The Girl Who Dutch Ovened the World
by SellCon2762

Lauren Miller sat down at her desk in a typical high school classroom one afternoon. It was unsuspecting to anyone what was about to take place in such a setting. Among her classmates she didn’t stand out a whole lot. The ginger-haired girl was listening to the teacher give a most uninteresting lecture on the epic English tale of Beowulf in her English II class. The 5’8 girl was looking as disinvested in the lecture as the rest of her students. Wearing a black mini skirt underneath her big 45-inch rear end and a white T-shirt over her C cup breasts she was looking as nice as ever. All of that said, it was nothing compared to what was going on inside her stomach. Lauren had been testing out new diet combinations in order to keep her body fit for her color guard performances and that change of diet had led to some rather unfortunate consequences, primarily for those around her. She had taken in several protein shakes that day, on top with a breakfast high in egg content and a trip to Taco Bell for lunch and the gallon of milk, needless to say her bowels were abuzz with activity as her stomach actively tried to break down the gas-producing food items within her. And this was indeed bad news since Lauren was often known for her nickname “Dutch Oven.” In a simple phrase, Lauren’s farts were the worst of anyone who had ever walked the Earth. No one knew of a farter who was even a fraction as great as Lauren, her farts were scientific curiosities as she baffled even her own family doctor, who had no explanation as to why her gas was as potent as it was. One whiff of a Lauren Fart and you’ll see why she went by the other nickname, “Lethal Lauren.” And as the class continued on that wintry day in January the gas was continuing to build up within her as she started to show a little bit of discomfort. Her gas had been nearly lethal for most of her life, but now with her new-found diet her farts were double that if not more. After all, she was Lethal Lauren Miller and the world was her personal gas chamber.

The “interesting” talk on Beowulf was interrupted by a call to the teacher. It seemed that someone had left their library card in the classroom and the library wanted it back. The teacher announced to the class that it was time for some silent reading while she walked the school to return the card to the library. Closing the door behind her the students looked at their textbooks as they tried their best to read the material and grasp what the hell it was talking about. Lauren on the other hand could now only think of one thing, the pain in her stomach. It was bubbling, almost loud enough for people to hear it around her, they knew about her gassiness but took the chance that she wouldn’t cut one of her farts in class; for the most part she was good about that. But the gurgling sound had continued and the pain was intensive. It almost felt like someone was hitting a hammer against her tummy over and over again as the gas had been in full production mode since lunchtime. She knew that she should have not gone out for Taco Bell and that the food she had already eaten was going to make her a walking gas master, but she knew that her love for the food trumped anything else. Besides, the whole “Lethal Lauren” thing was an exaggeration, people said that all the time and she had never up to this point killed anyone with her gas, it’s not like farts could kill after all. Just as Beowulf was tackling the dragon in the poem, fighting one beast after another, Lauren was fighting a beast of her own. Like the flames of a dragon she could feel the pit of her bowels bubble up one more, one more strong lurch of painful cramps attacked her stomach as she looked around and began to contemplate.

“Is it worth ripping an SBD just to stop this infernal growling?” Lauren questions with herself. As the students were busy trying to understand the language in the poem, still grasping at the mere fact that it was technically English, a different battle was raging in the mind of the ginger-haired girl and unlike anything in the poem or even their outside world, this battle would determine much more. After a little bit of consideration she figured that it was probably going to be okay to go ahead and slay the dragon.

“It probably won’t stink THAT bad, they’ll hardly even notice.” She reasons with herself. And at that point she walked through a doorframe and slammed that door forever. Lauren HAD to fart and nothing else was left to say. The time read 1:42 in the afternoon, something perhaps the history books may remember one day. As she looked at the poem she noticed the word, wyrd, an old English term that meant fate. Perhaps it was fate that this was going to happen, that her fart was going to be what it was. It was predetermined from the moment the universe began that things were going to play out the way they were. It was fate, she had to fart and she was going to fart.

Lauren leaned over slightly to her right and lifted her left leg off the floor just a little, from deep within her ass there was already a surge of gaseous radiation that could end every life on Earth at that very moment, and this was only the prelude to the prelude to her fart. Seeing that the pain in her stomach was too great to ignore any longer and expecting for this fart to be unpleasant but nothing else beyond that, she opened up her asshole and destined the world to its fate.


