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The Gynarchy Timeline
Follow the trail of the Gynarchy Takeover through
my stories in this timeline and revist some of the best moments
with General Oro, the United Female Forces, and their allies.

Featured Stories
The Loosr App
A new app is making waves
in the world of Femdom with Women everywhere able to find
an unwilling Loosr within
a 5 mile radius!
The Purge Begins
A change is taking place.
A new leader has emerged
to united her people against
a common enemy: Men.

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2005 - 2011 | 2012 - 2016 | Abandoned

Newer stories organized by published date
Nikki the Unwilling Slave
Jacob has fallen for a sexy MILF named Amanda and he's willing to do anything to please her. And that includes offering up his wife Nikki to her.
The Online Meetup
A meetup with a young woman met online becomes a trial run for a her new submissive boyfriend.
Short Fantasies with Sharon
A collection of short scenarios.
My Sister, My Keeper
Isabelle is home from college and is quickly forced to find out her little sister, Elanor, has gotten into some very odd fetishes.
It Has Cum to This
Lucas has vowed to a NoFap cleanse but when his new step-sisters find out they use it to try to tweak the twerp's sexuality in disgusting ways.
Super-Natural Medicine
Charles Blackwood, a wealthy Lord, has been stricken with a fatal illness; all hope seems lost until he sends for an unorthodox Oculist woman to avail him of his deadly affliction.
The Big Night
Debra Hunter takes her newly owned slave-son to a lavish resort to solidify his position underneath her.
The Love of a Giantess
Ms. Jennifer Kelly finds an unlikely soulmate and continues to rampage through another city.
Schooled Out
Ms. Jennifer Kelly uses her grotesque talents and her newly found growth ray to wreak havoc with her cohort in tow.
The Lyft
Michael's last chance to keep his job gets severely tested by a trio of mischievous girls he has the misfortune of picking up.
Alyssa comes over to help with a computer problem but ends up finding more about her friend than she may have ever wanted.
In Trouble
Sharon doesn't let a thing like passing out underneath her go unpunished.
Monica's brother and I stand reluctantly ready for fart torture.
Sharon & Summer
A visit with Monica's mom and aunt turns out more horribly than I could have ever prepared myself for.
An Evening at Monica's
I finally visit a girl I'd been talking to for a week and it turns out, everything she said about her gassy family was true.
My Experience with Mistress Kasia
I relay my true experiences with Mistress Kasia.
Reality's Nightmare
Mark's dreams come true on his latest visit to the local dungeon but the fantasy doesn't exactly prepare him for the reality.
Lucario Loves Lopunny
A wandering Lucario stumbles upon a lovely Mega Lopunny named Lydia. It's love at first sight for him but she might have other ideas.
Dexter Gets Attached
Dexter and Dee-Dee wrestle over Dexter's Magnet Ray when his face accidentally becomes magnetized to his mother's bum; and Dee-Dee is in control of the attraction.
Frankie's New Follower
Frankie Stein planned on chilling after school but when a monster hunter follows her on the way home, she decides to teach him a lesson he won't soon forget.
Tour Buddies
When they're scheduled to tour together, Ariana Grande tries to befriend Nicki Minaj but it's clear that Nicki has other plans.
With her Femdom Regiment having taken control of the city, Laura's patience with Adam has run out.
Harley's Fun Three
Harley continues her torment of poor Kyle, insistent upon turning him into her loyal and obedient puppy.
Mall Service
When Goddess asks you to accompany her to the mall, it's a great honor for her to allow herself to be seen with you. But you're also still in her service.
Moxxi's Big Finish
Moxxi's cruel intention to cause Twitch a great amount of suffering continues when she reroutes the Red Light's bathroom plumbing straight into Twitch's helpless mouth.
Moxxi's House of Extremities
Twitch finds herself bound to a specialized table in Deep Fathoms and Moxxi is about to introduce her limbs to the high-pressure waterjet cutter.
Snuffed Out
Despite providing viable intelligence, an American-Muslim spy has been deemed too risky to be left alive and it falls on Ash to terminate her with extreme prejudice.
