Tight Squeeze
by Oryan

The bell rang throughout the halls of my high school. I closed my algebra notebook and gathered the small stack of folders and notebooks that I carry on a daily basis. I sat right next to the door so I quickly got up from my swivel chair and opened the door, hearing the loud creaking sound it always made. I took a right out the door and started walking towards my Spanish class. I got halfway down the hall when I walked past the Health room and I got cut off by a girl who was leaving the classroom. She was walking in front of me, striding in the black leggings with the white stripes that ran down the sides that she frequently wore.
"Brooke Hill." The name echoed in my mind. I watched her dark brown hair with a dirty blonde ombre flow behind her as she walked. Her shortness made me several inches taller than her which was nice because I've always had a thing for shorter girls.
My eyes fixed themselves onto her butt that really stood out among all her other features. It was bigger than what you would think it should be, but it wasn't too big. It was the perfect size for her. Her tight leggings caused her panty line to be visible and if she were to bend over, her panties would be shown off to the world.
My hand reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone. Before I unlocked it, I took a quick peek around me to make sure no one was looming over my shoulder or anything. I opened the camera app and my heart starting beating harder. My phone turns the brightness all the way up so anyone with two eyes in their head could easily see what I was doing, luckily, no one was there to witness it. I angled the camera so Brooke's butt was in full view. I waited for the perfect moment and snapped a picture, then another one, and another one. I was so focused on what was on my screen that I never had time to notice Brooke turn around until she slammed into me.
My phone dropped to the floor with a thud.
"Oh my gosh, I am so sorry" she said as she was crouching down to pick up my phone. "I should have been watching where I was-" Her eyes widened when she flipped the phone over and saw the pictures in full screen. I froze when I realized what she was looking at.
She looked up at, "What's this?" She showed me the screen of my phone.
"Oh really? To me it looks like you were taking pictures of my butt, you pervert!" She said with a raised voice.
My heart started to pound in my chest, my face red hot with embarrassment. I had no words to say to her, I got caught.
She looked at me with disgust and shoved my phone back into my hands and stormed off. My anxiety started to take over from thinking of what she might do. If the principal or the vice principal find out, I will be in some serious trouble, might even face jail time. My shaking hand put the phone in my pocket and I slowly walked down the hall to my Spanish class.
After Spanish I walked to my locker and grabbed my lunch bag. I walked into the cafeteria and sat down at my usual spot where I ate everyday with a few of my friends. I took a bite into my sandwich and looked up to see Brooke walking by the table my friends and I were at. My heart leaped into my throat and I almost choked on my food. She gave me a dirty look and I could feel my cheeks get warm again. The bell rang and the cafeteria doors flooded with people trying to leave, but I took my time because I did not want to run into Brooke in the hallway.
I put my lunch bag back into my locker and went down to the library, or DLZ (Digital Learning Zone) as my school calls it. I sat down at one of the large wooden tables and I pulled out my phone. I went to my photos where I discovered that all the pictures were gone. I let out a sigh of frustration and I closed my eyes. I felt the weight on the table shift and I opened my eyes to see Brooke sitting on the table top, right by my arm.
I leaned back in my chair and swallowed saliva, which took more effort than it should have, "Uh, hey Brooke-" my voice cut short
"I can get you in so much trouble. You won't even be allowed in this school if I tell the principal, I can even bring this to the police and press charges."
I stuttered, "I-I know-"
"You know? Then why the hell did you do it?" She sounded angry but she had a hint of laughter in her voice. My head hung low and I felt the pressure of tears about to fall out of my eyes. I fought back the urge but not without a single tear streaming down my cheek.
I felt her hand touch mine, “Don’t cry, I’m not going to tell anyone... on one condition.”
I sniffled and looked up at her, “W-What do you mean?”
She giggled and her hand was now at my elbow. “I want to try something and since you’re so interested in my butt, I’ll let you do it.” My face became a perplexed mess. All the feelings of worry and fear were replaced with confusion. I stared at Brook and she had a big smile on her face. I was still wondering what it was she wanted.
"So hear me out," She started, "I won't tell a single person about your little photoshoot, if you fulfill a certain desire I have." I looked at her, waiting for her to finish. She got close to my ear and whispered, "I need someone to fuck my ass."
I raised my eyebrows and let my mouth fall open. "What?" I must have heard her wrong because there's no way she said what I heard.
"You heard me. I said I need someone to fuck. My. Ass."
I was at a loss of words. I swallowed the lump in my throat and said, "I-I don't know Brooke. We don't really know each other, I don't-"
"You want me to tell the principal? Hell, tell the police even?" I shook my head in response. "Then bend me over and fuck my ass."