Lauren had expected it to be a little bit of gas, or even a greater amount of gas to blow through her expanded asshole but this was leagues greater than even that. When the fart began, her asshole was near bleeding from the sheering hot fumes to blow out of the ass. It felt like laser gun on the Death Star, channeling all of its energy as it began to protrude a gigantic beam of deadly gas to leave her asshole. The hole was opened to about three quarters of an inch and width and you’d think that it wouldn’t be enough to cause what happened next, but you’d be wrong. This wasn’t a flame coming out of her ass, or even a blowtorch, no this was the sun. Even if her rectal temperature was not much higher than the rest of the body this felt like the sun was burning through her asshole. One second of her gas was enough to stink up the classroom instantly, it was that concentrated and that intense, never before in the annals of human history had one human anus been able to release such a rare form of gas than what was taking place in this high school classroom. The fart was so rotten, so intense that Lauren had regretted her decision only a couple of seconds in. Her silky white panties were burned, first a brown spot had formed and then that spot had expanded outwards along the crack of her panties as her crack was opened up just enough to allow for the thick and raunchy gas to blow through. But the spot where her panties were located nearest her asshole started to turn black, disintegrating in quick time as a chemical reaction was taking place there deep within her ass that had never taken place before. An entire new row of chemical elements were being manufactured right here and now when Lauren’s dietary choices had helped her produce a new classification of gas.


Three seconds in the whopper of the fart and a hole was already burned through her panties, this was a molten hot fart that preceded all her other hot farts and now the gas was accumulating into a plume of creamy white smoke that started to flow from underneath her mini skirt, proving that her choice of clothing did not help at all in hiding her gas. Up to this point she still believed that her fart was going to be minor, but that through soon dissipated as she felt the fiery pits of her sphincter crank it up a notch as she pushed her fart out some more. Her first thought was that of relief, the pain in her stomach was already clearing up, but now that pain was being exacted on her seat. Classroom seats had borne the brunt of many of student’s farts over the year, but this particular seat, resting Lauren’s spectacular ass was being put through a stress test unlike anything before it. The people who produced classroom seats like the one Lauren was currently rested in had probably never thought about a scenario like the one taking place right here, the fart was for the record books, hot and proud, blowing out of her charred panties and burnt mini skirt like a nuclear bomb going off. Although the description of a bomb going off would seem like a cliché used over and over again for giant fart scenarios like this, it truly applied here. The fog that came from Lauren’s fart was not your standard green-colored fog, no; this one was different, clearer in color but still with enough opaqueness that you could see the wall of putridness come at you. And then she smelled the fart, she could not believe the aroma. In her mind she was thinking “OMG THAT STENCH!”

Lethal Lauren Miller was releasing a silent but deadly fart that had no equal before it. She began to recoil as she began to inhale the first whiff of her creation and this was truly something to behold. She had heard of a chemical called Liquid Ass, a spray that supposedly made a room smell bad, but now she knew where the stuff originated from, her bowels. Her stomach was her own laboratory, working round the clock to produce the perfect foul aroma, this may have been it. Rotten eggs, sulfur, decaying fish, dead animals, skunks, sewage and burning garbage, all of that came together right here at this very moment, it was a culmination of many, many powerful aromas, all brewed within the bowels of a female high school student to produce this humanly-produced version of Liquid Ass. It did smell like a fart, but there was a much higher sting to the smell that poked its way up her nostrils, nearly paralyzing her own brain as she took in her first whiff of it, the stink was more intensive than being near the surface of the sun and taking in its brilliant radiance, this was the fart of a goddess, one who could produce something of such foulness that it made her regrettably sorry for production of this wretched stench. All the chemicals in the school’s chemistry lab couldn’t concoct something so perfect and destructive as the fart she was cutting right here, ten seconds into her powerful release of gas and the smell was merely beginning to take its hold over the room. If it smelled like Liquid Ass now, it was going to be ten times and then a hundred times stronger by the time the fart was over. The clear fog of the gas had cleared the classroom and her fellow students were suffering.

