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The Big Night
Author: Closet Fetishist


A continuation of The Big Engagement, only available in Volume 1

Debra Hunter sits up with an indelible pride as her butt cheeks press heavily against Jared's face. As of last month his face and the rest of his body are legally her property, an extention of herself as it were. Jared had been caught under MDAA H.R. ยง3304 which is now more collequially referred to as the Lose Her Son Act though anyone saying it on cable news shows never seem to pay too close attention to seperating the first two words.

She gently twists her body, a long bead of sweat drips along her prominent, nude ass as she nuzzles her son's face deeper between her cheeks until his nose is pressed upward against her butthole. His nostrils form as tight a seal as possible around her rancid sewerhole. He moans out slightly, more than used to the aroma but never quite settled within the awful stink of it; it was like living with a sour bag of trash constantly sitting on his face.

A laptop sits on Jared's chest as Debra casually browses Facebook, now littered with widely popular memes on Femdom. Debra clicks into one of many overstuffed groups for mother's sharing their experiences with their slave-sons and using the generous Failed Investment stipend to live out their own fantasies with their new property in tow.

In Paris. London. The Caymans. Mothers with slave-sons seem to be living their best life ever, like a weight has been lifted off of their shoulders and now they have a place to put that weight they'd carried for so long.

Debra smiles at the thought of it but she can't help but feel a bit deprived. Why couldn't she take a fabulous vacation like one of these mothers? She continues to scroll about her Facebook feed until a sponsored advertisement for the Kokomo Couples Resort in Fiji.

Debra clicks the ad and is greeted with gorgeous photographs of white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and hundres of immenties all included for just $7,000 per person.

That's far more than she really wants to pay, especially for Jared who has no need for any of the features of the resort. "You just need me, don't you, sweetie?" Debra asks him rhetorically, not really cluing him in on the conversation she's having with herself.

"Yes, mother," he replies quickly though muffled under Debra's heavy buttocks. The words always came quickly as if constantly ready on his tongue.

"That's a good boy," she says as if required but not overjoyed to say it. She's too wrapped up in typing the numbers for Jared's savings account for college. He wouldn't need it anymore and it's more than enough to pay for both of them for the resort, maybe even a few more trips down the line.

Debra clicks Process on order page running a total of $14,525 with taxes and fees on Jared's savings account. After a moment of loading, the page presents the Order Confirmation page. Debra bounces slightly with a certain childlike excitement, like she was headed to Disneyworld.

Her stomach gurgles a bit, "Oh sweetie, get ready..." she trails off as she grabs her stomach with one hand. Her other reaches over for another develed egg from the platter next to her. She takes a bite of it just as she feels Jared's breathing slow and steady in preparation for her gas. She smiles proudly over her pride and joy.


Jared's head shakes in untold agony as his mother's gas barrages him in a sea of her eggy exhaust. His body forces a flight response, he tries to wiggle and squirm out and away from the smell but it's no use as his nostrils are forced to take in his mother's gas. The rank odor brings tears to his eyes as he tries to remain dutiful in inhaling it for her.

Debra sighs in relief and relaxtion as she sits back on the couch, trapping her son's face with her potent aroma for hours as she looks into all the immenties and offerings around the resort.


Just a week later, Debra is stepping out of a luxury shuttle bus. Jared is close behind her with the burden of all their luggage in his charge, he's hunched over with an awkward duffle laying against his side while also rolling two large suitcases behind him.

Debra wears large sunglasses and a stylish sun hat as she proudly struts effortlessly towards the Reception area. She gives her prominent rear an exaggered wiggle with each step to mock Jared. His eyes are fixated on her bottom, partly because that's what his mother wanted. But it was also quite true that in spending so much time pressed up against it he can't help but feel a little attached to it. The sight mezmorizes him in such a way that he loses sight of anything else.

It's just then he realises he's standing at the reception desk directly behind his mother. She looks over her shoulder and smiles at him. Mary, the woman at the front desk, smiles politely to him as well. Jared timidly smiles back to her in kind response but she immediately bursts into laughter right at him. It's as if something absurd struck her about him smiling to her and she had no hesitation in letting him know about it.

Debra smiles broadly towards Jared as if to taunt him about what he thought would happen. It gives her a certain sick pleasure to watch his decline as he accepts and acclimates to his diminished humanity. This will be a good, safe enviornment for him to explore this new realization.

Mary is just starting to calm down from her laughing fit, she exhales heavily as she hands a keycard over to Debra. "Thank you for that, I really need a good laugh," she says directly to Jared's mother while otherwise not acknowging him in the least.

"My boy knows how to please," Debra says with a wink to her. Mary chuckles a bit in response before glaring down at Jared with a big knowing grin on her face. Her intense gaze startles him as he averts his eyes back to his mother's buttocks that has begun to sashay towards the rooms. Jared races to catch up as he follows close behind her with all the bags like a good servant boy.


Debra opens the door into a sumptuous Honeymoon suite that leads right out onto the beach. The decor is an authentic tropical motif but it's tasteful and subdued, not overdone like at some cheap beach hotel slapping tiki straw everywhere and calling it a theme.