I looked up at her, "Right now? In the library?" Brooke smiled and nodded her head. I could feel the palms of my hands get sweaty so I rubbed them on my shorts. I looked to the left and right to see if anyone was in the library with us. At the main desk where Mrs. Tortola would sit and help check out books for kids, she wasn't there. Instead, she was in her little office to the left on her computer with her back to us. I looked back at Brooke and I was met with her ass in my face. She untucked her blue and white dye-tied shirt and bent herself over in front of me. The thought I had earlier in the day was true, her panties were fully visible. Well, the waistband of her panties was visible. The back part of her thong was stuffed deep into her ass crack. Blood started to rush into my cock, making it erect.
"Go ahead... touch it." Brooke said without turning her head back towards me. I went to say something but decided that there was no point in trying to argue with her. I wanted to do it of course, I was just nervous that we would get caught at any second. I lifted my hand up and noticed that it was trembling a little bit. I took a deep breath and placed my hand onto Brooke's ass cheek. The soft and thin material of her pants felt nice. Her ass was just as soft. I rubbed it in a circular motion and brought my other hand to the other cheek and did the same.
Brooke let out a giggle, "Here, this should make it easier." She brought her hands to the waistband of her pants and started to pull them down until her entire ass was exposed. Her ass had a bikini tan line on it which I found to be cute thinking about her in a bikini. I brought my hands to the waistband of her panties and started to pull them down until her bare ass was exposed. I placed both of my hands on her ass and spread it open a little bit. My cock began to throb at the sight of her asshole. It was small and had a tint of brown to it. I admired it not wanting to do anything that Brooke wouldn't like.
"Can...can I smell it?" I said without thinking.
Brooke giggled again, "Go ahead, smell my asshole you little pervert." Her giggle turned to a laugh. I moved my head closer to her ass, my nose only an inch away from the hole. I was hesitant until I felt a hand on my head and Brooke shoved my head into her ass. My nose pressed against her asshole and I deeply inhaled, trying to smell it all. The scent was strong and intoxicating, almost like a whiskey that has been aging for years. A part of me wished that Brooke would let out a fart directly on my nose but I wasn't hopeful. It wouldn't have surprised me if she did just out of spite. Brooke pulled my head out of her ass and laughed.
"How was that? Smelly, isn't it?" She had a seductive tone in her voice.
"It smells great Brooke. It's almost addictive."
She let out another laugh, "Here, why don't you taste it as well?" She shoved my head back into her ass. I stuck my tongue out and let it glide across the wrinkled hole. A bitter taste like black coffee coated my taste buds. I retracted my tongue to and let the flavor soak in. The taste and smell was turning me on so I licked it again. Every time I could feel the hole tightening and then loosening. I pressed my tongue against her asshole and left it there. Brooke let out a moan which turned into a giggle. She removed her hand from my head and put both of her hands on her knees. I lifted my arms up and clenched both of her ass cheeks in my hand continued to lick her little hole. I heard a rumble come from Brooke's stomach but I kept going. Brooke covered her hand with her mouth and let out a deep fart directly into my mouth.
"FFFFaaarrrppp!" The smell was immediate and filled my nostrils. There was no taste but left a warm feeling around my tongue. Brooke turned her head around and tried to hold back some laughter. "You like that?" she said with a sarcastic tone. I looked up at her and nodded and ran my tongue against her asshole again.
The bell rang signifying the end of 7th period. I pulled my head from Brooke's ass and we looked at each other with wide eyes. Brooke pulled her pants, along with her panties up and sat back down on the table. I leaned back in my chair and wiped the leftover salvia from my lips. Other students started to walk through the DLZ and Brooke couldn't help but laugh. I laughed alongside with her because of the 500 students in the school and none of them knew about my feast with Brooke's asshole.
The remaining of the students left the DLZ and headed to their classes while Brooke and I were still sitting at the wooden table. Mrs. Tortola was still typing away at her computer and oblivious to what had taken place only minutes ago. Brooke slid herself off of the table and picked my hand up with her's. I stood up from the chair and she led me to the back of the library where the large bookshelves were.
