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I've put together to compile the limited information about the fetish and be a source of non-porn focused information.

Also check out the Fart Fetish Podcast which is a monthly podcast I started to try to increase awareness and improve perception of this fetish.



Who Am I?
What's This Site About?
What is Fart Fetishism?
How Do I Get Someone to Fart for / on Me?
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I have gone by the moniker Closet Fetishist for more than fifteen years. I have been writing Female domination fart erotica since 2005.

I've had fart fetish fantasies since 1st grade and even then I had a clear obsession with farting that was tragic and tormenting, I for some reason enjoyed the thought of evil winning over good in some of my favorite movies of the time, like in Goldeneye for example.

I have continued to use dominating and tragic themes in my work. Most often the hero of one of my stories is mostly innocent of bullying or anything really deserving of revenge thus making the intolerable cruelty all the more poignant. The characters I write are typically subject to manipulation, blackmail, or other motivating factors to encourage their cooperation.




The Fart Closet was established as a home for my erotica. It has also become a repository for the stories of other authors that submit here directly or whose stories I have archived over the years.

The main themes of this site are: fart fetishism, Femdom / female domination, face sitting, and smothering

If you are sensitive to fictionalized human suffering, this is probably not the site for you.. A handful of my stories conclude with the death or allusion to the death of the main character including my very first story.




I created a free informative website with links to reputable articles for people who have questions just like this one.

Simply speaking, fart fetishism, or Eproctophilia, is a sexual fixation which ties some aspects of flatulence to arousal. Beyond that, there are at least two sub-sections of fart fetishism: romance and humiliation.

Romance refers to situations and fantasies in which both the giver and the receiver are mutually enjoying the gaseous experience. Humiliation refers to those situations in which only the giver is enjoying themselves and the receiver is receiving varying degrees of torment. Most stories on this site fall into the latter camp.

Anecdotally, fart fetishism seems fairly unheard-of in the kink community at large and activities, like face sitting, are seen as far too intimate for casual kink play at the local dungeon. Statistically, and there aren't many real statistics regarding this fetish, the terms for fart and farting gained traction in the Netherlands and Brazil according to PornHub's Year in Review for 2016




This is truly the million dollar question and I think for every answer your individual results will vary. Getting someone to fart on you will be a journey that will be very personal to you and likely only work for you.

For some, it will mean paying a ProDomme to fart in a session. There's nothing wrong with this method, my first three experiences with fart fetishism were all with ProDommes.

This fetish is otherworldly foreign to almost every one that is not already a fan within our community. Face sitting enjoys some better recognition among kinksters but it's not generally seen as an activity for casual play among people meeting for the first time at a BDSM party, perhaps understandably so.

My belief is the best way to try to accommodate this fetish on a non-financial level is to build a close connection with a romantic partner, build trust and understanding in one another and then slowly start to mention these kinks in subtle, casual ways. I cannot guarantee success but I've shared my fetish with both my girlfriends over the years and never experienced any kind of ostracization as a result. But again, your results may vary.




This isn't a comprehensive list but here's some things to get you started.

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