“Who cut the cheese, OMG?!” A girl shrieks as she begins to notice the aroma. Soon it became clear to Lauren that her fellow classmates were not suffering, but dying. The aroma was way too strong for any mere human besides Lauren Miller herself from breathing in its foul fumes; the originator of the fart was immune to its power, even if she wasn’t exactly enjoying it herself. The moldy fumes of the reeking hot rocks of sulfur like smell of the gas only solidified its hold on the room. She felt her head spinning as the gas continued to leave her ass, she didn’t even have to push much anymore, it just came out, pouring out of her ass and into the classroom, bringing every student to their knees, their suffering would be short thankfully as Lauren looked around, horrified and wanting to do something, but an additional surge of painful gas in her stomach reassured her that she had to continued farting. That and the hope that the damage would only be subjected to those in her classroom. They would only pass out, like they have before, she wasn’t called Lethal Lauren for nothing, her reputation for a foul farter was based on past farting experiences, today she had assembled the perfect mixture of food to take her gas to the next level. The students were coughing, they were gagging, they were doing the whole nine yards but that was only the beginning. The gas seeped into their lungs and soon they found themselves in a new dimension. They began to hallucinate, seeing things as their heads were spinning, slowly descending into a moment of madness, all in the span of seconds. Waves of stomach-flopping, head-spinning, sweat-boiling nausea at least helped to have them slowly go into unconscioness with at least a sign that they gave it their best effort.

By now Lauren Miller had been farting for over 30 seconds and she still felt the same hot surge of deadly gas leave her ass. Calling it toxic was one thing, explosions were toxic, gas leaks were toxic, murder was toxic, this was beyond all that. She was trying to keep it altogether, the pain in her stomach was still great and nearly cancelled any concern that she had on her fellow students, but up to this point she was still convinced that they were only passing out, this would only be a mere blip on a lifelong story of some of the worst farts in history. She could see herself telling the story later on about the deadliest fart she had ever ripped. The opaque white cloud of death gas was spreading through the halls of her school, running into classroom after classroom as she continued with all her strength to push out this fart. With the people reacting she thought they were just being melodramatic, when she would often fart students would pretend to be offended by the smell, but this was not melodramatic, all the students in her class were now out, some for an extended period of time and some others permanently, and still she continued to release her gassy fart, not thinking that this unconsciousness by her students was something that was going to last forever. The futures of some 20-odd students were slashed in an instant because of the noxious aroma of a teen girl’s flatulence. In her classroom there was a 100% fatality rate but in most other rooms the number was cut down significantly. She had been gassy sure, and thought that this one wasn’t going to be bad, but it was much worse than she imagined.

Back in her lifeless classroom, Lauren continued to fart. Elsewhere, her gas was stretching its deadly tentacles into every room of the school. Her fellow teammates, scattered across the school in their different classes could recognize the odor and pinpoint exactly who it was but then they felt the same fiery surge of rancid gas attack their senses. It was like all of them going on an acid trip at the same time, feeling a uselessness of their lives come at them with the terminal sense of dread. Smelling her farts was something not for the faint of heart and for the past few weeks since she began her new diet it seemed that the miniskirt loving girl had smellier farts than before, but this one took the cake, it redefined what was smelly, blowing up any and all descriptions of “bad aroma” and replacing them with her own fart stink. Soon after smelling the fart they felt death come upon them as their eyes would flicker a bit with their urges to vomit and cut themselves attack as the smelled more of her toxic gas. It was painful to breathe and to ingest, no different from having to smell the spray of a skunk over and over again and drink the toxic chemicals that spurted out from the skunk. Sure you could endure it for a time, but this was that and more, over and over again. And now it was becoming clear that the power of Lauren’s stink was actually increasing the further away the fart was from her asshole. The white cloud of deadly gas ran at a faster and faster speed through the rooms and hallways before finding its way outside, leaving the school in 200 different locations and then coalescing into a shock wave of gas. Her flatulence was cannibalizing all the air in the surrounding atmosphere, altering its component to resemble that of her fart particles. It wasn’t just merging with the surrounding air; it was destroying what was previously there and replacing it with another duplicate of her fart molecule. Surrounding the school was a cloud of Lauren-produced fart particles that were larger than any known number in human history with the exception of infinity and that number was now duplicating every few seconds by a half.

Back at Ground Zero, Lauren was wrapping up her minute-long SBD fart. Her fellow classmates in the room were knocked out dead, too close to the source of the evil-smelling flatulence to continue to fight on to life. No one was leaving the school for that matter, but the difference between alive and dead varied from person to person, some lived and some died, it really all depended on who could handle it. Lauren had ended her SBD with the rawest feeling in her asshole that she had ever felt. It felt hot, to say the least, it felt as if it had been over a fire for several minutes, warmed up as her panties had melted a gaping four-inch hole around her buttcrack, at least her mini skirt had survived and was covering up the damage to her underwear but the lethality of the fumes leaving that beautiful ass made things so that it hardly mattered what was covering her ass. As she finally lowered her butt back down onto the seat she took one more gaping look into her book before deciding that it was too much to remain in the classroom, which looked like a scene out of a war movie. Swirls of deadly gas hovered around the room in an eerie stillness as the shockwave of the fart had long left the room. The smell was impossible to describe, only that it was a very intense version the smell of fart that often originated from Lauren. She was used to the smell of her farts, most of the people around her were, but this was way worse than anything she had cut before. To say it was her worse fart was not going far enough, if her last fart was a 10, her previous worst was a 2 with her average farts a 0.5, the scale had been shattered and rearranged in such a way that finding anyone to even get to a fraction of what she was able to produce was beyond doubtful.

