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Weekend with Aunt Nora (PREVIEW)
Author: Closet Fetishist

Synopsis: After four years, Rodney finally visits his Aunt Nora with conflicted thoughts about their last encounter and an obsession that he needs to alleviate.

# of words: 3,933


Story Preview Only


Then her eyes narrowed a bit but she still smiled, “Did you really come all this way just to visit me?”

“Yeah, I did...well...”

Nora perked up a bit, intrigued by the well which was exactly what it was supposed to do; force me to say the next thing like a trap I planted for myself. Even if I tried to go back on it, she would want to know what I was keeping from her; that’s what I hoped for if I tried to chicken out. But there’s no alternative, if this demon is slayed or allowed to grow it has to be now! No more waiting!

“Well...” I say, shouting a bit as I come back from my thoughts, “urm...I wanted to talk to you about...”

I can already see her cringing a bit; she tries to hide it but I noticed because I was watching her expression closely for this very reason. And this was not a good sign. I kind of wish she’d take the pressure off and say it herself but no such luck.

“...well, I wanted to talk to you about we had. Four years ago, at your old house.”

“Uh-huh...” she says, almost inaudibly; looking embarrassed.

I take a moment and breathe, trying to relax myself but hopefully her too, “I have been thinking about that day probably every single day since it happened.”

“Rodney, I’m so sorry...”

“Sorry? No, no, no you misunderstand; I have been obsessed with what we did that day and nothing ever comes anywhere near the euphoria I felt when I was under your ass.”

Okay, wow, that was a little more blunt than I wanted but, well, I said it now.


Story Preview Only

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