her anus was only silenced by the horrendous, thick logs that would stretch her asshole to the limit. The tinies screamed, eying a monolith of a feces expanding from the cloud of booty above. PPPRROOOOTTTTOOOOOAAOOTTT! The Goddess groaned in delight as her log splashed-it felt the size of the boy’s arm! Yet there was much more to go. “I love you Goddess Bella,” the boy told her. His kisses moved up from her neck; he had to plant his feet on her tummy to reach her lips. Her shit was now ushered to a new place by his foot. BBBBSS---FFFFBBBRRTT! The Goddess moaned into the boy’s mouth as she dove her tongue into his. The logs came quickly, the pressure multiplying from each press on her anus. PPPPPPTTTTOOORRMMPPOOTTT! Goddess Bella’s asshole pinched off a single log, sending two inhabitants down the drain pipe and splashing the other two to rest upon the third log of shit. Their tiny noses were ill equipped for anything at this size…but they were just large enough to survive her torture as she continued. “Oaahhmmm!” BBBLLLSSSSHHHHRRROOSSMPPPRRPOOMMPPOTTT! Her asshole rained down a river of wet poo into the bowl, filling it with record velocity. Tinies screamed as the rancid filth sunk into their brains, melting their minds as her horrendous breakfast coated their every skin cell. Vomit was replaced just as quickly with their poo. Every angle, in fact, was taken by her shit…there was no escaping it. The tinies would disappear in a river of brown, their lives washed away from the power of her shit. The Goddess could feel their lives extinguished; her power grew within her veins as the anguished in her stink, buried further under the weight and smell. “Oaahhhhh…” she cooed, feeling the screams die out as the heat of her shit wafted amidst her gaping hole. BBRRRRSSSTTUUUOOUUUUUUUTTTTTT! The boy let out a much less appealing cry as she sharted her bowel’s last. By that time, there were only the only tinies still alive were reliving the adjacent lives of their brethren…a heated death of sour feces with no end except their own.
The Goddess chuckled, watching him struggle to keep aloft. He’d wrestled himself out of the saddle, moving his erection-addled body to hump…well, somewhere down below. He clutched the end of her booty, trying to steady his legs amidst her own built thighs. Her poo filled the bowl nearly to the brim and he was nearly falling inside. “Zane,” the Goddess spoke with a toothy grin. “What have I told you about leaving your saddle?” PPPPPPPPSSSSTTTTTRROOOTTT! Her anger or concern mattered little, as her fart reverberated off the bowl and onto his lower half. The boy twitched and held his face into her belly as the fart vibration had his cock spamming all his juice onto the lower end of her ass.
He still clung on as she rose. Only when he looked down at the tile floor did he allow himself to slide to the floor, looking up with a stupid gaze at the Goddess. “I’m sorry Goddess Bella,” he told her. A grin started to appear at his cheeks as he led his outstretched arms to her. “Kisses?” The Goddess raised a brow as she smirked. “Sure,” said Goddess Bella. “Pucker up.” The boy was ill prepared as she laid her powerful figure on his chest, the spread booty flustered above his tiny face. His cum mushed into his chin as she sat back, letting her shit-stained butthole direct his gaze. BBBLLLPPPAAAUUURRRPOOOTTTT! It was a rank, heated fart, filled with all her nastiness not yet hitting the toilet bowl. Luckily, he was prepared to take some of her worst. “Rats…” he simply said. The Goddess sighed, waiting patiently as his tongue lapped up her backside. She was glad to have prepared him for that as well.

The Goddess was grateful for a little separation while he worked. The toilet would take some time for him to unclog, (especially with a plunger just about his size), but the boy needed discipline. “Goddess! Goddess come here!” he shouted from the bathroom. The Goddess sighed, still not tearing her eyes from her book. He’d probably made some ridiculous sculpture with her shit…or perhaps his tiny cock wanted more attention. She wouldn’t give in to his silly demands. “Goddess!” came his voice again. She groaned, shouting into the hallway. “I’ve got a mind to clog that toilet again, Zane!” This time there was silence, for a good long minute. The Goddess was glad to have whatever crisis he’d imagined averted…until she heard a scream from the bathroom.
