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Attack of the Twins (PREVIEW)
Author: Closet Fetishist

Synopsis: Hannah and Jana, a sadistic pair, find a way to cruelly and fatally torment their favorite nerd when they stumble upon her growth ray.

# of words: 6,818


Story Preview Only


“I think that little friends list of hers can become our little hit list, what do you think?” Hannah grins evilly.

“You know I absolutely love you sometimes,” Jana says with sincerity.
Hannah laughs, “That’s fucking gay, bitch. And incestuous!”

“Oh fuck you, let’s just go!” Jana says, pushing Hannah a little.

They stomp off through the building; it crumbles to the ground in their wake as they walk off campus to wreak havoc in Haley’s life.

In her home across from the school, Lydia Crumb happens to be cleaning the coffee table by the living room window when she looks up slightly, double taking when she sees two giantess girls destructively traipsing away from the school and towards the neighborhoods. She watches Jana kick a large chunk out of the second floor of the Administration Building with an attempted roundhouse.

She pulls out her phone from her pocket and hits one of the speed dials, without taking her eyes off the impossible sight before her. “Susan? You need to warn everybody. Just warn everyone you know and tell them to spread it! Suzie, it’s giants, I know it sounds crazy but please, just do it; and get your family out, now,” She says frantically.

She hangs up and scrolls through her contacts, seeing whom else she needs to warn. When she looks up again, she sees a massive big toe no more than thirty feet away from her; it rises as Hannah strides easily with her foot about to come down again on the front room of a house, Lydia’s house.

Inside, as the shadow of Hannah’s foot covers her, Lydia cries out, “Oh Jesus, save me!”


Story Preview Only

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