Jared stumbles in over the threshold after his mother. He sets down his smelly brown duffle bag and lays out his mother's rolling luggages. He gets on his knees and opens up her bags revealing a cornicopia of colors that all fit Debra's vibrant personality perfectly.

Debra rushes around from spacious room to spacious room, her brain already starts spinning for Instagram worthy pictures she could share and what Jared would be doing in those pictures. She laughs to herself at the thought, finding some added enjoyment in the echoing acoustics of the bathroom. Debra looks over herself in the mirror quickly, especially to admire her perfect round ass. She slaps a cheek nice and hard.

As he starts to carefully remove his mother's clothes, Jared notices the garments all seem to still have the tags on them. They're all brand new, that's why none of the blouses look famailar. This had to be at least $3,500 in new clothing.

His clothes, on the other hand, were all dingy, dark, and well-worn from the Salvation Army, it's all his mother would buy for him. It's all he needs, she'd say to him. Jared begins to fill with sense of neglect as he looks at some of his mother's prestine, new wardrobe laid out upon the bed perfectly neat for her.

Still he never worried much about his own clothes even before he was Debra's slave so perhaps this is just easier to have his clothes provided for him by his mom, it's not like he was going to have a choice in the matter anyway.

Sweat collects around Jared's neck from the higher humidity here and carrying all the bags, he hasn't sat down for even a moment since they got out of the shuttle. He wipes a long bead of sweat off his forehead and returns his attention back to his mother's baggage.

Debra comes floating in grinning from ear to ear, "This place is amazing!" She sees Jared on his knees picking up a stunning $320 Birds-of-Paradise Hawaiian blouse. "Oh my god, isn't that just lovely!" Debra excitedly exclaims as she rushes over and snatches it from Jared's hand. She lays the expensive garment up against her body to model it for Jared, "What do you think?"

Jared smiles to his mother, admiring her fine blouse but she quickly turns her back to him to see the blouse in the room mirror. This leaves Jared face-to-face only with his mother's bum again, an all too familar sight for him. He tries to turn his attention back to unpacking her clothes. "It looks really good, mom. You're going to look so great in all these new clothes," Jared says with sincerity.

He faces Debra just as she turns around, she smiles with great pride but she talks like Jared's a cute puppy dog, "Aww, that's a very sweet thing for you to say, sweetheart." The rare compliment, even despite the tone, makes Jared's heart glow. "But you know that you're married to my butt now," she turns her attention back to the mirror, forcing Jared to face his wife again. "That's really all you should be thinking about."

Jared nods, his smile melting quickly from his face as he tries to bury himself in unpacking his mother's clothing. If he could just focus on only that.

"Wow, I forgot about that one, isn't that just amazing?" Debra asks rhetorically, grabbing a white lace patchwork blouse from Jared.

"Yes mother," Jared says with just a hint of sourness. He's upset but it took one bad night to realize his mother is no longer really there to comfort him. It's not a mistake he would repeat.

Debra hardly notices any change in his tone, far too lost in her own world. "You know what, I'm gonna go out and do some shopping around the plaza. I'll even wear this blouse. You keep unpacking my things while I'm gone," she says to Jared without even glancing over at him.

"Of course, mother," Jared replies promptly as he finds himself crawling over to where his mother stands. He gives an impassioned kiss to each butt cheek without even being asked. Debra smirks as she looks down at her son from over her shoulder.

"What a dutiful slave you are, I didn't even have to ask. You were always meant to serve me," Debra says as she sensually rubs her ass crack against Jared's face as if it were some reward to him. "You'll be spending much more time with my big round ass soon enough, I know you've been missing it these past few hours," she giggles as she runs a soft hand once over Jared's cheek, teasing a sense of warmth before quickly stepping away and out the door without even a look or good-bye.

Jared is left in the big quiet room alone with just his thoughts and the faint sound of the waves crashing on the beach just a few yards away. He shakes his head in disbelief over the ease in which he kissed his mother's cheeks unprompted, like it was instinctual. He never expected to be like that in a thousand years but it makes sense that the conditioning his mother is putting him through would start to rub off on him.

Still it's wrong, he frets. He kissed her butt like saying bless you to a sneeze. That's fucked, he thinks to himself. He stares off blankly at the seashell patterned carpet before he shakes off the feeling and returns to unpacking his mother's clothes.


Two hours later, Jared is lying on an single person inflatible raft in one of the resorts massive pools. He's wears an old Star Wars t-shirt with a warped collar and a faded pair of swim trunks that had seen too many summers and absorbed too much chlorine. He'd finished putting away both of their clothes and even tidied up a bit before venturing out and discovering the pool not far from the room.

It's hard for Jared to lie still here and just enjoy the sun. He's naturally insecure but this arrangement with his mother, in some ways, has made things a bit better for him. He's found a bit more confidence in being himself since he's not overly concerned with being judged by a potential mate. It's really one of the only bright sides to being married to his mother's ass.

Jared lifts his head from the raft to take a quick look around. He notices two really cute girls about his age sitting on the recliners poolside right near him. They seem to be chatting with each other while looking right at him. Jared looks at them expressionless, unsure of their intent and fairly oblivious as to how to go about flirting to them himself. The girls give a little wave and giggle amongst themselves as if too embarrassed to be waving.