She ran inside, gasping at the discovery. The boy was still naked, panting on the floor. “I…I just came back!” he got out. “They…they almost got me!” The Goddess raised a brow. “Who almost got you, Zane?” she asked. “The people!” he told her. “The toilet people!” Goddess Bella rolled her eyes and peered into the toilet bowl. She found herself short of breath with what she found inside.
A dark blue mist swirled where the water led into nothingness. The two of them could hear voices…shouting…panic. Goddess Bella was as puzzled as he was. “In all my years,” she mused. “Hmmm…my booty magic…must have created something. I shall need to attend my studies.” With that, she rose up and headed back into her room. Zane followed, quickly at her heels. “What will I do?! What will I do?!” he asked. She sighed, turning to address him. Her face put on a concerned gesture before she instructed him. “You are to watch that toilet. Day and night until I return. Let me know if anything else happens…and do not enter the portal again.” She turned again, drenching him in a rancid fart as she walked away. BBBRRTTTLLRRRRUPRRUUUABBRUUTT! It served as a warning as well as anything else would for him.



Goddess smiled as the last page on the subject matter was held between her bright red nails. Another intoxicating endeavor would soon be at her fingertips; she just had to confirm the necessary materials. For one, a vessel. The toilet would do. Second, the powers of a Goddess…obviously done. Now finally, the spell book called for a willing human assistant. Where to find one of those, she wondered with a giggle.
BBBBBBBBBBBFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! A bubbly fart turned soft blew out her seated asscheeks to ruffle out the ends of her dress. The boy tried his hardest not to make a sound as her rancid gravy and biscuit fart assaulted his face head on. “I can hear you, little one,” the Goddess taunted. Silence, as she kept her gaze upon the book, reading the final incantations. Goddess Bella grunted, raising one of her powerful legs to open her asscheeks. FFFFFFBBBRRTTTTTTUURRUUTTT! This one the boy could not ignore; the fart blasted right on his eyelids, reeking of her worst. He fell back, gagging as her fart circled around him. Goddess Bella laughed, rising from her chair to address Zane. “I thought I told you to watch the toilet?” The boy groaned, this time in a mixture of disgust AND disappointment. “I haaaavvvee!” he went on. “It’s so boring! Can’t we just play with some tiny people like yesterday?” Goddess Bella smiled, bending down to pat his head. “You mean like the scary people who tried to take you?” The boy’s eyes went cold and his face even whiter than before. The Goddess chuckled as he waddled over to hug her ankles. She subsequently picked him up, straddling his front upon her chest. “I’ve a mind to play with them as well, Zane,” she told him. “And YOU are going to be my helper. Is that okay with you?” How could the boy refuse, as she pecked his cheek softly, kissing and moving to purse her lips with his own. “Mhhmm,” the boy told her lips, as they walked and talked with the movement of their tongue and teeth.
The Goddess Bella only let off his face when they were in the bathroom. Zane shivered, as Goddess Bella set him down in front of the toilet bowl. A dark blue portal was still swirling, hissing strange sounds as the mists circled around the rim of the bowl. “The people in the bowl,” he finally asked. “Who are they?” Goddess Bella said nothing; instead she opted to undo her dress, leaving her bare body for the boy to ogle while she undid his own clothes. “They are lost souls meaning to be punished,” she answered. BBBBBTTTTTTTTRRRRRUUUUUUUTTT! Zane watched as her bent ass sent a fart powerful enough to unfurl the nearby toilet paper roll…one they never really got around to using. “Punished for what?” he asked. The boy was now naked as Goddess Bella hoisted him back up into her arms. He took a second to run his fingers along his soft skin, pinching her large breasts with his thumb and forefinger. The Goddess laughed, drawing in for a long kiss before she spoke. “Why for touching you, of course. Now, stay close to me, child.” Her lips uttered words in a forcing language Zane couldn’t understand. The portal mists circled larger and louder…until the two of them were swallowed inside.

Goddess Bella had less direction than she led onto. Her spell book was actually quite sparse on interdimensional torture portals. They were created for a variety of ways, for a variety of purposes. She would only know her purpose once the two of them were inside. So then, they landed…so then, they were within the Toilet Dimension.