"We're doing it here?" I asked. Brooke just replied with a nod. There was a wall of books, both hardback and paperbacks, thin and thick, directly to the right of us. The lighting was dimmer compared to the rest of the library since there were no lights above the aisle we were in. A few feet in front of us was where the aisle ran down and parted the Red Sea of shelves. Brooke pulled down the back of her pants and her panties came down with it. She turned her whole body around and got down on her knees where her face was inches away from my crotch. The outline of my hard on was bulging and visible and Brooke bit her bottom lip and smiled at the sight of it. Her fingers found their way underneath the waistband of my shorts and she pulled down just enough for my cock to jump out. Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open in shock and awe. She moved her right hand to the shaft and wrapped her fingers around it but not quite touching each other. She moved her hand towards her and away from her in a stroking motion. The little amount of friction was almost too much and I could feel an orgasm coming. I had to close my eyes and try to think about anything else besides the girl jerking me off. I jumped at a sudden blanket of warmth covering the head of my cock. I directed my gaze down at her and saw her with the head of my cock in her mouth and her hand stroking the shaft. I moved my hand down shifted her hair away from her face. She pulled her mouth off the head with it making a popping sound. She stood herself up and turned so her back was facing me. The upper half of her body leaned forward which made her butt stick out more. Her hands reached back and she spread her ass open as some sort of open invitation for me to fuck her like she asked. I popped my middle and index finger into my mouth and got a thick coat of saliva around them and then I brought them down and applied the saliva to her asshole as a form of lubrication. The head of my cock was already wet but you can never have too much lube. I moved myself closer to Brooke until the head was pressed against her small hole. I applied little pressure to it with my cock and that made Brooke let out a quiet moan.
Brooke said in an almost whisper, "Stop teasing and just fuck me already." I took in a deep breath and slowly put the head inside her as I exhaled. Brooke gasped and clamped her hand over her mouth to stop from being too loud. I pulled the head out and saw Brooke's asshole gape open for a moment before shrinking back to normal. I repeated that but allowed myself to go a bit deeper, getting almost half of my cock inside her. I could see Brooke's grip on her ass tighten, her head was looking back at me with closed eyes and she mouthed the words, "Oh my God." Instead of pulling out, I went deeper into her. Wrinkles formed on her closed eyelids and she let out a breath that resembled a moan. Her hands left her ass and the right one held onto the bookshelf and her left one held onto her knee. I pulled myself out partially and thrusted in again, making Brooke's body lurch forward. The force caused her hand to swipe a few books to fall and land with a thud on the floor. She tried laughing but another wave of pleasure swept over her, making her moan instead. I could feel her asshole tighten around the shaft of my cock as I thrusted into her. I pulled myself out again, but almost all the way out. A breeze passed over my exposed shaft and made me crave the warmth that was inside her ass so I thrusted into her again. This time, the pleasure was too much for Brooke and she let out a moan which echoed in the aisle of books. Brooke made a almost silent gasp and covered her mouth with her hand. I slowed down and listened to hear if Mrs. Tortola heard. Fifteen seconds passed and it was still silent in the DLZ so I started going again.
"You're gonna make me fucking cum!" Brooke whispered-shouted to me. I thrusted again but started to pick up speed and force. Her entire body was rocking forward and backward like one would on a boat with every thrust. I slowed myself down at the perfect moment and let Brooke orgasm. Her body tensed up and her grip tightened on both her knee and the shelf.
"Ah fuck!" Brooke said aloud as she started to mildly shake with pleasure. She cupped her hand over her mouth again and let out several moans that all became muffled in the flesh of her hand. Before it ended, I started thrusting again. I could feel that it was almost my time to climax. I went faster than I have before but not as hard. My breathing became rapid and heavy; a tightness was forming in my legs as I went past the point of no return. I pulled myself out completely and started to jerk myself off. Brooke, without asking, got back on her knees with her head tilted back.
"Fill me up with her cum," she said as she closed her eyes and stuck her tongue out. A small series of moans left my mouth until cum shot from the tip of my cock and onto Brooke's tongue and in her mouth. Four thick, white cumshots filled her mouth. She left it open and I could see a pond of white fluid in her mouth before she closed it and swallowed. "Mmmm that tastes so good!" She said as she licked the excess cum from the head.
I pulled my shorts up and watched as Brooke took her pants off entirely. I looked at her with a confused expression until I saw her take her panties off her body. She clutched them in one and hand and put her pants back on. She looked over at me and tossed her panties at my face. The lacy thong startled me but I laughed a little when they fell on the floor in front of me.
I crouched down and picked them up, "You giving me these?" I asked her as I smelled them.
Brooke nodded, "All yours. I hope you blow all your loads into them." Brooke said with a seductive tone of voice.
I smirked at her, "I will." I went to say something else but the bell rang. Brooke and I looked at each other one last time before walking out from behind the book shelf, her panties in my pocket, as we head to the doors where students started to pour into.