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Coup du Korea (PREVIEW)
Author: Closet Fetishist

Synopsis: The Dictator of Middle Korea has callously ignored Anarky's demands; it's time for her to be succeeded.

# of words: 1,832


Story Preview Only

Anarky quietly sneaks through the halls of Baesinjia Palace, avoiding detection from the cameras as she ducks into one of the bedrooms. Inside, snoring loudly at noon, is Kim Ben-Woo, the utterly useless son of Middle Korean Dictator, Kim Soon-Ja.

But right now, he would prove very useful to Anarky as she creeps up to his bed and roughly cups her purple-gloved hand over his mouth. His eyes jolt open with a fright and he starts to yell but it’s barely audible with Anarky’s hand over him.

She gets right in his face, “Now, when I let go, you’re gonna call for mommy, understand?”

He nods, sweat quickly forming on his brow.

In her Private Office, Kim Soon-Ja looks over various military files that are arranged very precise and neatly on her desk; the Middle Korea flag hangs proudly behind her, almost overshadowing her.

“Ma!” She hears her son cry out from his room but then he’s suddenly silenced.

She jumps up from her seat and rushes into the hallway. “Guards!” She yells out as loud as she can before racing over to Ben-Woo’s room and bursting through the door. She gasps as she sees her son, his body sitting on the floor, as Anarky sits on his face. Below her, he tries to free himself from her ass but it’s no use as she holds his weak body with ease.

In a rage, Soon-Ja starts to charge at Anarky but she pulls out the AK-47 Mini Draco that Ben-Woo keeps in his bed, “Not one step closer,” Anarky says firmly; it stops the dictator in her tracks.


Story Preview Only

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