There were bright skies on a sunny day, with green meadows flowing over the horizon. Houses seemed tossed along the countryside, given only the abandon of their tranquil owners. It was a scene of pure bliss…save for the screams of Zane as he was dragged through the grass. “Goddess Bella! HELP! HELP!” he could be heard, kicking and thrusting as the arms held him tightly. “You’re not getting away this time, boy!” a woman’s harsh voice cried. There were other cries for skinning, breaking his bones, tearing him limb from limb. The Goddess rose up from where she landed, stomping towards the direction of the commotion. PPTTTTUURROORRBBARRUUUTTTTT! There were sounds of distress as her fart tore through the sky like a jet.
Within a few strides, she had reached a city center, where a throng of tiny beings looked up in horror. The Giantess Bella smiled, flexing her toes at a few tinies scurrying at her feet. “Worms!” she cried out, piercing the sky. “You will return the boy now or suffer the consequences.” BBBRRRRRRUUUTTPRPOOOOORRTTTT! Her mighty toot soared down, reeking of egg whites and rotted cheese. The village people gasped as dust and dirt was blown astray. The Giantess peered through the terrified faces for the boy…she was greeted with a frantic man. “You back off, witch beast!” he shouted up at her. “Or we kill the boy!” The man held a large sword, just beside Zane’s head. Goddess Bella frowned…she’d had just enough of this. “Then you’ve chose to suffer!” she told them. Her foot begun to rise…past the height of the houses…and with a moment’s notice, it slammed directly onto the man. He was turned to a crumpled, bloody mess under her heel. The impact sent the entire crowd to the floor. In her haste, the Giantess scooped up the terrified Zane into her palm. “Th-thank you, Goddess Bella!” he shouted to her. The Giantess tucked him atop her right breast, instructing him: “Hold on, dear. Your Goddess has to take a dump on these fools…again.”

The reanimated souls were once again thrust upon the sigh of her Giantess anus, expanding as she bent her booty towards them. BBBBLLLLTTTTRRRRRROOOOOOTTTTTTTTPPTT! “Ooaahhh!” she moaned; her massive toot shook the ground, flinging tinies and straw homes astray as her asshole rippled. “Yay Goddess Bella!” Zane shouted. She kept his nose shielded with her palm, as her rank bean toot soured the streets. It was only the beginning. Those who had legs to stand on, begun to run. The slower ones were faced with her bulging hole, introducing them to her dark brown substances of horror once more.
They could smell the reformatted bacon egg and bean toast breakfast before it begun to slither onto their streets. “Ohhh…,” the Goddess moaned, as her log pushed through the streets and homes…along with the screaming tinies caught in its path. It rolled over to mush them inside, challenging their taste buds to take in the scent…and relive the pressure on their tiny bones. BBBRRFFFFFLLLAAATTOUUUUUUTTTT! The Goddess sighed again, as her fart pinched off the last of it. She rose, her feet trapping in two large throngs of crowds. “Zane my dear,” she asked her tiny compatriot. “Which tinies? Left or right?” Zane was allowed to peek through her fingertips, laughing at the screaming crowd beneath her heels. “Why not both, haha?!” he answered. The Goddess chuckled. “A wonderful suggestion.” Her second log had already crowned and was ready to drop before she even squatted. She moaned, adjusting the angle of her rump to coil the massive turd along the entire length of screaming tinies. A few were fortunate enough to escape the weight of her poo; they ran and cried aloud, stopping to puke when the rankness of her taste prolonged their escape. The Giantess Bella laughed, picking the stragglers amidst her other palm. Her third log begun to help itself to some fresh air, whilst she brought the palmed tinies to scream against her asscrack. “Do you see Zane?” she asked her tiny boy. “Nothing to be afraid of…HHRRGGHHH!” The tinies between her asscrack screamed as her bootyhole launched the turd to mush between her fingers. They were pounded into her hand with poo; the last desperate breaths they took were to scream and swallow mouthfuls of her shit. Zane chuckled, kissing her nipple as she sighed. “Look out!” he suddenly shouted, gripping tight onto her tit.
