The invisible man's failed plan.
by GrayVII

“Finally it’s done!” Roy said to himself while putting the final touches on his invisibility device. “Hmm…” he thought “I could immediately get a patent on this thing and sell it off, or I could have some fun first.” He chuckled “Yes, let’s have some fun, I need to test it anyway, but what to do?”, he strapped the device to his chest and enabled it turning invisible almost instantly, he walked to the door as he attempted to open the door of his lab, he noted something weird, he couldn’t turn the knob and even weirder he could barely grab it, his hand just sort of morphed around the knob, he wasn’t just invisible, he was untouchable. The news slightly shocked him slightly what if he was unable to turn of the device, but when he tried to disable the device it worked. “Thank Ford! I can’t imagine what I would have done if I’d been stuck as an invisible incorporeal entity, a ghost, a soul forever trapped in limbo.” he shuddered, with the device turned off he opened door and went home.

In his apartment Roy thought about what to do, “…spy on the government, rob jewelry stores, camp out in a ladies’ dressing room, cheat at poker or become a hitman.” “Ding dong” the doorbell rang “Ding dong”. Slightly annoyed by having thoughts interrupted Roy opened the door, on the other side stood his neighbor, Kelly, a beautiful, 6 ft. 2 23 year-old with blonde shoulder length hair, deep blue eyes, nice D-cup breasts, a slightly chubby gut, wide hips and long legs, stood smiling at him. “Have you seen this?” she held out a pamphlet, it said something about complaints about sound or smell or something like that, Roy didn’t really bother to read it, nor did he get a chance to as a gust of wind blew the pamphlet out of her hand and on the floor behind her. “Oops, I’m such a klutz, hold on a second, would you?” she said as she turned around and reached for the pamphlet, giving Roy a great view of her large hindquarters, as it gently swayed for side to side while she attempted to pick up the pamphlet, Roy very much enjoyed watching her large rear wiggle and jiggle, as blood rushed to his face and other parts of his body. When she stood back up, she seemed slightly surprised “Is it hot in here or what?*chuckle” he awkwardly tried to salvage the conversation, “Yeah…” she said halfheartedly “if there is ever building meeting about this, you’ll support me right?”. “Sure” he replied, “Okay that’s it, I’ll see you around the building Roy.” “Bye”.

The awkward conversation left a bad taste in Roy’s mouth, but it faded quickly as an idea surfaced in his head, he knew what to do with the invisibility device, he was going to check her out, the mental picture of her rear wouldn’t leave his mind, he was obsessed with it, he wanted to, no, he HAD to see more. He started planning a way into her apartment, and then he had it every Saturday morning she grabbed her mail in her bathrobe, this was his chance while invisible he could sneak into her apartment right behind her, he just had to get into the hallway and enable the device before she came back with her mail and he’d be set.

The next morning Roy’s plan sprung in to action, he heard her go out of her apartment, he went out of his apartment and locked it, he didn’t want any people sneaking around in his apartment. After waiting for a couple of minutes Kelly came back in her pink bathrobe, holding a couple envelopes and some brochures, as she opened the door he squeezed past her large rump with some difficulty. He was in her apartment, as he was about to look around, Kelly walked past him and threw her robe on one of the chairs and the room wasn’t of interest for Roy anymore, because Kelly didn’t wear anything beneath her bathrobe and was therefore now naked. Roy couldn’t take his eyes of her nude rear end, after some stretching Kelly went to her bedroom, he followed her looking at her butt as it jiggled while she walked towards her bedroom, but on the way he couldn’t help but catch a whiff of a faint eggy smell, it bothered him slightly, but the sight of her rear got him over the slight irritation.

When they got to Kelly’s bedroom Roy’s desires we’re starting to get the better of him he had to hold her ass, after she had grabbed her clothes, he couldn’t resist anymore he placed his palms on her buns his fingers pointed down and his thumbs outwards. He was in heaven; it had been so long since he’d touched a woman like this. However he didn’t notice that she was about to pull up her panties until it was too late, she had put on pink panties they didn’t cover her rear completely, about a fourth of butt crack was showing, but this wasn’t what Roy was thinking about, he was thinking about his current entrapment since he couldn’t actually interact with physical objects while invisible and his hands were therefore trapped in her panties. She continued dressing up, she put on a matching pink bra, some gray yoga pants, a tight white shirt and a couple of white socks.