It takes Jared an extra second before he can muster a smile for them. It feels weird for him to get positive attention from cute girls, it's not something that's ever really happened to him. Maybe it's just because he's the only boy here it seems but even still that's something, more than he's ever had before and that makes him feel really good. He sincerly smiles to himself for the first time in months as he settles his head back down onto the inflatable. He softly closes his eyes and lets the sun warm his pasty white skin. Within a few seconds he's softly snoring, finally able to enjoy an unharrassed moment of peace floating on the calm, cool pool water.

A sudden shadow crosses over Jared but there isn't a single cloud in the sky. There's a smattering of soft laughter from different sides of the pool which wakes Jared up to the sight of his mother's pink floral swimsuit bottoms coming down right towards him. "Here comes mommy!" Debra announces playfully in the moment just before her ass makes a perfect landing on Jared's face.

Jared is stunned and groggy, unprepared to be submerged in water under his mother's heavy butt. He takes a few panicked breaths at first which only fill his mouth and lungs with water. His mother's thighs come down around and wrap tightly around his neck, squeesing just a enough to keep Jared's head in her ass. He continues to try to doggie paddle both his large mother and his own face above water. His body starts to shake as his nose pokes just above water again and again but he can't quite push hard enough to stay above it. Finally his mother tips herself over while keeping Jared's neck locked between her thighs so he flops out of the water against her ass, heaving heavily right in her crack.

The crowd that's gathered goes crazy over the sight, applauding Debra's dive and laughing as she wiggles her ass in Jared's gasping face. Someone in the crowd tries to start a cheer, "Mommy's Little Butt Boy! Mommy's Butt Boy!" He repeats like a mantra. It catches on quickly amongst the crowd in between bouts of chuckles.

"Do it to him again!" Another person yells out, the voice sounding like it came from the direction of the two cute girls. Jared lifts his head just enough to see the same girls now diving in straight for him. Debra releases her thighs from Jared's neck as the two girls roll him over and each take both his arms and legs. They hold him spread eagle in place and reposition his inflatable underneath him for added support.

Jared is too timid and scared to look at the two girls holding him but looking at his mother terrifies him even more as she poses for her crowd with her big butt sticking out on the ladder as she exits the pool. She continues to strut her favorite feature to the end of the pool nearest where Jared is positioned. He wairly shakes his head as over what's about to happen to him, he stares pleadingly at his mother but he knows it'll do him no good. She barely even looks at him, enjoying the accolates of the audience too much to really care about Jared.

Debra waves to her people once more and they cheer her on as she takes a few steps back before running full speed towards the edge of the pool. There's a stunned silence as she leaps up and curls her body in cannonball-style. Jared watches, once again, his mother's heavy ass coming right for him.

The crowd roars with amusement and celebration as Debra's ass makes a direct hit and huge splash right over Jared's face. Everyone claps and whistles in delight of her performance. Meanwhile Jared desperately tries to kick and claw his way back to the surface of the water under his mother's massive bum.

It's some hours later when Jared finds himself in the hotel bar. He barely remembers coming in here but he's already four drinks in and he finds not remembering isn't so bad. It helps to block out the pool encounter from earlier though it's too fresh to really drink away at this point and too humilating to just forget about. It didn't bother him as much, however. The only solace he really has is trying to convince himself that it doesn't bother him but he can only lie to himself so much. Still if he can convince everyone else that he doesn't care it won't be so bad, at least that's what he tries to assure himself.

He takes a sip of his fifth drink, it's fresh and sends a cool shiver down his spine. Somehow he choked down the first four drinks with relative ease but this one seems to be reminding him of how much he dislikes the taste of alcohol. He takes another pained sip before setting the drink back down on the bar.

It's only in that moment that he notices a pretty young girl sitting right next to him at the bar. Just looking at her perfectly straight brown hair instantly gave Jared unpure feelings and excitement that he wonders if he'd ever be able to pursue again. Is there any semblance of normal for him, he wonders.

Jared closes his eyes and exhales deeply. He gulps as he moves to inhale and open his eyes. He looks straight over to the girl and she happens to look right over at him at that exact moment.

"Hi, I'm Jared," he says smoothly. He can feel himself shaking just under his skin but he works to maintain his composure on the outside.

"Hi! Cynthia. Good to meet you, Jared," she replies warmly. Cynthia is absolutely gorgeous in all the right ways for Jared, she's a cute petite with glasses that kind of embrace her own geekinesss and a laid-back style to match. She's also way hotter than any woman Jared would ever expect to be having a conversation with.

"So what brought you here?" Jared asks cluelessly, having no idea how to hold an actual adult conversation.

"Well I'm a travel writer so I'm basically being paid to live in this paradise for the next week,"she laughs at the absurdity of it.

"That's awesome! That must be nice, traveling around, seeing new places," Jared spews, unsure how to ask a real follow up question.

The bartender looks at Jared under her eyebrows with an incredulous smirk accross her face. She pretends to wipe down a glass for a long while just to listen to him flounder before she's called over to another end of the bar.

"It's really great! I love the job and I have gotten to see some amazing things in my travels abroad," Cynthia says, clearly fishing for a follow up.

"Oh yeah? Like what?" Jared asks with the subtly and maturity of a five year old.