The arrows flittered across her stomach and chest-mere pricks to her glorious Giantess skin. She clenched her fingers, shielding the boy from a reign of fire. “Kill the boy!” she heard the men direct themselves. “Nothing else matters, just kill him! Aim for the boy!” They kept up the mantra as she approached striding forward only once. She needn’t even stop and bend as her next log of poo dropped out her ass. They screamed and dove…yet with perfect aim, she crushed them all instantly. Some died on impact…the unfortunate ones were left to wither in her sticky mess, taking in her wretched scent. BBBBBTTUUURPPPPPTTUUUUTTTTT! The Goddess sighed as the fart blasted through her bowels. It was less of an attack and more of what was to come. “Around, go, go!” she heard beneath her. Tiny spools of wire were wrapped around her ankles…dozens of tinies sprinted to intertwine themselves beneath her feet. “Fools!” she shouted with a laugh. “If you wanted me to come down…I can certainly do so.” The citizens looked up to a suddenly darkened sky. Her booty clouded them in white…then, in darkness as she splattered them beneath her mighty rump. BBBBLLLLLLALSLSSPPPPSSSOOURRUUTTT! “Ohhhh!” she cried, as a liquid shart drove itself loose to splatter amidst the survivors. The Giantess giggled with glee. She could feel the poor souls withering amidst her shit-streaked asscrack. PPPPPSSSSLLRRPPPORRROSSOOTTTTT! She laughed, scooping in running tinies into her continually pooling mess. They swam amidst entire pools of shit, only to succumb to the acidic sting of her asshole a moment later. PPTRRRRSSSSSLLRRMMPAPTTTT! PPPAPAAAARRROOOOOOOOTTTT! FFFBBBRRRARRPARARAOORUTTTT! Her butthole sang and released the torrent of shit until every push on her anus gave forth…nothing. The Giantess Bella sighed, rolling to her side. Her moving buttcheeks produced a scream as she smushed two adjacent houses. The group of tinies produced no other major sounds as her booty flesh and farts silenced them. PPPPRRRTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTRRTTTTT! “Ahhh,” Giantess Bella sighed, marveling in her work. “Not so scary now, huh Zane?” She removed her palm to find the boy napping on her tit. Giantess Bella chuckled, nestling him safely between her breasts. She felt she deserved a nap as well.

They boy was still as erratic as ever-no size seemed to diminish his curiosity or desires. Goddess Bella chunked her breasts together, drawing a squirming series of moans from the boy. “Almost done?” she asked him with a smile. His response was buried between her mounds…she slowly released them to find him huffing and sweating in exhaustion. “Thank you Goddess Bella…” he said tiredly. “This is so much fun I’m…I’m almost done.” The Giantess picked him up, smiling as she brought the speck of the boy to her lips. “Take your time,” she whispered. Then, she drew a long, sloppy kiss, coating the boy’s tiny body in her spittle as she drew out her affection. The boy was withdrawn, cross eyed, sweaty…and panting. “I…I’m done,” he told her. The Giantess bellowed a laugh towards him, then licked her lips sensually. “Then we’ve work to do.”
They moved at nightfall, him on her shoulder as she stomped towards the end of a large body of water. “Goddess Bella?” he asked. “Yes my child?” she went on. “Goddess Bella, what are we doing here?” The Goddess laughed, finally submerging her lower torso into the waters. PPPPRRRPPRRBBBRRPPRRBBPPRBBRBBBRBB! “Mmmmmm…” she moaned, as her large toot bubbled up piles of boulder sized bubbles for her fart air to pop out. Zane made a face, peering down the back of her shoulder to sniff at the smell. “Don’t be so lazy, Zane,” she told him. “You think I’d remove you from your toilet paper duties? You naughty boy…”. Zane let out a yelp as she chuckled and begun to dangle him above her asscrack. PPPPPPRRRRRLLRRBBBAAFFBRBRAUURBBTT! Zane laughed and gagged as she bent, letting her aggressive underwater fart splash over his body. “Gross!” he shouted, as she placed him on his shoulders. “No really, besides washing your booty, what are we-“
The horns sounded in the distance. The light of the ships was not too far away. “They have more,” Bella responded, wading herself forward as she shielded the boy back across her breasts. “We sent many more here, my love. We cannot rest until all of them are extinguished.” Zane gasped, hiding between her thumb as the first ship cracked against Giantess Bella’s thigh. “Fire!” one man could be heard. A catapult sent hot rubble flinging at her chest-the Giantess caught it in her other hand, grunting as it seared her fingers. She crushed it in a flashing display of embers. “My turn,” she addressed the ship with a smile. Giantess Bella turned towards the boat, her booty spanning double its length. “Full sails, full sails!” the captain cried. FFFFFFBBBBBRRRUTTPPRRRUOOOPAAUPRAOOUTTOOT! Men screamed as her fart rocketed out her asshole, powerful enough to send the ship in splinters. The Giantess sighed, watching the tiny men gag and scurry beneath her. She gently lowered her booty, submerging the boat and the crew still clinging to the mast. They screamed, swallowing water, swallowing booty flesh…and swallowing the rancid, wet shit the Giantess had to offer them. BBBRRLLLRRPSSSHHPSSHPAAURURBBAUURBBTT! “Ahhhh,” the Giantess moaned, as the waters darkened with her poo and bits of broken masts. When she looked up, the other boats were already turning tail. She quickly waded to one of the closer ones, stabbing her foot down to upend it.
