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Anarky Incorporated (PREVIEW)
Author: Closet Fetishist

Synopsis: Anarky's important work is interrupted by her former protégé but she quickly sets Harmony and her goons right. 

2,163 words


Story Preview Only

Anarky sits behind her desk in deep concentration as she sketches out a new eco-friendly energy plan for Anarky Incorporated and its subsidiaries. Middle Korea poses a significant challenge to such an initiative due to the country’s lack of proper infrastructure for implementation.

Her office is spacious yet sparingly decorated, with a wall lined with windows that look out over the city lights glowing against the darkness. Suddenly, her door opens with an unnecessary kick; Anarky jumps to her feet and prepares herself to fight.

She watches the two suited goons and a sharply dressed woman in a pantsuit walk all the way around to come stand in front of her desk. Anarky cocks her eye, studying the woman, and then nods. “Good to see you again, Harmony,” Anarky says blankly as she sits back down and casually returns to her work, sensing no real danger.

“It’s over Anarky, I’m taking you down,” Harmony says, her voice deep.

“This is really just going to embarrass you, Harm; you couldn’t possibly take me on so why don’t you walk out with your little friends there and we can all just forget this happened...”

Harmony charges angrily at Anarky but a well-timed punch to the forehead sends her back dazed, she falls to the floor. The suits rush towards Anarky but she jumps up, landing her purple boots straight into their crotches; they fall with pained gasps.

“Now see, what did I tell you, Harm? Now you’ve got these poor innocent men involved in your shenanigans,” she says as she walks over to her desk; she retrieves two electronic chastity devices and holds them up for the goons.

Their eyes go wide in terror as she advances towards them, swinging a chastity strap over her finger sensually. “They didn’t ask for this, did they, Harm?” Anarky grins as she yanks down the black slacks of one of the men. She grabs his balls and shoves the device on as hard as she can; it makes a slight whirr as it tightens around his member.

“What is this?” He asks in a panic.

Anarky chuckles, walking towards the other man who is trying to slide away, still nursing his ailing balls; she catches up to him and stomps them. He yelps out in pain; she rips the pants from around his crotch and then grabs his slightly extended cock, “You like this shit?” She whispers to him with a grin.

Anarky bites her lip as she forces the device over his erect penis, it tightens itself painfully and mashes his cock back down, he screams out in agony.


Story Preview Only

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