The Truth
by No Name

Joe's just waking up with a huge hangover. With a headache he sluggishly turns around. "OH SHIT!"he says in his mind as he looks a a girl next to him. "Did I? Could I? I didn't..did I?"he questions to his self. He checks under the covers. "We're both naked. Shit!" He get a sober look at her body but all he sees is her fine smooth ass facing him. BBRRRPPTTTT "Damn."he whispers to himself. All the smell was trapped under the covers. He very slowly crawls out of bed. Trying not to make any sound. He trips over his clothes and stumbles. "Don't want to wake...whoever she is." He suddenly stumps his toe and stops himself from screaming. He dashed out the house and heads home on foot.

He gets home and his roommate was just waking up. "Damn, man. You're early. How was she?"he asked. "I don't know. I don't remember meeting her. I only saw her in the morning." "Yea Joe that's the only time you ever see them." "She forgotten."Joe says. Little does he know that she does not like to be shrugged off like a common one night stand.

Five months later the phone rang. "Hello. Can I speak to Joe?"the voice said. "This is Joe who's this?" "Forgotten already huh Joe. I guess you can't remember anyone's name after you leave in morning without even talking." "Lady you can't expect me to remember that. You were what, Tuesday?"Joe answered. "I would like you to see you soon. be home please?"the strange woman said. "Fine, hurry."-click-

Thirty-minutes passed and then knocking. More like banging. Joe opened the door and was shocked to see a five month pregnant woman stood at the door with her hands on her hips. Joe was about 5'8" and was breast level to the woman. She had a slight plump physique to her. She was wearing a sweater and a sun-dress. "Its me, Lydia."she said looking down at Joe with a very pissed look in her eyes. "See your baby. You know you're the father." she said. "That's what you're here for. You're crazy. You're mistaken. I don't know you."Joe yelled.

She stepped in the door and closed the door. Joe got a better look. "Damn, she's tall."he thought to himself. "You're the one mistaken Joe."she answered back. "Look you're pissing me off!!"he yelled while pushing her away. She kicked him in the balls which made him double over in pain. She removed her sweater which showed her body mush clearer. "She not chubby she built."Joe though to himself She grabbed Joe by the scruff of his collar and put him in a reverse head lock facing her ass. "You know I've noticed my gas has gotten a lot worse since being pregnant. Smell for yourself."she said as she let one rip that burned his nasal passages. She lets him go and he drops to his knees. Slowly he raises to her waist. "Oh. You got a second wind. WELL HERE'S MINE!" She turned around and her ass was right in his face. She let out a deep baritone bass fart in his face. She peeked over her shoulder and smiled. She moved her waist forward then pushed back with all her weight slamming her ass in his face knocking him to the floor. She lowered herself on his face. While facing him she sees his eyes. Her thighs secured around his head and her ass crack on his crack. "Now Joe. Calm down and you'll see I'm right. The baby's yours." He muffles the words no. "This will persuade you."brrrrppppppppp "Ahhhh" Joe screamed and tried to get up. "Joe give it up."psssssssssss...plip..plip..plip....plop"I weighed 179 pounds before you got me pregnant, my full weight is just too much for you." She let out an SBD that burned is nose which reached his lungs. "The baby is yours. Say it Joe." He moved his head no. "A shame Joe."

She moved her sun-dress over his head so that the smell cannot escape. Little by little her pungent farts filled up the dress. She showed no remorse as she passed gas. She watched his T.V., read magazines. She even reached in her purse and pulled out a container of baked beans and ate it just to add to the fuel. Her dress completely filled with her gas. "Joe I almost feel bad for you. Almost."she said as she strained and strained. Then she laid a gut bomb that blew her dress out. The captured smell was released and Lydia finally got a whiff of what Joe had. "Damn Joe!! You're so stubborn. I could take half of this. She squeezed Joe in her muscular thighs and farted some more and Joe had no choice but to take it in.

"THE BABY IS MINE!!!! IT'S MINE!!!"He screamed under her. She squeezed for just a little harder then full strength. She slightly raises off his face barely touching his nose and popped on more for the hell of it. "Was that so hard Joe?" She stands up but Joe is stuck between her ankles. a slight squeeze. "Now for my troubles."Lydia says as she pulls her panties down and lowers herself just touching his nose and lets an silent wisp of a fart on his face. "What the fuck did you eat?"Joe ask. "You tell me."she says as she lowers herself and squeezes her thighs. "TELL ME!!" BBBRAAPPTTTTTTTPPPTTTT. "TELL ME!!!" "Uh..uh..b-broccoli..uh (sniff, sniff) b-baked b-b-beans..cabbage."he mumbles out of fear. "How much money you got?!"Lydia demands. "None."he says. "None huh."The drops a gut bomb that nuked the inside of his nose. "I don't like liars." She squeezes her thighs a full power. He screams in pain and she farts in his mouth. "How did it taste?"she asks. "Again how much money do you have?!!" He doesn't answer. She moved to his stomach and bounces up and down. His pain his visible and he finally points to his pants that are on the chair. She searches his wallet and pulls out 700 dollars. She moves to him. "Remember me. I will be back for child support." She hovers to his face and blows one that nearly blew his face off. His cheeks were flapping while she farted and her face was a sign of relief. He passed out. When he woke up the smell was still in his room and he threw up.

The End