Half of the crew fell into the water, watching their shipmate scream as she picked up on end of the boat to shove against her ass. “Oaahhhhh!” FBBBBRRSSSSSORORRMMPAPARUPAUUTOUTT! A wet shart sent water and poo to blast across the deck, blasting the tiny men into the water. Her feces hadn’t killed them…yet. She would let her falling booty finish the trick. The men screamed, holding up their hands in some defense of the giant cheeks and open bootyholes hitting their puny masses. With a large splash, they disappeared, falling into the sink hole of the Giantess’s booty. FFFFBBBRRRPPPRRROORRMMAPPRRMMAPPMRRMATT! Her underwater fart sent them in a hurricane of swirling poo and fart pressure. Those who dare open their mouths were filled accordingly. A few simply gave up the struggle, drifting lifelessly amidst her mighty cheek as she farted once more to end the stragglers amidst her crack. BBBBRRRRLLLRRRMMPRRBBBRRRRRAARRBBARBBB! If any survived, they felt only the mighty push of her anus as she sharted them to the ocean floor.
Zane cheered, dancing amidst her breast as she waded along her back. “Wooo! We did it!” he shouted up at her. “But wait! Aren’t you gunna go get them?” The Giantess Bella smiled down at the boy. “We may take our time,” she told him. “I don’t know where they are going. But he might.” Zane was placed on her shoulder blades as she rose. He noticed a dark brown figure squirming amidst her hands. She brought it to her face, frowning as she asked him the question with clenched figures. “Where are the rest of you?” she asked him. The poo-drenched tiny in her hand screamed and kicked, trying to free himself. “You may live if you answer honestly, shit stain.” She let her grip tighten as they strode. “Or do you want to join the rest of your pathetic crew mates?” The Giantess twirled her wrist backwards, letting the man see her asscheeks as she bent backwards. BBBBRRRRRLLRRRRUUPPPAAAOOUAAAORRRUUUTTT! The rancid fart blasted against the waters, sending ripples amidst the destruction of poo, body parts, and shipwreck. The tiny man cried aloud-internally wishing for escape. Escape from the Giantess, the boy…and especially from this existence.



The sea scooped itself into the folds of the mighty white cheeks as she glided across the waters. The Giantess Bella was a sight to behold, majestic in beauty and strength as her mighty body pawned through the water. Zane was perhaps the only outlier, as he laughed and sang along her rotating shoulders. “Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me, haha! Yo, ho, yo ho…come on tiny guy, sing it!” The tiny man gasped, flushed between the mighty walls of booty cheek and the roaring waves the Giantess had allowed to pass within her glistening wet cheeks. “Please…” he coughed, taking on water as he waded amidst her asscrack. “I’m…so tired!” Bella laughed, reaching a hand back to poke at Zane. “What do you think, love?” she asked. “Should we give him some air?”
BBBBBBLLLLLLLLLRRRRTTUOURBBRUUUTTTT! Her booty let off a mighty roar, sending gallons of fart soaked water into the air…along with the screaming tiny. He smacked onto her right cheek, gasping like a fish out of water as his exhilarated breaths were pumped with methane. Zane laughed with his Goddess…the perfect duo of cruelness to the man’s fate. “P-please!” the tiny man finally got out. “Y-you said…if I told you where we were…you’d let me go home!” “Well you are home, worm,” said the Goddess, gesturing towards the horizon. “And in far more time than you estimated. I think that serves for another sentence in the brig. What do you think, Zane, dear?” The Malicious boy stamped his feet on her upper shoulder blades. “NO!” he shouted. “I want to see him in the poop deck!” The man shivered, gasping in horror at the boy. “n-no, no please!” Giantess Bella shot the man a smile, as he turned to search for any escape. The Giantess offered him none, quickly shaking her rump to have him fall screaming against her butthole. “Ahhhh,” the Giantess cooed. “Zane, wish our little powder monkey goodbye.” Zane poked his tongue, as the man screamed. Her bootyhole begun to slowly chomp its pink innards around his torso, then his fighting hands. His face caught the stink of her asshole for the first time…a mix of digestive horrors his ancestors had no mean to conjure. His screams could just be made out…yet the boy’s singing and her passive farts would drown him soon out to silence.