She stands up and fans the back of her skirt, trying to get the leftover gas hovering around away from her, but when you cut a planetary-sized bomb of gas, that would only do so much. She walked around the classroom, picking up her purse as a smelly ass-sized ball of energy continued to hover underneath her skirt. She could kill any person on the planet right now by just having them smell her ass, fart or no fart, her powers were unstoppable. As for her fart, that was raging on as well. As she walked the vacant hallways of the school she saw classroom after classroom with the same scene, students slumped over on their desks and teachers on the ground from breathing in the toxic aroma of her fart. As mentioned before, some were dead others were merely knocked out cold. But Lauren wasn’t able to figure that out as the smell in the entire building was too strong for her to stick around, she could tolerate the smell of her own butt fumes better than anyone else but even she had limits. Picking up her backpack she walked out of the building, entering a new world on the outside where block after block of the city were decimated by the aftereffect of her fart. She was not sure about a proper response, there was pride in there, she had farted and did this, but there was also concern, she didn’t want the entire community to suffer from the smell of her fart. But as she stepped into the car, still stinking of her fart, plus one she had left in it prior to school she turned on the radio to see what was going on. All she was able to pick up was the radio station from an adjacent city.

“The raging cloud of gas is said to be hovering over an area at least 20 miles across and expanding in our direction. There have been many responses about the aroma only that it is the foulest thing anyone had ever smelled. The stink may cause lungs to suffer and an overload of the senses. Residents are urged to seek shelter and find as much to protect their body from the aroma as possible, the gas is expanding at a rapid rate and we are afraid that we may not be able to provide you with much more…..oh God….oh God….I can smell it! this just in, we can smell it! We can smell the gas! How is this possible, it smells like someone had cut the cheese….dear God…COUGH…” The news broadcast soon went into silence as the coughs of the announcer soon raged into a feverish pitch of hacks and gags before reporter went silent. Lauren looked down at her crouch as she thought about the possibility of her being responsible for this. She had only farted five minutes ago and this reporter wasn’t exactly next door to her own town but a few towns away, could her fart had really traveled that far.

Navigating the streets to get back to her house certainly made for an interesting drive for Lauren. The smell of her fart, her ONE FART, had created an assortment of traffic accidents along the area roadways. She had to swerve in and out of the traffic lanes to avoid cars that had stopped almost on a dime in their place. At least the lucky cars, others had crashed into each other, there would be three-car, four-car and even five-car accidents at various roadways. While most of the drivers were okay, but unconscious, some of the accidents would eventually kill a few others who would not be able to receive medical attention due to the EMS officers and doctors being knocked out from the pungency of Lauren’s fart. After driving around the growing fires and debris on the road from everyone suddenly being knocked out she finally drove onto a quieter road and made her way back to her house. As she drove toward her home she heard a sound above her, what sounded like a plane nosediving its way into another part of the city. The plane was crashing as the pilots had lost consciousness from the smell of the fart. In the span of about ten seconds she heard the plane roaring down before finally crashing several miles away.

“Jeez, it was bad….but not that bad!” She said to herself as she stopped in the driveway and walked into her house. Her parents weren’t home at the time but given how everyone else was they were probably knocked out. She walked into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of milk, taking a few gulps of the lactose-infused beverage she soon felt something in her stomach, but she decided to hold it in, she was almost scared to fart again. She turned on the TV and went to CNN to see what was going on. The news of her fart had traveled as far as Atlanta. The story had repeated itself over again as the power of her fart was still gaining by the second. There was something unique about the chemicals in her flatulence from that one fart; it had essentially multiplied in coverage as the fart traveled. The smell was only 4/5th the intensity of the fart that had devastated her classroom but it was still strong enough to bring people down into a state of deep unconsciousness. Only hindsight would show that most people did survive the ordeal, but at the moment no one had any clue about whether or not they had survived the episode. The descriptions of the smell were kind of amusing to Lauren, as she would have never thought about hearing Wolf Blitzer describing the smell of her fart. Then again, no one actually knew it was her fart. But it was only another five minutes before the cloud of gaseous stink reached Atlanta and the news anchor was soon infused with the radiational power of Lauren’s gas. On air the reporter choked on her fumes as Lauren felt her stomach gurgle again. She went into her bedroom while the rest of the United States and parts of Canada and Mexico fell under siege from her one SBD.