"Seeing the Parthenon in Greece was probably one of the most impressive things. Oh! I saw the Northern Lights in Alaska, that's amazing to witness in person, nothing like seeing in in pictures," Cynthia relays honestly, seemingly unphazed by Jared's less than stellar bedside manner.

Jared smiles as she continues to list interesting sights she'd seen in her work. Listening to her, having a quasi conversation with her made him feel really...normal. It's a good feeling that's only immediately undercut by Debra entering the bar. She still wears her pink floral bikini but now has an evening shawl thrown over her shoulders and her face is made up tastefully for going out.

Debra heads straight for Jared with great speed and purpose. He feels the pit in his stomach grow to nearly outsized proprotions as he blankly stares over Cynthia's shoulder to see every step his mother takes closer and closer to him. Each step closer to bringing this sense of normalcy to its inevitable conclusion under his mother's ass. That's the new normal for Jared.

His mother slides up behind Jared with a large mocking smile on her face, "I am so glad I found you!" Debra feigns excitement as she yanks Jared's hair to pull his face down to her butt.


Debra's loud and proud fart is heard by practically everyone in the bar, she exaggerates her relieved sigh as she smiles to Cynthia. Jared tries to pull away from his mom's stinky fumes but she holds him there as she introduces herself, "I'm Debra, Jared's mother. And this..." Debra lifts her free hand and smacks her overlarge rump right next to Jared's face, "...this is Jared's wife," Debra chuckles.

"Seriously?" Cynthia seems stunned. She turns to Jared as she realizes. His face is still pressed against Debra's crack, his nostrils flairing to inhale her gas, "You're one of those 'Mommy's Little Butt Boys?'" She asks him in disbelief.

"Ah..." Debra interjects before Jared can even think to speak. She grabs his head and pushes it down onto the stool next to Cynthia. Debra steps forward towards the stool and lowers her butt down heavily right on Jared's panting face. She crosses her legs to ensure all her weight is pressing right down on Jared, sealing his face against the tight swimsuit fabric pressed right against her aromatic asshole.

Debra continues, "It was actually my doing that saw to Jared's slavery. I'd always planned for him to serve me so I worked with his sisters to tear down his confidence, embarrass him in public, shame him when he did well, or for just having friends. Basically whatever positive milestone of normalcy he hit, we were there to shit all over him for it. Figuratively, of course." She smiles and winks to Cynthia.

She giggles in response. Cynthia can't help but gawk at Jared trapped under his mother's butt. He gives soft little kicks and bucks but otherwise he seems perfeclty content under there when looking from the outside, like it was something he was born to do. For some reason, Jared just looked right with his face under his mother's butt.

The bartender comes back around and Debra holds up two fingers, ensuring she sees them before lowering her hand. "So finally we sent text messages to, Kelly, the only girlfriend he's ever had, telling her that Jared was already taken and happily serving his mother's ass," Debra says with a loud laugh that jiggles her booty fat over Jared who heard every word of his mother's admission.

Cynthia laughs, "That's outstanding, I'd love to find a way to work that into my story about this place. Can I get in touch with you in a few weeks?"

"Of course, please do. I love sharing our story with as many people as possible," Debra says, patting the exposed top of her son's head.

"I can't thank you enough for saving me from one of those people," Cynthia says dismissively, her voice drained of any respect for Jared.

"Think nothing of it," Debra says as she adjusts her ass over Jared's face. Together, Cynthia and Debra lift and clink their glasses before each taking long satisfying sips of strong scotch.


Later that night, Jared stares blankly at the carpet in his own world as he sits on the edge of the bed. He's just in underwear, an old pair of boxers that came with pre-made holes but he was assured they weren't used, just defective, though would he have really had a say either way? He is to just accept what he's given and be appreciative of it, that's his purpose according to his mother.

Debra walks in wearing a burgandy yoga unitard that hugs every curve of her figure and puts her full voluptious frame on display. She smiles sweetly and takes Jared's hand. He's hesitant but he follows her to the ground where she gently lays him down.

She quickly steps over him with heavy footfalls towards the TV to load her workout DVD and returns to a standing position at right about Jared's waist. Jared looks at his mother confused as his mother lifts her barefoot up slightly. She grins down to him right before she steps firmly right onto his groin.

Jared yelps out in terrible pain as his mother grinds his manhood gently underfoot. The music from the DVD begins to pick up and Debra increases her pace, stepping on and off Jared's crotch with each foot to high-intensity exercise music.

With each heavy step on his vunerable privates, Jared is paralyzed stiff but not numb to the shooting pain running through his entire body from his groin feeling his mother's entire weight alternating from one foot to another on top of his ballsac. Jared meekly endures the unbearable pain, 's unable to register any protest or speak in the brief moments between the crushing weight squeezing his testicales.

Mericfully, the music begins to dim and Debra takes a long, relaxing breath as she smiles down proudly at her son. Her skin is flush with exertion, sweat collects along the ends of her hair band. She takes a seat behind Jared and gently lifts his head to lie it lovingly against her lap. She gently wraps her thick thighs around his head and softly strokes his face warmly, her smiling feeling geniune for the first time in as far back as Jared can recall.