“I’m tired,” Zane complained, restlessly rolling around her right breast as she strode ashore. “When are we going home?” The Giantess sighed, trying to bolster her aggressive tendencies towards the boy. “I’m tired too, Zane,” she expressed. “But we HAVE to get rid of all the tinies to close the portal. Remember?” Zane seemed disinterested, yawning and beginning to stroke his little cock amidst her breasts. The Goddess could use some…loving encouragement. So she humored him. “Hey, I have an idea,” she said, pulling him up to her smiling face. “I’ve been able to summon some of my magic from our realm. How would you like to be mommy’s helper?” Before she drew him in for an all-encompassing smooch, she caught a smile on his miniscule face.
The line of warriors shook from fear as well as the aggressive shakes upon the earth. The Giantess was inescapable from sight, blocking out the morning sunrise as her rump jiggled amidst the rays. “What in…the fuck…”. This came from one frightened soldier, seeing the toddler sized, yet still Giant boy clinging to her chest. “Get them Goddess Bella, get them, haha!” he shouted, pointing at the two separate squadrons as they moved to flank the two of them. They met at either end of her feet, slashing and hacking at her toes. The Giantess giggled, wriggling her toenails at them. “Goddess, what are you doing?!” asked the boy. Bella brought the boy’s face in for good luck. A drawn out kiss was planted within his mouth. She withdrew, nuzzling his nose. “I can’t fight without a good luck kiss,” she explained. Then, it took only a quick turn to bend and angle her ass at the soldiers. FFFFFFFFFFBBBBBRRRRRPPPPPRRRAARRRRTTTTT! The mass of souls at her feet dropped to their knees, thrust to the ground by the force of her fart. Those who remained standing suffered her instant heatwave, gagging and clutching their shields to block out the smell. “P.U.!” Zane added, pinching his fingers. Goddess Bella drew in his face, tapping her cheek with a finger. “Watch what I can do with a little encouragement here, dear,” she asked. Zane happily pecked her cheek. And so the Giantess grunted, unleashing hell.
The souls stopped fighting…stopped struggling. Her dark pink anus had caught all eyes, widening with a low, ferocious grunt from the Goddess. BBBBTT---“Ohhhhhh!” She spared them a large fart to the tune of a building sized log of shit emerging from her anus. The smell was only getting closer, the size only larger; there was no tactical option but to run for their lives as her shit begun to land. “Hhaaahhhhh! Ohhhh…..”. The Giantess Bella shook the turd in separate directions, battering the tinies to stick on the outsides as she pushed. Those beneath cried out for medics…no human man could repair broken bones or flesh…or minds, for that matter. PPPPRRRRTTTOORRBBATTTOUUAAAAAAOUTTATTT! The Giantess laughed, watching her fart pinch off the turd and scatter the moaning tinies beneath her. Zane happily bounced on her chest. “Yes! Go Goddess Bella-whoa!” Zane slipped, hurriedly dangling his feet over the desperate souls as he fought for ground on his Goddess. She laughed, holstering him up higher. Her lips dove into the boy’s mouth, aggressively showing her appreciation for his efforts. Zane squealed like a happy pig in her mighty arms. BBBBBBBBTTTRRRRTTPP---FFFTTT! Zane popped his face out to watch the next turd emerge out her ass. The Goddess sighed…it was indeed another large one. Yet her body was upright, far from optimal position to crush the tinies scurrying away. “Goddess!” Zane cried. “They’re getting awa-“. BBBRRLLAAARRRUOAURRAGGARBBTTT! “Oaahhhhhh!” roared Bella, as her log of shit clopped onto the earth. Only a few nearby tinies would be caught in its reach.