Lauren laid in her bed as her stomach continued to churn from the additional gas brewing within her; she had to fart again but was now a little more scared when she read up reports about parts of South American smelling the effects of her gas. Her fart had grown into a flesh-eating monster that was more so than anything else to have ever been given that moniker. The smell was corrosive; it absorbed all the air around it and produced an energy that forced its way into every community on the western hemisphere as it moved across the ocean in either direction of the Americas. To think that this all was generated from within Lauren’s asshole was unimaginable, but the Big Bang once began with the universe the size of an atom. She had constructed the perfect mix to produce a fart particle that was so advanced that it could almost permanently remain in place. She was worried that this fart might have stunk up the room a little bit but now it had morphed into a goliath in which it may be hard to even remove the aroma. As time moved on in her bedroom she continued to smell her fart, but given that it was her fart she was able to handle it better.

The problem with people passing out and dying from her SBD was that she had no one to call or text at the moment, so her time looking at her cell phone was all for naught. On top of that, the internet was left in a kind of funk. The scene all across the country and beyond was similar, people were frozen in time, vehicles were stopped in their treks, people passed out on the ground from the dreadful aroma and everything that had been turned on had stayed on. Stores played music without anyone to shut it off, cars remained running in drive thrus around all kinds of restaurants, traffic lights would continue to alternate back and forth as if traffic were still moving through them. But on the internet things were frozen as well. While she could still look up different websites and check her Facebook there were no new updates. The last status posted by her friends was two hours ago. News websites within the U.S. were updated as long before with only vague mentions of the growing smell affecting the area. It was kind of a flashpoint to see the local media outlets only briefly mention reports of the smell before ceasing any more updates. Twitter accounts too had many reports of the gas but those mentions only went so far. She soon went through the channels of the TV to see what was on, at least automated programs were still running but there was no news, no nothing, she was the only person in the country still awake.

British television news stations were beginning to report the onslaught of the thick and putrid gas. It did not matter what environment the fart gas went into, it dominated. It completely owned all the available breath full of air and supplanted it with Lauren’s eggy flatus. There was no explanation for what was going on, only that it was happening. Soon the British networks were off line due to people being knocked unconscious due to the foul aroma. Soon after that, French networks, Spanish networks and then German networks, Lauren went around the internet and listened to online broadcasts from various nations and heard the same reaction from those reporting. It gave her a bit of pride, listening to foreign people all around the planet choking on her one fart. She had always imagined that her gas could stink up rooms or even parts of the school, but the entire planet, she was well on her way to doing so. Two hours after she had first released the foul beast and the white cloud of thick and steamy stink made its way across Africa and Eurasia. People were praying to God in Arabic over the calamity befallen upon the Earth, militaries were being mobilized, all precautions were being taken, but for what, an anonymous smell. On top of all that, no one knew that it was Lauren. In her bedroom the ginger-haired female was lying down on her stomach looking at her laptop through the world-wide event known as “her fart.” Her heart was pounding some more as he heard the same news over and over again, it continued toward India and China and Japan, no one was stopping the raging force of her gas, its power grew and grew, duplicating itself in the atmosphere, Lauren had done something very terrible, producing the perfect super gas that now dominated nearly 80% of the Earth’s atmosphere and growing. She finally found the last newscast still running on TV, Australia’s ABC News.

“We have lost contact with our contacts in Jakarta as the gas has made its way across the southern islands of Indonesia and are nearly on our northern coast. People have been urged to seek shelter and protect themselves from the gas. A lack of response from anyone else outside of our nation and New Zealand has led to either two conclusions, the gas is poisonous and has killed everyone else off or people have been simply knocked out. To our knowledge, the gas phenomenon, which began in the United States several hours ago at roughly 13:40 local time, has spread to every corner of the Earth. We will stay on with you for as long as possible before we begin to feel the impact of the aroma. Reports have continued to state that the smell is noxious, unsafe to breathe in and very high in sulfuric content, producing a mixture of hydrogen sulfide and methane that have polluted the entire atmosphere, many say it smells like someone’s fart, though that obviously cannot be the case. Perhaps man-made climate change is finally rearing its head and changing the atmosphere at a record pace. There are so many questions and little time for answers, only to brace yourself, the foulest smelling thing ever to walk the Earth is making its way down here to Australia. God have mercy on our souls.”

