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The Big Engagement (PREVIEW)
Author: Closet Fetishist

Synopsis: Jared's not the most assertive guy but he does alright until his sisters sabotage his efforts with the girl of his dreams, and right before an important birthday. Once it passes, Jared is legally required to submit to his mother and serve her.

# of words: 10,296


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I pick up the pen, it feels heavy, deceivably heavy; perhaps it’s a signal that this is wrong, that I should stop myself. But how could I? A prison work camp? Surely being home with my mother is better than that, right? How bad could serving her be? The thought immediately sends a shudder down my spine; serving my mother.

That’s why I didn’t think about it for all these years. My mother is beautiful but I never wanted to be in total servitude of her. And since my sisters are to be authorized, do I have to serve them too? Just whenever they want? Thoughts swirl in my head, every worse case scenario playing out more graphically than the next.

“Jared?” Patrice asks, startling me from my thoughts, “Did you have any questions?”

I look over to Patrice, somehow thinking she might save me when she looks into my fearful eyes. But she makes no face or expression what so ever, it’s like I’m surrounded by wax figures, frozen in time.

I bring the point of the pen to the line and lifelessly scribble my name down.
My sisters clap like they’re proud of a worthy achievement I accomplished but I know it’s really just to add to my humiliation. I stare at my name on the contract one last time as Patrice grabs the massive stack of pages, and snatches her pen back from my hand. She hurriedly shuffles it all into her briefcase as she prepares to leave, “Excellent, that should do it; I think we can leave you to your arrangements in peace.”

My mother stands, a big smile across her face, “Wait, I think we should have proper witnesses to his christening.”

Patrice stops in the doorway with the officer, they turn. “Yes, that would make it more official,” she says with no inflection, it makes it hard to tell if she enjoys this or not. Maybe it’s all just business to her. That would be a typical lawyer; I wonder how much she’s getting for this house call, it can’t be cheap.

Mom takes a position in the middle of the room; she lifts up her flowery house dress and pulls down her powder pink panties so her fine ass is on display for the entire room, “Jared, would you please be so kind as to kiss my bottom?” She beams, proudly.


Story Preview Only

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