The Goddess laughed, running her nose along the boy’s neck. “Let them run, dear,” she told him. “They will lead us to the rest. Besides…we have a little carry on that is making it…difficult for me to walk.” She held his cock in her hand, wrapped out of sight in her mighty fingers. The boy blushed as she laughed, falling back onto her mess. BBBBBBTTRRRRRRRRRROOOOOORROOTTT! There wasn’t a soul alive beneath her to experience her shit spewing fart…at least, those who weren’t instantly crushed to death beneath her booty.

They emerged into the town to find a small collection of townsfolk. “There they are, Goddess!” cried Zane. “Get them!” Giantess Bella raised her brow; as she walked, the tinies still approached her, bowing their heads as she came ever closer. The way was otherwise abandoned…no houses, no shops…desolate. “Hush, my dear,” she explained. “We have a quick game to play.”
At a small distance, the Goddess turned without a word. She dropped to her knees and arched her spread booty downward. The citizens could be heard gagging, as they peered into her shit-streaked booty cheeks and bursting hole. “No, no, Goddess please!” came one voice from the panicked crowd. “We-we wish to surrender to you! We c-c-can’t…we don’t want to fight or nothing, just-“BBBBRRTTOURURRUOORUAUAORORAUUTTTT! The man was silenced as a rank shit and dry bacon fart blasted into the sky. The crowd had no choice but to swallow the sauna of stink as it flew towards them. “Silence!” the Goddess commanded. The crowd remained quiet, save for the few souls who had to empty their stomachs. “My booty aches for a cleaning, worms! You will all lick together and eat my ass dry. Those who comply will be spared…those who don’t…can clean my ass from the inside.” FFFFRRRRBBBRBBBBBRBBSSSSSS! A silent fart turned bubbly, softly yet firmly ripening her hole as the eggy-shit stench poured upon the gagging tinies. “I’m waiting!” the Goddess declared. Those who were emotionally and physically stable begun to crawl towards her ass. A majority had to build up the will power…but they too begun to climb the sticky walls of her asscheeks.
“Ahhhh,” the Goddess declared as they worked. Now she looked at the boy, trying to peer past her hips to watch the tinies. “Why aren’t we smushing th-“. The Goddess put a hand on his lips, pursing his lips open with her fingers. She substituted those with her own lips, contorting her tongue in his mouth until his nerves soothed themselves along her chest. “Hush, dear,” she whispered. “We need to draw them in. But for now, where were we?” Her mouth moved to softly nibble on his earlobe, while her hand tried finishing his cock off. BBBBBRRRRRRRRRROOOTTTOOOOTTOOOTT! Her next fart sent a collection of tinies spewing from her asscrack. They gagged, torn apart from the thrust of her booty. “Up, worms!” she commanded. “I do not feel cleaner than when I walked in here! There’s plenty of tongues for every inch!” Those who fell begun to warily walk to her bent butthole…but a majority lay lifeless or close as her asshole winked above them. The Giantess giggled, whispering into the boy’s ear as she increased her strokes. “So when we get home,” she went on. “I was thinking you deserve a special snack for being such a good boy.” The boy moaned as she dove her tongue into his earlobe. He squirmed…it was his favorite tactic with his favorite question. “So…ice cream…or brownies this time?”
The Giantess simply fell onto her rump. In an instant, those on the sides of her cheeks experienced the weight of the world. Those on the inside...felt the wrath of her booty. BBRRSSSSHHPUUUUPURRRRUUABBRARLLSSSLTTTT! “Oaaahhhh,” she whispered, sharting between the pavement and her asscrack. The tinies screams were lost amidst the rumblings of her asshole. Zane was demystified from the torture, sucking on her left tit as she pooed beneath him. FFFFRRRSSSSPPRRSBSRBRSSLSLRRBSBBSBTTTT! The Goddess moaned, furrowing her fingers in a tight, expert grasp. “B-brownies!” Zane exclaimed. “I want..hheehhh!...mmmm…brownies…please…please Goddess.” The Goddess laughed, watching his small penis emit a little pool of cum into her hand. She rose, nestling the boy’s head between her boobs as he panted. “Brownies,” she spoke, peering down at the mess behind her. “Good choice.” Now the moans of tinies stuck between her shit emerged. As her booty shifted, they took in every bone crushed in their bodies…as the smell entered, they took in every ounce of their spirit, slowly crushed as well.