Shocking Treachery
When explosive devices are found at the US Capitol Building, Valkyrie is called in to interrogate the captured terrorist and obtain the code to disarm the bombs.
The Drug Stool
A known associate of a notorious drug lord has been captured; it's up to Caveira to interrogate her and uncover the criminal's hideout.
The Kinzie Gambit
Kinzie thought she was just going to have a quiet night in the Inner Sanctum but a very special visitor drops by.
EO 9066
The call has gone out. It's up to all Femme kind to ensure our supremacy.
The Fall of Canterbury
Canterbury Commons gets a rude awakening after Derek accidentally confronts the AntAgonizer.

Stories from 2012 - 2016
Ordered by Publish Date

Sam finds himself at the mercy of a trio of teachers.
Marriage Therapy
When your hubby isn't quite as submissive as you need him to be.
The Paralegal
You go to school for years only to wind up as a lawyer's fart cushion.
Dealership Shuttle
A gassy shuttle driver picks up the customer.
Guy Sitting
When the lady's away, her girl friends will play.
Goddess Ruins My Life
The Goddess runs roughshod through my life without a care in the world.
The Loosr App
Swipe right to torture.
Guest Star on Girls
The chance of a lifetime may not be all it's cracked up to be.
The Wanderer in Whiterun
A young man sets out to become an adventurer but quickly faces some harsh realties.
Traffic School
The Goddess sets her sights on a lowly toilet with a little encouragement and help from a good friend.
Hers Forever
Sometimes a youthful promise can last a lifetime.
The Online Date
When you meet a perfect stranger, you have to be careful.
Class Sucks
It just sucks so hard.
Sacrifice to the Goddess of Torture
An unsuspecting, studious teen is captured for ritual sacrifice to the Goddess of Torture and Punishment.
A Special Place in Hell
There's a special place in hell for women who don't convince their mates to vote for Clinton.
At a certain age, the outlook starts to look bleak.
Followed Her Home (Roleplay)
Sometimes it's better to just let it be.
The Employee
Never forget, you are the most important part of the machine.
Freshman Transfer
Sometimes your mere existence can rub powerful people the wrong way.
Progress for Womankind
After years of planning and waiting, the opportunity to strike back at the misogynistic world of men has finally come.
She's got a plan for you.
The Casting Couch
The audition did not go well but the casting director loves you!
Cassi's Bitch
Cassi has her bitch well trained to her needs.
The Goddess catches her unfaithful slave and makes sure he will never stray again.
Parent-Teacher Conference
Sometimes a young man needs to learn a little respect for authority; who better to teach him than his mother and teacher.
Harley's Fun 2
Next up for Kyle, a little smelly oral pleasure is what Harley wants; and will get, one way or another.
Full Service
There may come a day when your wife takes you to the doctor. If that day
Chopping Block
Martin's job is in danger of being eliminated, but he may be able to save it if he can convince the other employees to take a financial hit for him.
She Made Me Hers
Having a real relationship as a submissive with your dominating girlfriend isn't easy.
The IT Guy
The boss seems to have it out for the IT guy.
Christmas at Bernie's
Bernie's life is starting to return to normal finally; what better time for his aunt and cousin to drop in unexpected.
Girlfriend Massage
Just when you think you have this one pinned down, it changes on ya!
What a Shit Day
Nothing worse than when a long day just gets longer.
Muster in the Dust
Mass male eradication is not something that can be fully handled by the new government; it needs a little helping hand on the ground.
Babysitter 2: False Accusation
Shelly got pregnant as a result of her wild night using Keith; now she's back for child support and maybe even more.
The Purge Begins
A change is taking place; a new leader has emerged to united her people against a common enemy: Men.
Outgoing Boyfriend
Breaking up doesn't have to be a whole big thing; in fact, you can make it fun.
Aged Out
When you hit that age, things change.
Torturous Breakup
Breakups can be hard on everybody.
The Indian Restaurant
Some jobs are smellier than others.
Teacher's Pet
How Kevin became a fart and toilet slave.