Without warning, Debra tightens her thighs around Jared's skull and begins her leg exercises as the music from the TV starts to intensify again. She squeeses in and then out, lifting and stretching Jared's neck while shaking him from side to side. The music grows to almost deafening loudness as Jared tries desperately to free his head from his mother's headscissor but her legs are too big and too strong, he feels her contracting muscles pulsating against his constricted neck.

Jared flails wildly, tapping his mother's leg in an effort to get her to release him. Debra just chuckles at this but slowly begins to release his head from her thigh prison. The music slows again as well and Debra slowly stands back up. She grabs Jared and pulls him into the center of the floor. She positions herself with both feet on either side of his head.

Jared gulps knowingly as he looks up at his mother's butt crack. Debra follows the video closely as she begins to sink down slowly until her butt crack swallows Jared's head and she's sitting fully on his face. From there, she unfolds herself into the perfect lotus position, freeing all her weight to sit directly on her son's head.

"Now for the next hour, I want you to try these positions without moving too much. Just go ahead and follow along with us, we'll go slow," the trainer woman on the DVD says.

Jared moans out slightly which makes Debra smile. She moves into the next position and holds it while keeping Jared's face firmly in her ass crack. Just 59 minutes to go, she chuckles to herself.

By the end of the session, Jared is barely concious. Debra gently helps him into bed where he instantly passes out as soon as his head hits the matress.


Jared wakes up startled, almost forgetting where he is. It's completely dark and quiet in the room except for Debra's snoring gently beside him with her ass right in line with his face. His mother would never pass up an opportunity to ensure he was face-to-butt with her and she must have made sure that was the case when she went to bed.

Jared finds himself staring at the enrmous cheeks and crack to which he is legally married. He contemplates running away for a moment, it would be easy to do and he could start over completely here. But he quickly realizes he's not brave enough to try it and there's no way he could make it on his own. Besides this is where he belongs, he reminds himself of his mother's insistence.


A noisy fart comes ripping out of his mother's ass as if on cue. It wastes no time in painting his face in deep rank flatulence that smelled of all the rich and fancy foods Debra was stuffing away down her throat. With a deep, choking breath Jared sighs and rolls over to face his mother's rear end. He adjusts his sleeping position to match hers and begins to settle in amongst the fading aroma of her gas but another squeaking fart loudly blasts from his mother's ass, ruffling his hair. Then another blasts out. And another, each sending Jared's face recoiling backwards to try to avoid the stench of it.

Debra moans softly as she stirs in her sleep, her restful snoring is interrupted and with that realization Jared had an idea come to the front of his mind. Wouldn't it be nice if he made the farts quieter and less smelly for his mom, he wonders to himself. Jared shakes his head in repudiation, how could he be thinking like that? But again the urge comes as his mother squeaks out another fart. Without another thought, Jared willingly pushes his face up into his mother's smelly ass crack until his nose is pressed up against her pulsing anus.


The sleeping Debra unloads a disgusting ripper right up Jared's nostrils, it burns his nose hairs with malodorous intent. He just barely stops himself from gagging on the toxic fumes but, to his credit, the fart is noticably muffled in both sound and smell by Jared's face and his mother now coos comfortably as she continues to sleep soundly.


The next afternoon, Debra is well rested from her comfortable night's sleep and strolling down the beach with a large off-white sunhat sitting just on top of her dark sunglasses. Her swimsuit is a fantastic bright purple with gold ring accents around the shoulder straps and at the waist. The back end of the suit, however, slims back down tastefully into a thong which leaves quite literally nothing to the imagination as her big bare butt sways proudy directly in front of Jared's face.

Jared's swimtrunks are a washed out blue and they're a little too big for him, they are just barely held to his waist by the draw cord. He's barely visible under the mountain of towels wrapped around the back of his neck, he holds drinks two drinks in his hands but only by the bottle caps so they don't get too warm for his mother. In his trunk pockets are a bottle of sunscreen for himself and tanning oil for his mother, Jared is incapible of tanning but he can lobster real well without a liberal helping of SPF 4500.

He keeps his gaze locked on his mother's behmoth behind just as she wants him to do but, in his perprial vision, Jared can't help but notice the beautiful women all around him. It's hard for him to tell but many of the women have model good looks and a lot of them seem to be around Jared's age. He tries to steal glances but he notices his mother peer over her shoulder. He decides to keep his eyes strictly forward, staring right at his mother's butt like she wants. It's no doubt best for him to try to avoid the temptation anyway, what good would it do him? Just then a thought occurs to him and his expression turns to concern. He worries perhaps his mother may have something really bad in mind to embarrass him here. The thought quickly fades against the bouncy ass crack of Debra which absorbs all of Jared's gaze like a black hole.


Not ten minutes later, Jared's face is pressed within that black hole at his mother's backside. The back of his head is strapped, with one of his own belts, along his mother's waist keeping his face pefectly planted deep in her crack.

Debra sighs in blissful relaxation and comfort. She lies on her stomach and allows the sun's rays to perfectly brown her oiled body which Jared so graciously did before his face was left to bake in her back oven. The thought makes her smile. She absolutely loved having Jared out here, in her ass like this, for everyone to see and admire her control of him.

Sweat collects around Debra's ass, it drips right along Jared's face and down his nose before sliding off and onto her own anus. Her backside has been as calm as his mother is but it feels every bit as rank as her gas attack last night and musky now from the humidity between his mother's cheeks.