It took only ten minutes for the gas, now expanding further up in the atmosphere and across the Outback of the country to overtake every urban center left on the continent and soon the other nations. It was almost five hours since Lauren had released her fart. She sat quietly in her room, thinking about what had happened. She never meant for any of this to go the way it did. She tried not to pay it much attention, she had farted a lot in her life and many of them were stinky, but this was overboard. She could continue to smell the air around her even though she was dealing with the idea that the entire planet was now covered in the smell of her one fart. She hoped that everyone had just passed out that there were no fatalities; she couldn’t continue the human race on her own. But there was no way in making sure and on top of everything else she was feeling the pain build up within her again, she wasn’t used to holding in gas for this long but after everything that had just taken place she didn’t want to test her theory again about how powerful her gas was. Her fart still hung over the planet, through some never-before-seen spectacle of science her one silent but deadly far had enough power not just to stink up her classroom or school or even her neighborhood, but the whole planet. For a depth of about 20 miles up from the ground all the way around the planet, it smelled of her fart, foul, rotten and eggy, the world smelled of Lauren Miller’s fart!

And then the pain in her stomach was too much to bear any more, seeing as there was no one to complain about it, she farted again. Luckily, it only went on for 30 seconds, unluckily, it smelled worse than the first fart.

“I think I may need to change my diet.” Lauren said quietly to herself as she got ready to spend some quiet time in her room, since there wasn’t much media to work with. She continued to fart to herself, unaware of the fact that every fart was now releasing more toxic gas clouds that would eventually circle themselves around the Earth, she now had the power to produce planet-clearing farts, not just once but on a continuous basis, it would become a new reality for the planet, a greenhouse effect accelerated by the stench of Lauren’s farts.

It took several weeks for everything to come into focus after Lauren released that fateful SBD in the classroom. Humanity has survived the affair after all, a vast majority of the world’s population, even plant life and animal life had survived the gas clouds, but now they were more abundant and soon became part of the new reality on Earth. Millions still perished from the aftermath of Lauren’s fart, most of those in her school died along with some around her town. The rest of the fatalities were caused indirectly, via car crashes, plane crashes, anything that would involve the gas knocking out an operator and killing those on board a vehicle. With the exception of a few people the world was oblivious as to exactly what was causing the gas cloud and once scientists and government officials had discovered the true source they had studied her, but nothing was stopping her diet and she brought up the fact that adding more milk and beans to her diet would only bring upon the worldwide destruction of the planet with a fart so foul that it WOULD end all life. Lethal Lauren was now living up to her true potential, becoming the Dutch Oven for the planet. The air temperature rose and the ice caps soon melted off, flooding the Earth as predicted by all the scientists, but humanity prevailed. The new reality meant that the smell of Lauren’s gas was ongoing forever, for as long as she walked the Earth. As long as she graced the planet with her big bubble butt in that cute mini skirt the Earth was going to stink. But people got used to the stink, they accepted it as a part of the new normal and Lauren loved the fact that all six billion people on the planet were now breathing in the gas from her farts every day of the rest of their lives. She could now torture everyone all the time with her farts and there was nothing to stop her, they would only adapt to it.

Back in her bedroom, she was sitting on at her computer while her girlfriend Juliet sitting on her bed. Lauren was reading an article about the rising sea levels, drowning the majority of the Florida peninsula. She felt a gurgling in her stomach and leaned her ass over against her seat. It was silent and deadly, her farts always were. A powerful eggy aroma filled up the bedroom, with a stench that was as intense as during that one fateful fart. The burning hot sulfur-smelling gas bomb would begin its trip around the Earth, adding let another hot and smelly layer of her fart gas upon the planet. Her gas was now the dominant form of breathable air for the planet, people could taste it day and night and got used to it. Back in her bedroom, her girlfriend was crinkling her nose as she expressed a slight discomfort from the fart.

“That stunk!” Juliet said playfully waving the air around her. Her redheaded friend looked back at her and laughed.

“If you think that was bad, wait until you smell this…..” And with that Lauren farted again, longer, smellier and stronger, nothing on Earth could compete with a Lauren Miller SBD and since she only farted silent farts that placed her in a considerable place of power for a long time. As the hot fart left her bowels she could only smile, this one was going to circle the Earth twice, her farts were that strong! And why not? She was Lethal Lauren Miller and the World was NOW her Personal Gas Chamber!