Life on the farm is already tough enough without sibling domination.
Ire of the Skunk
A man has an experience in the woods with...skunk-women?! Or is that too unbelievable? Would you believe his story?
Fucking Bitches!
A young man learns some respect when he's gets a bit to uppity with his babysitter.
The Goddess Visits Kary
Kary gets a visit from the Goddess but she may wind up getting far more than she hoped for...or wanted.
Librarian's Assistant
A librarian's assistant is hired but not everyone is happy about the extra help.
How I Got Started
A young woman recounts her tale of the accidental face farting that changed everything for her.
Mom's Toilet
Mom decided she didn't want a son anymore; she wanted a toilet.
Play Prisoner
Showbiz ain't everything it's cracked up to be.
Class System
One student is find his teacher's assets a little distracting. When she finds out, she realizes the student's place in life; one that will make both of them happy.
The Rest Stop
Lauren and Kelly are on a nice drive when Lauren starts to feel a little gassy.
Two Girls, One Love
Lauren and Kelly are still feeling each other out but things are looking good for the future.
Business Model
Any good business needs a successful business model, and a lackey slave.
Little Secret
Your job is to be unseen and unheard; oh and to take big puffs of gas up your nose.
Sneaky Stories 3
A boyfriend switch helps the men find value in their 'relationships.'
Sneaky Stories 2
A young teen comes clean about his odd fetish to his teacher who may have planted the seed.
Sneaky Stories 1
You fuck with the wrong person, you're fucked!
Writer's Critic
Everyone's a critic. Some are stronger than others.
Trojan Horse
A classic formula to breach enemy territory, and have a little fun with a toilet too.
Taking the Goddess out can be hazardous for everyone but at least she has fun.
Career Goddess
It's good work, when you can get it.
Obey or else.
Beach Vollyboot
Volleyball gets a whole lot browner for everybody.
Friendly Favor
Sometimes you just gotta be nice.
Thick Punishment
The Goddess takes care of her brothers and has fun in the process as she teaches them about their place in life.
Weak Work
The Goddess isn't pleased with the current work and she pays a visit to work out the kinks with her new toy.
Writer's Critic
One for old time's sake, for anyone who's been dissatisfied with the more recent stories.
Toilet Aisle
The Goddess makes use of one of the demonstration 'toilets' for one of her famous demolishings.
Stall at Fifteen Hundred
The Goddess utilizes a few toilets on the plane, honoring the men with the privilege of joining the Mile Dump Club though they may be less than thrilled.
Police Goddess
The Goddess makes a bit of an unorthodox cop, but effective.
Citywide Dumper
An elusive toilet enrages the Goddess; he will not remain hidden long.
Big Booty Embrace
Upon meeting the Goddess...
Goddess Swim
The Goddess gets a job as a swim instructor.
Booty Flu
It's a pain when you're sick but when you have support, it's much easier to overcome.
Terminal Bus
It's been a long flight and the buildup is only getting greater.
Ex-BF, New TP
Just because your her ex doesn't mean the Goddess can't find a place for you in her life.
Camp Goddess
Walter's going to camp but it's much more fun for the counselor than the boy.
A game a of tennis turns BIG and sludgy.
There is no 'his' in the Goddess' story, only her supremeness and the toilets she demolishes.
Sludge Science
The Goddess is teaching science; those kids are a lucky bunch that will learn a lot...about pleasing a Goddess.
Heavy Sitter
Jackie enlists some special help to give her brother the life direction he so desperately needs.
Goddess Collection Inc.
Credit can be a treacherous thing these days; debt bondage is alive and well.
Date Night
Friday night, and the hunt begins again.
Burying the Bodies
It's a good skill to have; make a garden anywhere you wreak havoc.
Everyone's gotta start sometime.
Dungeon of a Goddess
Every good Goddess knows to keeps a well stocked dungeon.
Toilet Education
This isn't the sex education class you were expecting.
The Train
In train cars full of toilets, none are safe when the Goddess is on board; plugged up good from Thanksgiving dinner and dying to unloading.