Jared tries to keep his mind on the positive aspects of this situation, as few as they may be. He finds some solace in the fact that he no longer has to really face the pretty girls around him, he had that embarrassment taken from him so that's a plus. He nuzzles his head down a little deeper, trying to bury his face even more so he can't even wonder about the possibility of seeing anything beyond his mother's bum.

Of course he does still see the girls walking by him whenever he's allowed to come up for air. At first, the bright sunlight is too blinding to notice anything but dark sillottes against the water. But as his vision clears, he sees the pretty girls gawking at him with huge grins or laughing out loud while pointing right at him. He hides his embrassment deep in his mother's ass crack which seems to suit her just fine. Debra takes a soft hand a rubs the back of Jared's head warmly, like she is petting a loyal dog and, in many ways, she is doing just that.

Debra makes a motion with her hand to signal the waitress and she is there in seconds, "Hello, my name is Lena. Is there anything I can get for you, ma'am?" She smiles at the sight of Jared in his mother's ass crack but otherwise doesn't really acknowldge it.

"Lena, it's nice to meet you. My son and his wife are a little too busy to greet you at the moment, I'm afraid," Debra jokes, looking back at her son's face buried between her ass cheeks.

Lena chuckles, clearly getting a kick out of the whole thing. She looks to be right around Jared's age with jet black hair and small but noticable brests that protruded out from her tight, mango-colored resort polo.

The fact that Lena is just Jared's type isn't lost on Debra. She smirks as she fishes her foot up to her son's crotch where she can feel his enlarged member. Jared clearly has a hard on for Lena, or maybe he's just that in love with his wife, Debra almost laughs outloud to the thought. "I would like to order a Mango Magariti, please," she says to Lena. "But just a moment if you would. Sweetie, you can take a breath now."

On cue, Jared's head emerges like a groundhog from his mother's mounds. He pants and gasps, having been between her cheeks and rebreathing her ass aroma for another ten minutes straight.

"You're going to oil my front now, sweetie," she says, handing Jared the oil and lifting her striking, mature breasts from the sand to taunt him. "I wonder, Lena, do you find my son attractive?" Debra asks the waitress with a smile.

Lena laughs politely, a little unsure of her response at first, "I'll be right back with your drink order." She starts to walk away but quickly turns back and puts her hand to her mouth as if to tell a secret, "Honestly, he looked better with your ass in his face."

Debra laughs heartily along with Lena, "I agree completely. In fact," Debra says, turning her attention back to Jared and stiffening her tone, "Put your tounge in my ass," she demands with a grin, she winks to Lena who is beaming with delight to witness Jared's degredation at the hands of his mother.

With a mortified look on his face, Jared hides it deep within his mother's ass cheeks again and extends his tongue into her anus as she demands. A demoralizing shiver runs down his spine as his tongue tip touches his mom's hole. He can hear Lena laughing out loud with Debra, he can feel her cheeks vibrate with each chuckles as he softly licks around the ridges of his mom's asshole to please her.

Jared can feel the palpable humilation build around him, the eyes from every corner of the resort watching him dig through his mother's ass with his tongue like a prarie dog opening a new hole. Debra's soft moans and plusating anus quickly brings a brief sense of pride, to be successful at pleasuring a woman.

PPPPuurrrrrrrrrrrbbbb! Debra's ass fires off a disgustingly cheesy blast right up Jared's nostrils with intense force. Instictively he tries to break free but Debra grabs his head and holds it there with a big grin on her face as the nearby beach patrons laugh at Jared's mighty struggle to free himself from his mother's oderferious anus.

But in a moment or three, the brunt of the odor finally passes and Jared's pace with his tongue is relaxed again as his mother gently twists at little tufts of his hair. His total transformation is coming along just perfectly for her.


The next day, Debra and Jared are out sitting by the pool. Debra's flamingo-colored one piece is resplendent and perfect for showing off every tormentous curve of her body. By comparison, Jared's off-gray trunks barely had so much as a two-tone trim with a ripcord that was torn and retied many times over that the trunks really could only fit one size. Jared managed to squeeze the trunks in around his hips but they slide loosly back down his waist, it could be attractive if he had any semblance of muscle on his body.

Debra lays back in repose on a pastel blue deck chair under a matching umbrella nearby that's enough to cover her completely while leaving Jared baking in the scortching sun. His hands are crossed over his waist as he just looks at Debra and waits. He briefly peers out beyond her occassionally but as paranoia of seeing even a giggle in his direction keeps his eyes mostly on his mother, he gives her a fake smile on the few occassions their eyes meet.

Debra disguses a small frown. She can't help but feel a little sorry for Jared, she took away everything from him and it's clearly starting to affect him negatively. It's the first time she ever really looked at his face, his state of being, since he signed the agreement. She was more caught up in the thrill of his new position than how it would make her feel to see him like this.

It would certainly be an adjustment for them both. Debra smiles over the shared fact that she is adjusting to this new life just like Jared is, like she had gained a better understanding of how he must feel about all these changes in life.

An idea comes to Debra. A way that's sure to help Jared along with his adjusting, "Sweetie, why don't you take a dip in the pool?" The chair straps groan loudly under her weight as she adjusts herself into a upright sitting position.

