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Anarky for Change (PREVIEW)
Author: Closet Fetishist

Synopsis: Anarky Rose uses her keen abilities to force a female CEO to improve her company's policies on climate change.

# of words: 1,392

Commission Preview Only

Late at night, after the last of the staff and cleaning crew had gone home, the CEO unlocks the door to her office and enters with quickness in her step. The dim glow of the sleeping city and the moonlight shines through the panoramic windows of her office, giving it a soft glow that cuts through the otherwise total darkness.

The CEO scans and feels around her desk, searching for something but is frustrated when she can’t seem to find it.

“Looking for this?” A feminine voice asks.

The CEO jumps, startled, as her desk chair spins around and sitting in it is a very lean young woman with long purple hair draped over the shoulders of her dark silver jumpsuit; she holds a USB drive in her hand.

“Who are you, how did you get in here?!” The CEO demands firmly.
“I’m Anarky Rose, and let’s just say I’m a concerned citizen.”

“Oh, another eco-terrorist, huh? I’m calling security.”

“I don’t think so,” Anarky says as she crushes the phone with her boots, “Oops,” she feigns innocence. “Now we’re gonna have a little chat.”

“This is absurd, I’m leaving,” the CEO says as she tries to turn to leave.

Anarky quickly stands, grabbing the CEO, and throwing her down onto her desk, “You’re not going anywhere!” Then she mounts her ensuring the CEO’s face is as close as possible to her ass. “You know, you probably shouldn’t leave information like this just lying around; you never know when some bad agents can get in here, leak this to the press. Your dirty business dealings, the drugs, all suddenly public knowledge, just with a snap of a finger.”


Commission Preview Only

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