Titanic Toot Tina and the Fart Games
by American Wonton



Titanic Toot Tina was a monster. You wouldn't guess it from her figure. She was a beautiful Goddess; tan cheeks, flowing brunette hair, and big brown eyes made her a bombshell. Unfortunately, her butt made all the difference.

I was currently wedged inside Titanic Toot Tina’s ass. Man, was it big...and small at the same time. Her rectum walls compressed my lungs. I couldn't breathe, which was just as well. The few scents I got were nothing but poop and musty farts. I wanted death and I wanted it quick. I wasn’t so lucky.

My world turned inside out as Tina farted me out. It was like being on the worst slip and slide of my life. I shot forward like a rocket and landed like a missile on the couch. Standing overhead was Tina’s ass. It was the most menacing sight I ever beheld. Her cheeks were the size of small houses. Her bootyhole flexed inside and out. She had recently taken up gaping and she loved showing it off for me. RAAAAAPPPPPPPBBBTTTTTT! Tina farted, letting me know who ran the show around here. I turned away, trying to wipe the memory of her asshole reaching for me...the smell was a constant reminder though. There was nowhere I could turn, save for her ass. She owned me. I turned towards her again.

“Just kill me!” I shouted at her rump. “I can’t live like this! Just smush me, or shove me up your ass, or suffocate me to death! I don’t care, just end this!” Titanic Toot Tina looked at me with what appeared to be sympathy in her eyes. Then she turned around and sat on me. I cried out in pain. She slowly started shifting her buttocks left and right. I was being kneaded like play-doh. After 15 seconds, she spoke. “I have a better idea my fart slave. There’s still some fun to be had.” BBBBLLLLLLLAAARRRBBBTTT! She farted then rose off me, letting me stew in her stench.

“We are going to play some games. Some fart games. If you perform admirably, your workload will be lessened. Sound fair?” I wasn’t given time to answer. She scooped me up and inserted me in her butthole. I pleaded with her all the way. Thankfully,(if that’s appropriate) she stopped when my head stuck out her hole. The smell was still awful and my lower half was sticky with her previous shits...however it was better than being inside her ass cavern. “Let’s see if I can hit this pillow with you!” giggled Titanic Toot Tina. PPPPPAPPPPPPPTTTTTT! Her fart knocked me into the pillow pretty hard. I gagged in protest. Her stench stuck to my body, making it inescapable. She picked me up again...looks like this game could take awhile.

Titanic Toot Tina farted, stuck me in her ass, then repeated for a solid 15 minutes. I was flipping in and out of consciousness. RRRAAPPPPPPTTTTT!....next thing I know, I am flying. PPPLLLLLLLOOOOORRRTTT!...I’m put inside her asshole again. BBBBBBBBLLLLLUUURRRBBBB! This happened one too many times. Occasionally, Tina would shake her ass with me inside for a warmup. Sometimes, she just flexed her butthole, gaping me in and out. It was like being seasick, only a thousand times worse. PPPPLRRRRLLTTTTTSSSSSSSSSSSS! We took an extra long break as Tina wiped the wetter farts from her ass...those were the worst.

Finally it ended and Tina placed me on the floor, exhausted. Before I had a minute to rest, Tina announced we were going to play hide and seek. “I’ll leave the room for 5 minutes. When I come back..well, hope that I don’t find you.” Tina ripped a 10 second fart to emphasize her point. It smelt like eggs and diarrhea. I got to hiding.

The best place in my mind was between the cushions...I couldn’t reach anywhere else. Everywhere I wanted to hide was too exposed! So I guess I just had to hope that Titanic Toot Tina didn’t display her butt poweresses on the couch.

5 minutes came and went. Titanic Toot Tina bumbled into the room singing, “ Ready or not, here I come fart boy!” I couldn't be more terrified if Freddy was chasing me. Tina sauntered from place to place. She farted on a few objects, checking them and instilling me to make sounds. I tried to hold my breath as her gas invaded my personal space. BBBBBBLLLLLLAAAAARRRRTTTTTT! Tina had farted on one of the couch pillows. She was so close. I could hear my heart pounding in my skull. “mmmmm, I can’t wait till I find you slave.” BBBBBBBBLLLLLLLBBBBBBBBBTTTT! That was a forceful fart. I tried to stifle myself falling backwards. Holding my breath was even harder. PPPPPPRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTT! “ Do you smell that slave? I hear someone pissing themselves...is that you?” I was pissing myself...how did she know that? RRRRAAAAAAAPPPPBBTTTTT! Oh God, the smell was horrible, it was like having my face rubbed on a garbage can.

To my relief, Tina emerged off the couch. I could see her butthole pounding in anger, ready to be reunited with me. BBBBLLLOOORRRT! It sure was eager.

“You know slave, I forgot to tell you something,” said Tina. “Besides being able to fart like no other, I have another gift. Super hearing.” My stomach froze to a halt...just as well, as I had started shitting myself. “It’s so much fun to hear a slave in terror...over something as trivial as my butt.” PPPPPPPPPPPTTTTTTTTSSSSSSS! I watched her butthole leak ass juice...how could anyone think this as trivial?!

“Tell you what, you come out now, and I let you sleep in my bed with me. You will be nice and nestled in, no farting I promise. The alternative is this.” Tina sat EXACTLY where I was hiding and ripped the largest amount of ass I had seen from her. FFFFARRRRRTTTTTTTTTTTTTTBBBBBBBBBBBBBTTTT!!! It lasted a whole 10 seconds. I was coughing like a madman. I didn’t hide myself any longer. I pleaded for her to get off as her butt fumes invaded my nasal passages. She obliged, leaving an SBD to saunter over my head. I ran out from the cushions, coughing along the way.

Above me stood Titanic Toot Tina. She had a smile of satisfaction on her face. “There you are fart boy!” she said, giggling to herself. “You’re such a good sport, you know that? I really like a man who let’s me have my way.” I cowered in fear, waiting for whatever came next. “You obeyed me my fart slave and you shall be rewarded for your obedience. Close your eyes.” Reluctantly, I did so. BBBBBBBBBLLLLLLLLLLLAAAARRRRRTTTT! The all too familiar sound made me open my eyes. Tina had a cupped hand held over my body. “Sniff.” she instructed. I took one drag and fell to my knees. It was so powerful, so eggy and raunchy that I was losing it. “Time to go to sleep my little fart boy.” Those were the last words I heard as Tina bent over and ripped an SBD over my head. I didn’t even get to smell it. Thank God.