Dollhouse of Horror
She has him small and trapped in a toy dollhouse; what can he do but take it?
Rough Unloading
The Goddess is on a plane; luckily she has a few unwilling toilets nearby to serve her, whether they knew it or not.

Stories from 2005 - 2011
Ordered Alphabetically

Adopted Brother
Suburban privilege knows few bounds.
Sometimes you're the fucker; sometimes you're the gimp.
Airport Mishap
Running into old friends can be hard sometimes.
Always Bet on the Asian
A nerdy pair of friends bet on the chess tournament.
A Smelly Situation
Can Danny Phantom get Johnny and Kitty back together before she destroys dating for everyone?
A Trip to Raw
Getting backstage isn't always what it's cracked up to be.
Aunt Nora
Rodney and his aunt have a bonding moment over a dark secret.
Aunty Teacher
A laid-off teacher does not simply stop teaching; she shares her experience and knowledge with those closest to her.
Perhaps it's the 'baby' that actually does the sitting.
Behind My Back
Kate's going against her mother's wishes; a storm is brewing.
Life is all about 'em; hopefully you make the right ones.
Clone Mercy
The Pacific City Peace Keepers always are on the look out for bad rep.
Complacent Captive
He doesn't complain much.
A Pokémon trainer becomes more complacent with a selfish desire over a real relationship with a person with needs and wants.
A nice guy decides to repay the girl who gave him his first toke.
Down North
A little blackmail in the City of San Francisco.
Evil Aunt
Not all relatives are kindly; some are downright cruel.
Fart Contest
Can a mere boy stand up to the heat of a fart contest or will he get a cold nose?
Fart Fairies
To keep the world in balance, fart fairies are dispatched to ensure humans are farting as they should; this is particularly pleasant for one woman.
Feeling Alienated
An alien learns of Earth intercourse and finds it to be very erotic compared to his planet.
Feminine Household
It's possible that a guy can't get a fair shake at life.
A fetishist finds his gassy dream girl.
Jeff goes to a new strip club that just opened in town but he quickly learns what the club is really about.
General Anesthetic
Mr. Peters is about to go under general anesthetic. What he doesn't know is this procedure doesn't need any needles or masks.
Ghost Writer
When a book doesn't improve one candidates image, she decides to make a personnel change.
Girlfriend Training
It's hard to be a good girlfriend.
a Goddess has a tale that would set any wayward toilets straight.
Goddess II
a Goddess can be fair and merciful but if you fail her, you will suffer the consequences.
Good Guy, Bad Cop
What seems to be a routine traffic stop, turns into something much more and Steve soon finds himself pressed against the backside of the law.
Guess She's Down
My happenstance dream girl gets just a little more dreamy.
Happy Halloween
Picking up a sibling just got complicated.
Jeff relives his awful childhood home experience.
A bad day turns worse for a man as he is taken hostage by three bank robbers.
Hot Seat
Better do you reading.
I Learned to Love Her
A perfect ten, a satisfactory six; whatever could be wrong with this girl?
Irreverence of Man
In 2020, America will have its first female president. By 2025, all men will be imprisoned.
Jury Duty
A woman is on trial for the alleged murder of her husband; the eleven woman, one man jury is looking hopelessly hung.
Just Horsin' Around
Kevin hides away in a stable dressing room and gets a private peep show, until Cassandra discovers him.
Kingdom Farts
The world of fantasy isn't always a fantasy.
Lady Death
The sexy villainess is wreaking havoc!
Late Night at Study Lab
You are sometimes in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Little Timmy and His Mother
Our parents have more control of our destinies than you may have originally thought.
Lost Picking Flowers
A young boy gets lost in the woods and stumbles upon a young sorceress' home. an Elevator
A bad night is about to turn so much worse.
Love at First Sniff
Greg has always been missing something in his life...a girl. Until, that is, the perfect day when his dream girl walked into his life.
Mama's Problem
The role of mother is one of great responsibility; you're leadership and teaching builds lives...or ruins them.