It had been nearly 15 hours since Zane had slept. Bella had been kept to stricter work hours…but never with the boy at her side. She felt he needed to experience every bit of her masterpiece currently created. He’d either gain respect or an understanding of his place with her. “Zane dear,” she whispered to the Giant toddler sleeping on her shoulders. “Look at what your Goddess had found.”
Zane gasped. There was an absurd amount of tinies packed into one small refuge. Some sort of stadium, erected for sport when hope was never quite present inside the separate realm. The Goddess now sat on the other end of that realm, ready to squash their happiness altogether. The tinies screamed at her arrival, making for the exits on the other end of the stadium. The Goddess laughed, grabbing her end of the stadium walls and pushing up. The tiny souls screamed as they piled down onto the other end…where the Giantess had just spread her asscheeks above them. FFFFLLPPPRRRUUURRBBAAUUTTATTTT! Her dry fart launched bits of dry poo and dead tinies clinging to her buttcheeks. Zane laughed, kicking his feet. He seemed awake and ready for the task. “Zane dear, my booty is so…tense,” she told him with a smile. “Can I ask for your help once more?” Zane happily pushed himself into her chest, scooting forward to kick his heels outside her left and right booty cheeks. “I can do it! I can do it!” He begun to kick rapidly. The Goddess laughed. PPPPPRRRRRRRRTTTTTRRRTTTTTTTTT! “Ahhh, that’s right worms,” she announced, as the souls twitched in agony as they rested atop themselves and her rank toots. “My soul mate Zane will help me summon my true power. Your existence will be eradicated. For good, this time.” She grunted, allowing for only a second of panicked sanity before her ass would send them to their doom.
BBBRRRLLSSSSSHHHPPRPRRRROURURUSSSBBTT! The floodgates opened for wet, stinging shit to pile onto the tinies. Zane laughed, motor boating his Goddess as the poo splattered onto the human pile. FFFFFLLRRRRRBBBBBRRRUUOOSSSHSHTTT! “Eugh…stinky,” Zane complained, as the scent of her poo washed up from her mighty undersides. The Goddess laughed. BBRBRRRRPPRPRPRPPAAPUPTUPAUTT! PPPFFFSSLSSLSLSLSLSAUOUAIOTTT! FFADFDSFDSFAPPRRHHAABBTTTT! “Come dear,” she instructed, bringing the boy’s face to her left tit. The boy happily sucked, drawing out sweet milk she had prepared upon her growth. The boy happily gulped her sweet nectar, while her rotten taste blasted below. FFRSSSSHRHPPSSOORSSSTTOOTTT! The tinies caught none of the love between the Goddess and her pet. They only met the aftermath, a hot bath of shit lava seeping onto every last one. The tinies screamed, trying to wrestle among others who would do the same, kicking for some free space the Goddess and her shit would not allow. Zane giggled amidst her tits, putting a hand to her belly to feel the rumbles of her innards. “Whoah, that’s a LOT Goddess!” he cried out. “How much do you have?” PPPRRRRSSSSSSRRLLSSSBBRRUAAOUTPAUTTT! The Goddess roared in delight, as her newest blast now caused the pile to spew from the fully filled stadium. “Enough to…ohhh….silence every…last…soul….”. BBBRRTTTRRSSSSOOTOTTOOPPOOOAAPTPTT! “Ahhh!” she declared. “Perhaps I’ll have enough to make your brownies with, hmmm?”
The two laughed, as her booty sent raw sharts onto the simmering pile. The two enjoyed each other’s company; Zane felt her stomach empty with his hand, sucking endlessly on her boobs as stray sharts finalized the death pile of poo. When the dimension came to a finality, they stayed locked in each other’s arms, laughing at the last of the souls claimed by the Goddess’s stench.

The Goddess need only know that they were safe, laying at the exit point on her bed. The extinction of every last tiny within her Toilet Bowl Dimension was complete…at least until she decided to build up its strength again.
“Did you have fun, Zane?” she asked beneath her. The boy lay face down atop her belly, seeming to match her breasts as he rose and fell amidst her. BBBBBBBBRRRRMMPPBBRRUUUUTTTTTT! Zane let out a small grunt as her fart washed over from the bed to her upper half, coating the boy’s nostrils in her unwashed cheeks and cauliflower fart. The Goddess chuckled, patting his head. She could feel a little twang on her thigh as well…no doubt a manner of erection in his dreams. “Sleep tight, my love.” Whispered Goddess Bella, sighing and turning her head into the pillow.