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Double-Dealing (PREVIEW)
Author: Closet Fetishist

Synopsis: A lesbian couple find domination fart porn to be a lucrative venture and even catch the attention of a world-renowned legend of the fetish, but the pair might be in a little over their head.

# of words: 7,346


Story Preview Only

Reese walks home tired but with a stride in her step; she just worked triple shifts at the coffee shop so she could make her half of the astronomical rent. Still, she prefers the city life; and today she’s walking home with enough left over to order a pizza tonight. She’s hoping Lilith is in the mood to just relax and watch some Silicon Valley; Reese could really use some comedy right now.

She walks up the stairs of her complex and opens the door to her apartment; instantly, she’s hit with a powerful odor that makes her eyes water. She steps inside and gags immediately; she grabs the door and swings it repeatedly, trying to fan out the nasty air that seems to be hanging in her home. In the kitchen, she notices several open bean cans and a pot simmering on the stove.

From the other room, there’s a soft murmuring; it catches Reese’s attention as she heads in that direction. “Lilith?” She calls out.

No response but the murmuring voice continues, it’s coming from their bedroom.

“Lilith?” Reese asks as she pushes open the bedroom door; she’s hit again with a massive rush of stink blowing through the door as she opens it. It practically knocks her to the ground with its rottenness as she tries to put an arm up, a futile attempt to try to avoid the worst of the smell.

That’s when she sees it, Lilith sitting naked on the face of a scrawny young woman in their bed. The woman’s wrists are tied to the bedposts, as are her ankles and Lilith sits full weight with her butt on the girl’s face.

Lilith and Reese both share a blank stare before Reese speaks, “What the fuck is this?” Her tone isn’t angry but it’s not overjoyed either.

“Uh, well...”


Story Preview Only

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