Man on My Wall
Guy is tied to the wall.
Melted Hitchhiker
The pursuit of agelessness is often sought after but rarely attained; the true secret is still science fiction...well except for one woman.
Mike & Irene
It's true love at its finest...and smelliest.
M is for Fox
Ms. Fox is on the prowl for new victims.
Bethanne and Roy are a couple of horny teenagers that just want to get a little action. Beth's mother has other ideas.
My Pet Research Assistant
A guy finally meets his online best friend to help her write a paper for school.
My Sister the Sadist
Phil's sister, Jean, used to be very sweet but now something has changed in her and he is left to suffer at her every whim.
It's the only way to go to get nowhere but at least that's something.
No Talking in Class!
An incident in class lands Cal in trouble with his teacher and she reveals to him his true place in life.
Curt's secret fetish is revealed when his female co-worked finds his hidden files on the computer.
Personal Trainer
A late night training session pisses off Peter's personal trainer and she quickly finds a way to air her concerns.
Phi Alpha Rho Tau (ΦΑΡΤ)
A highly secretive sorority is formed on the campus of Yale University and almost every female on campus wants to join.
Pizza Delivery
Not tipping your delivery person can be hazardous to your health.
Pool Party
A husband can be a useful tool to have around.
Pool Side, Back Side
Be careful who you insult, it could be deadly.
A fetishist finds himself in a very fortunate predicament.
Project Partners
Jessica, ordinarily a bully to David, befriends him when they are assigned partners for a school project.
Dating's hard.
Quickie (Male Dom)
A bit of role reversal; women beware.
Renewed Love
When attention to one goes up, attention to the other must surely drop.
It's not always just about what you want, is it?
Serial Headmistress
Students are very replaceable creatures; one headmistress uses this to her advantage.
Sex Education (My First Story)
Jared thinks he may have a fart fetish; he wants to learn more and where better than sex education class.
Simply a Nightmare
Four women have achieved great success in their relatively new bakery business but things are about to go awry.
Simply Ponyin' About
After the incident at the ranch, Kevin still likes Cassandra; Cassandra likes Kevin too...that is, she'd like him to sniff her farts.
Sister in Law
Jake comes out about his fart fetish to his sister in law and finally gets to fulfill his dream.
Sister in Law II: The Seven Hour Itch
Jake can hardly wait to go to his sister in law's house for another session with her. Jenifer is equally as eager to oblige him.
Sister in Law III: A New Toy
Jenifer has been busy finding more ways to please herself and Jake.
Skunk Women Attack!
A Star Wars fan flick attracts numerous nerdy men to a isolated location only to find the main feature them!
A trio of misfit teenagers head into the woods to get drunk but they soon find out that they aren't the only one's out there tonight.
Skunked! II: Operation Repopulation
Greg is taken to the skunk-women home planet where he takes on a surprisingly useful function.
Slow Day
It's a slow day at the shop.
Small Town Jail
A guy gets thrown in jail for smoking weed while driving; luckily, the cops are willing to crack him a break.
Special Squad
A special squad in training goes rogue and it seems like no one can stop them.
Spot Slave
A sibling at a boring college event gets a little lesson on women.
The Superhero Registration Act goes into effect and Captain America is none too pleased.
A medieval prisoner finds himself serving in the female heads.
Summer Breeze
If there's grass on the field...
Summer School
David transferred out of his old school; he thought that would end it until a suspicious car starts following him home.
Winning elections isn't always about being the best; sometimes you need a little outside persuasion.
It's the holidays; time to get close to those you love.
That's Class
A teacher, a student, and universe in a vacuum. Sounds like sexy-time.
The Adventure to Die For
An ant worker drone and his squad bites off more than they can chew when they go out in search for food for their queen.
The Benevolent Prostitute
Mark has a fight with his wife and seeks the services of a prostitute to alleviate his needs but this woman's not your everyday trick.
The Bust, Part 1
Ray always wanted to be a cop but he soon finds himself falling into a pit of corruption and dirty ass holes.