Afterwards she went to the door of her apartment and Roy was forced to follow, Kelly put on a couple black sneakers, a dark blue coat and grabbed a sports bag. Before she opened the door, her stomach gurgled loudly, “Ugh” Kelly sighed and then she bent over slightly and stuck out her rear. PAARP! “Aah, much better!” she said to herself, Roy couldn’t avoid breathing in the full brunt of her fart “This is going to be a long day” he thought.

After she left the apartment building they went towards the gym, on the way there to Roy’s satisfaction her gas was under her control, after 10 minutes or so of walking they got to the gym, they went into the ladies dressing room, it was empty except for some bags and clothes, she put her bag down on the bench and hung up her coat. “I might as well” Kelly mumbled to herself before lifting up one leg and BRAAPT!! PFFFRT!! Pfff…. ripping three farts the last of which was reasonably silent. Roy started feeling queasy due to the horrible stench of her farts, but wasn’t able to rest as Kelly proceeded into the actual gym.

In the gym a few people were training but it was mostly empty, Kelly went to the treadmill first. This wasn’t actually that bad for Roy at the start, he could relax since he just stood still with his feet on the sides of the treadmill and he could stare at her butt as it bounced and jiggled quite intensely, but to all good things must come an end, the constant movement shook something loose inside of her, and therefore she started letting out some small farts after a while, BRRPT! pff... PRRT! PARP! Some silent, some without odor, some ridiculously rotten and foul, some very warm and some wet. The situation was getting unbearable for Roy, as she didn’t only let out more farts, but also started getting sweaty after a while and the smell of both farts and sweat almost got Roy to faint, but luckily or perhaps unluckily she stopped running on the treadmill before he fainted.

After having a sip of water Kelly moved on to the gym cycle and took a seat on the saddle and started cycling. Her ass started to get soaked in sweat, Roy was in pain as his hands were crushed by Kelly’s sweaty buns and as if this was not bad enough for Roy GROAAARN Kelly’s tummy grumbled and she lifted her right butt cheek PPFFFFFFFFFFRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTRRRRRRRTTTTSPLAAAAAAAaaaAAAART and ripped a massive multi-toned with a really wet finish, the combination of the smell, sound and even the feeling of the fart knocked Roy out.

He stayed out for a while until Kelly moved on onto the weight bench, while he was passed out, he wasn’t of any effect to Kelly’s movement, Roy was woken up as she accidentally swung his head into the bench, as she sat down her rear ended up on top of Roy’s chest and she started pressing weights. Every time she pushed up the dumbbell, she pushed out vile wind, all Roy heard were grunts followed by loud farts, HNNGH! BLAAART! URRGH! PFFFRRT!, Roy was stuck in the tight space between Kelly’s butt and shoulders, her back and the bench, all of the air in his small area was tainted by both the eggy stench of her farts and the horrible smell of her sweat, but luckily for Roy Kelly was getting tired and stopped after 20 presses.

Kelly was done with exercising, she was soaked in sweat, reeked of farts and much to Roy’s dismay the troops were waiting at the backdoor A.K.A she had to go, because of that she went to the ladies’ room and Roy saw light at the end of the tunnel, to go to the toilet she’d have to take off her panties and he could be freed, but that didn’t happen because she sat down on the toilet before taking of her panties so when she took them off his hands were still stuck, he was stuck on the toilet in a very awkward position, his legs were spread around Kelly’s ass, his groin was crushed against the back of the toilet and his hand were on the seat beneath her butt cheeks. SPLAAAAART splash FRRRAAAAAPT BRAAAARRRT splash PAAARP splish splosh this continued for about five minutes after which she flushed the toilet, when she stood up and slipped her panties back on, Roy didn’t have a chance to free himself as his hands we’re stuck to her rear.

After relieving herself Kelly went back to the dressing room, unlike before the dressing room was quite full now and there was a distinct smell of sweat in the air and as Kelly moved to her stuff she got into a conversation with a friend of hers a skinny black girl, stories were shared, jokes were made and eventually when Kelly was just in her underwear and bent over to pick up something, her friend snapped a towel at Kelly’s ass saying “Your crack’s showing Big Butt!”, in response Kelly quickly held her ass against her friend’s groin saying “Smell this Skinny Girl!” PAAAAARP! and ripped a loud fart. “Damn girl! What did you eat?” her friend said after catching whiff of Kelly’s gas and subsequently pinching her nose, “There’s much more where that came from, believe me.” Kelly replied smacking her own behind.