Jared carefully peers over his shoulder at a young, beautiful brunette in a hippy-flowered two piece bathing suit. She's with two other girls that have been going off the diving board all afternoon, and Jared watched them coverly for over an hour without them noticing but his mother had seen his wandering eyes. He sheepishly tries to play it off cool, "Nah, I mean, you know I'd like to but I...can't swim." He tries to trail off to hide his embarrassment over being a grown boy that can't swim.

"My dear son," Debra smiles as she puts two soft hands on either side of Jared's face, it's the first time she's really caressed him like since her desires to have him serve her started to grow inside her and the maternal insticts began to dim. "I can help you."

Jared's eyes light up a bit as a barely noticable smile crosses his crusted-over lips.


A moment later, Debra is calmly and smoothly swimming a perfect backstroke accross the pool, especially near the diving board where the young ladies continue their harmless antics with each other. The brunette that had caught Jared's eye stops as she notices Debra swiming by with something attached to her. The girls all look and start laughing as they recognize the sight.

Trailing behind and kicking for his dear life, Jared is belted behind his neck to his mother's ass with his mouth pressed up almost against her anus in the tiniest of air pockets. He desperately tries to keep his mouth in that two inch space at the bottom of his mother's crack. A splashing of water floods into his panting mouth, he chokes it back up and tries to wedge his face in further to avoid the water line.

PPpiiifffff! A tiny, watery spurt makes Jared cringe as he forces himself to press his nostrils against the source of the smell and inhales deeply the only bit of air he's afforded during his mother's swimming lesson.

Debra smirks with her eyes closed as she continues to gracefully paddle her arms and legs across the crystal blue pool, her son in paniked tow as her de facto tail.

On the couple's final night at the resort, Debra has something very special planned. She admires herself in the opulent full-length mirror, her leapordskin lingere drapes off her delicately and barely hides a single detail of her cavernous body behind it's sheer surface. Her large breasts and bottom gently push the fabric out to accomidate her plump pear-like frame.

Jared is uncerminously sprawled out and starkly naked with his pale, frail form on full display. He's spreadeagle on the hoonymoon suite bed with his wrists and ankles tied to each of the bed posts on covertly ordemental hooks that look like they were a provided ammentiy for this very purpose. His wide eyes watch as his mother switches off the light over the sink, she turns slowly and sashays sexily towards the bed, heading right for Jared with a smirk on her face.

She runs her soft, sultry fingers up Jared's bare leg to his thigh and slowly closer in towards his member which quickly begins to throb slightly from her touch. The feeling makes Jared ashamed and angry as he tries to get free from his binds but his mother tied him in far too tightly, he can barely budge an inch. Debra looks at Jared's awkening cock, then looks to him and bites her lip a little to tease him.

Rapidly, she jumps onto the bed and mounts herself onto Jared's dick which pokes up like a tiny wooden Ikea peg disappeared inside Debra's massive butt crack. "I don't know that I like you being so distracted by these nubile, young girls all around you. I better take you for myself to elimate any temptation, don't you think?" Debra taunts rehatortically as she playfully starts to jiggle and bounce her big booty over Jared's crotch.

Desperately he shakes his head no, unable to utter a single word between the traumatic shock and embarrassing torment of his mother riding his dick between her ass cheeks. Debra grins down at Jared while licking her top teeth lustfully. She nods assertively, assuring him that this is indeed happening. She continues to gyrate over his increasingly hardening member with enough force to ensure she takes every last sliver of Jared's humanity for herself.

Jared can feel the pressure building inside his shaft, the envitable splosh. And he thought about how good it would feel, how long it's been since he had a nice, satisfying little splosh. Just a little one would be nice, he thinks to himself. But he's quickly snapped back to reality as his mother's butt cheeks sloopily slap over his dick again.

" please..." Jared frantically blurts out with a dire screetch. His body attempts to flail around wildly but only his head is free enough to lean back against the matress. "" his voice fades as his protective psyche slips in and out of control, trying to combat the heavy reality of the nearly literal elephant in the room that's bouncing up and down on his cock.

Debra sighs as she stretches her arms above her head and continues to ride her son's manhood. "I always viewed you as something of a failure," says abruptly and sparing no tact on Jared. "I really think we did Kelly a favor by splitting the two of you up. And we certainly did me a favor, didn't we?" She chuckles in between pantings from the sexual activity.

Jared is completely zombie-like, it's unclear if he can even really hear his mother's words or if he's entered an unconcious state. That doesn't deter Debra in the slightest as she continues while still enthuastically jouncing on her son's member.

"Plus with all the money from the Failure stipend, I was able to send Nicole and Natalie to one of the world's very best Matriarchial academies. They are having the time of their life! I just got a text from them earlier, they captured themselves a slave and made him take the name Jared. Isn't that sweet? They clearly miss you," Debra says with a smile, mocking her only son.

Jared's blank gaze is locked on his mother's face, staring at her expressionlessly as he feels his fluid rapidly rising to the surface from her gyrations. So constant and smooth, his penis rubbing deeply along the flabby cheeks of her ass. Internally he's trying to fight the urge to cum, to think about baseball or anything else to stop himself from cumming inside his mother's ass crack. Anything but that, he tries to force his body to adapt to the new mantra even under the pain of the worst blue balls but he could not allow himself to splosh inside his mother's butt. He couldn't.