The Bust, Part 2
Ex-Chief Tanya returns to frame Ray for murder and he is forced to face a terrible truth.
The Co-ed
Jack rooms with a girl at UCLA and the two seem to hit it off, at first.
The Cost of Forgiveness
Karen and Mike are having problems in their relationship; Faye decides now's the time to swoop in for Mike but what if Karen finds out?
The Cyber Relationship
Jack moves away from his childhood friend to pursue an internet relationship but he quickly learns that it's not all its are cracked up to be.
The Dangers of Tabloid Reporting
Mitch is a damn good tabloid reporter but he soon gets far too close to his subject and uncovers a story that no one will ever read about.
The Disciplinarian
Back to school is usually terrible for all students but for some, it's pure torture!
The Dream
George has a dream about a farting giantess but is it just a dream?
The End
Princess Zelda is a big stinker.
The Haunted House
A group of friends visit an abandoned house and soon find it to be not so abandoned.
The Island
The women gather on The Island to take out their frustrations on the men they love to hate for the last time.
The Line
Working on the line is tough stuff.
The Little Guy: Part 4 - Carmen's New Friend
Walter's servitude to Lena ends as he returns home to his sister and her new friend, Tiffany.
The Little Guy: Part 5 - Revenge
Walter escapes the captivity of his evil adopted mother, sadistic sister, and her vicious friends.
The Little Guy: Part 6 - New Tormentor
Walter's last little attempt at freedom means he needs to be reminded of his place; time to enlist an expert.
The Nigerian Princess Wants You, Sexy
A man falls victim to a gold digger on an internet dating site.
The Office Assistant
John is about to get fired again; luckily, just in time for a high salary job to come across his path. Too bad the job is pure torture.
The Oomph Girl
Nothing is going right on the set of The Seven Year Itch. Now the fan for the skirt scene is malfunctioning and they are running out of time. What will they do?
The Price of an A
David finds his grade on an essay less than satisfactory and Ms. Johnson has the solution to fix David's grade.
The Psychiatrist
Ben's fart fetish starts getting to him but his psychiatrist may only be exacerbating the issue.
This is Backwards (Male Dom)
A female fart fetishist asks her boyfriend for a favor.
Till Death Do Us Part
Richard is a successful bachelor but when an old classmate drops by he soon finds himself walking down the aisle and to the grave.
Toilet Boy
When chained, what choice does a little toilet have?
Tough Mistake
A junior high kid gets caught in the faculty bathroom.
As any Mistress could attest, toilet training isn't easy.
Troublesome Trolling
Trolling can have consequences.
Under the Desk (Male Dom)
Becky becomes a toilet slave for her teacher after a bad grade.
Welcome to the Suburbs
Commitment means whatever she wants it to mean.
What College Gets You
This is the glory you can achieve after paying thousands upon thousands of dollars.
Worse than Coal
A naughty boy is taught a lesson he won't soon forget.

Abandoned Stories
Ordered Alphabetically

Adventures with Claire (Abandoned)
And you'd like to think you know a person.
Cursed (Abandoned)
Small town girl makes a big city mistake.
Drunken Haze (Abandoned)
A real sadist stalks her female prey.
Enslaved (Abandoned)
Seemed like a good premise; guy named Monkey that's under this woman's's whatevs.
Happy Birthday (Abandoned)
Birthdays are such special times for loved ones...and their victims.
Rent (Abandoned)
Gotta stay on that shit!
Taken (Abandoned)
Two girls, one face.
Testing (Abandoned)
Be ready for anything when you pick her up that first time.
The Bar Girl (Abandoned)
You know the one...she's hanging on that guy, she's showing her tight ass when she's shooting pool; the one you'll never get with.
The Contender (Abandoned)
It's like Rocky, but with farting.
The Roommate (Abandoned)
People really do make the best toys.
The Stinky Cheese Vault (Abandoned)
It's cheese-based espionage...who the hell writes this stuff?
The Writing on the Wall (Abandoned)
Women can be cruel sirens.
Weekend at Liz's (Abandoned)
A story about Lizzy and other regulars of her forum.
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