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The Big Applebottom (PREVIEW)
Author: Closet Fetishist

Synopsis: A giantess terrorizes New York City with her big black booty and has a hell of a lot of fun doing it.

# of words: 5,426


Story Preview Only


As she rests, she feels the chili dogs churning in her stomach, making a distinct gurgle but she just passes it off; she knew this was going to give her some gas, she’ll handle it like all those times before.

She feels some muscle aches as well but she had really worked it at the gym so she doesn’t give much thought to it until her elbow hits the tree; a tree that is more than twenty feet away. She opens her eyes and looks over, seeing her elbow is indeed mashed up against the rough bark of the tree and is just as thick as the trunk!

Her ear buds fall carelessly from her ears as she sits up, not realizing her sneaker is inches from the monument where a small crowd started to gather around her massive foot, taking pictures. As she shifts forward, she crushes the arch that had been standing there for almost 125 years.

“Oh shit,” she says to herself as she stands; she’s at least twenty or thirty feet tall now as she suddenly towers over the small park. “How in the hell...” she asks, confounded.

She looks down at her feet and notices a few people crushed underneath her sneakers as they squeal and scream from below. For a second, she looks concerned for them but then a smile comes over her face, a sly, devilish smile.

She feels the chili dogs working deep inside her, giving her pains that are only going to get a lot worse and very quickly. And now she’s as tall as a skyscraper so who knows what her gas will do at this size.


Story Preview Only

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