"And I helped you too, didn't I?" Debra softens her tone as she raises a finger to her mouth and licks the tip of it before slowly running it down Jared's flat chest . "You would have never gotten a girl as curvy as I am on your own. And what would you have done with her?! You can't even stretch your dick enough to hit my butt hole!" She scoffs. "But of course a mother can forgive these things, other girls would not be so nice about your tiny penis," Debra heavily emphasises to remind him again. "I knew from the day you were born that you were meant to serve me."

She takes a moment to caress her own body, running her hands from Jared's waist up her own hips and along the sides of her body. She runs her fingertips over her nipples, flicking them slightly as her tongue insticitvely darts past her lips. Her blonde locks flow freely down her back as she lifts her face towards the ceiling.

Jared is on the edge. He can feel his cock throbbing, already moistened by pre-cum. With his last bit of mental stamina he tries to prevent himself from finishing by any means he can. He tries to fake his brain into thinking he's squeezing his balls with all his might but it's not something of which he's actually capibible of convicinng himself.

A final intense vibration from his cock and a mortified moan give way to Jared's massive gyser of built-up ejaculate spurting audibly against his mother's anus. The final squirt of cum sends a deep shiver down Jared's spine before his bodyfalls still again, only his chest rises and falls with his breath.

Debra coos softly as she brings her thrusting rhtyem to a slow stop. "Oh that was a big one," She chuckles, speaking down to Jared like a toddler making potty for the first time. "You finished so quickly, you must really like mommy!" She taunts him.

Jared remains comatose, alive but not sentient in the typical sense. His mind is unfortunately very aware of what just transpired. Before now there was always an inkling of hope that things could go back to the way they were before all of this. But there would be no going back now, not after that. His mind just keeps repeating over and over what he had done like a broken record in his head. He'd cum inside his mom's ass crack, and now his own fluids drip back down over his member like an added glaze of shame.

Debra's face is beaming as she gets up off Jared and shuffles quickly over to the closet to rummage through her bags. She pulls out a small purple shipping box with every side adorned with a white Matriachy symbol. From the box, she pulls out a large rubber stamp with a thick tapered wooden handle. Debra grins as she looks at the stamp's image and then rushes it close to Jared to show him, she holds it right in front of his face.

The prestine orange rubber of the stamp is unmarred and thick to ensure it lasts through lifetimes of wear and tear. Jared's eyes focus on the imaging of the stamp featuring a large curvy buttocks in position on top a small face with the name DEBRA underneath.

His mother pulls out the permanent ink pad from the box and stains the orange rubber in the dark bluish ink, pushing hard on every side to ensure the stamp recives a nice even coat of ink. She pulls Jared's head by the hair to expose and stretch his neck flat before pressing the cold stamp firmly against her son's flesh. She smoothly pulls away the rubber to expose the immaculate, demeaning imprint left upon Jared's skin forever more.

Debra proudly admires her brand on Jared's neck. From between her breasts, she grabs her phone to get a shot of the stamp for posterioty. As soon as the camera shutter clicks, Jared's distraught eyes begin to well up like a pathetic child about to sob.

A cruel smile crosses Debra's lips as she pushes Jared's face into her waiting ass crack, burying deep any of his nascent tears. She extends the phone up above her head and angles it back downward towards herself and Jared smothered beneath her. She puffs out her butt as much as possible to make it look even more prominent and plump. Once settled, she strikes a languorous pose and snaps another photo with Jared's face wedged deeply between her ass cheeks.

She takes just a brief second to enjoy the photo herself before opening up Instagram and quickly adjusting a few visiual settings to enhance the photo just a tad. In the description she writes: "Spending some quality time with my son #MommysLittleButtBoy." Debra also made sure to hashtag bomb with every possible deameaning tag that she could think of as well as hashtags for the Matriarchy and associated groups. This photo to be her social media debut into the community of Mothers with slave-sons and it must be perfect. With one last overlook of the details, Debra posts the image to her own Instagram and Jared's as well.

Within four seconds of posting her phone explodes, buzzing and pinging almost non-stop as like after like come flooding in from around the world on her first and only Instagram post so far. Her sudden popularity gives her a devilish idea.

Moments later, Debra places both her own phone and her son's phone on either side of the bathroom and begins to livestream on both simeltaneously.

"Hi instaweb! This is Debra and this is, of course, my son Jared," Debra says towards her own phone as her bountiful bare booty spreads out over the toilet seat with Jared right in the middle between her thick legs. Only his neck is exposed, deliberately displaying his new ink proudly for his phone's camera.

"It's our honeymoon and you all know what that means..." she winks knowingly to the camera just before reclining blithely against the back of her porcelain throne, in her palatial room paid for with her son's college money. "Best vacation ever," she sighs out to herself as she feels Jared's lips lock in with her asshole. With a soft, sultry cooing, Debra's anus began to push out a great helping of her shit crackling loudly right into her son's open mouth.

Her grinning smile turns into a deep laugh that tauntingly echos through the toilet bowl over and over in Jared's head as he chokes down his mother's voluminous waste. To please her, as is his duty.

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