After this friendly horseplay, Kelly was ready to take a shower. She went to one of the single shower rooms, each of the rooms consisted of a small undressing area and a shower cabin she opened the door to the cabin, turned her back to it and took off her bra, Roy again saw a chance at freedom as she had to take of her panties and there’s no way he’d get stuck between her butt and something else, then she bent over and took off her panties, Roy’s hands were free, BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPTTTTT! Kelly ripped the biggest and loudest fart yet, its force blew Roy into the shower cabin, relieved she stepped into the shower cabin. Inside the shower cabin she lost any constraint she might have had in the gym, the public restroom and the dressing room, BLOOORT PAARP FRRRT PFFRT farts sputtered, bubbled and spluttered through the stream of water over her butt. Roy was in the worst position yet, he was trapped in a small humid space with an unconstrained flatulent woman. After about ten minutes she was done showering, she opened the door of the shower cabin but before leaving she just pushed a couple remaining farts BRRP! FRRT PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARP! This quick current of farts kept Roy from leaving and now he was stuck inside a smelly shower cabin by himself, he looked through the transparent door of the cabin at Kelly drying herself off and eventually leaving, he was trapped by himself. He considered turning of his invisibility device to leave the shower but then he’d be a man in a ladies’ dressing room, that couldn’t end well, he decided to stay in the cabin until closing time even though it stunk.

While waiting in the shower cabin it was used a lot, the first one to enter it was a buff woman, with brown hair, tight abs, big muscular legs, large shoulders and a big firm behind, when she entered her face cringed due to Kelly’s smell which still lingered in the shower, but she didn’t seem to mind once she was in. She just showered like normal, but when she was about to leave BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPTT! she a really loud, hot fart that reeked of rotten eggs, the stench of that one fart remained for about an hour and the second person a small chubby brunette was overcome by the smell decided against showering got dressed again and left.

Next were a mother and daughter, the mother was a quite chubby dark-haired woman, late thirties probably, her most prominent feature was her ass, it was about 1.5 feet wide, protruded quite far from her back and it seemed mostly made of fat instead muscle, her daughter was a petite Asian girl probably about 8 years old, she came up to her mother’s waist, the daughter walked in first followed by her mother, “Mom your butt is so big and jiggly.” her daughter said while slightly slapping her mother mammoth-sized ass “Do you know what it also is?” the mother replied, “What?” her daughter asked oblivious to her mother bending over. BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTT! Her daughter’s hair fluttered in the wind of her mom’s big fart “GASSY!” her mother replied laughing “Wow! Nice one mom! ” her daughter cheered “Again! Again!” “I don’t know honey, that one wasn’t that stinky, but another one might be.” Her mother replied “Please?” her daughter begged “Fine, get ready!” her mother bent over again and this time her daughter got closer to her mom’s big butt PPPPPPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPP!! Another massive fart came from her massive ass, this time her daughter’s face looked like she was staring down wind tunnel, with her hair flying and her skin flapping, however as her mother predicted this one carried a bit more of a punch an unpleasant rotten vegetable odor, “Another one!” her daughter yelled seemingly immune to the smell, “Honey are you sure? If it stinks I’m not letting you out!” her mother noted “Okay” her daughter replied gleefully “The last one!” her mother said bending over, but this her daughter made the mistake of putting her head against her mother’s humongous behind, FREEeeeepp…. a small fart squeaked out, her daughter immediately got away from her mother coughing “So smelly! Let me out!” “I told you, I’m not letting you go, even if it stinks this bad.” Her mother replied, Roy was horrified because he was unable to leave the cabin and that squeaker was ridiculously potent. Eventually mother and daughter left.

But after that the shower stayed empty for a while due to the horrendous smell emanating from it, after it had gone three more women took a shower, a young blonde girl who let out one small fart which actually didn’t smell bad compared what Roy had already taken in, then a young vegan who did fart a couple times and they kind of stink but she covered them up with deodorant afterwards and finally an adult black woman who was forcing out some until she accidentally pushed to her hard and got feces over the wall in the shower, this kept anyone else from using the shower which Roy was happy about because one really big woman was already ripping a lot of ass in the undressing area, and because of the feces she didn’t go in the shower.

Then it was closing time the lights turned off and the complex was silent, Roy disabled the device and went out to the entrance of the gym, which was locked, so he broke one of the windows, turned the device on again and went home. At home he decided that he wouldn’t patent the device and sell it off, he figured the device would only cause harm and nothing else, he stashed in his apartment, took a shower by himself and got a well-deserved night sleep.