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An Honorable End (PREVIEW)
Author: Closet Fetishist

Synopsis: A valkryire honors a defeated samurai warrior on the battlefield with a traditional Norse funeral rite. 

1,184 words


Story Preview Only

Ikeda Takara sneaks with slow, deliberate steps around a large bolder; her armored plates swing gently in the breeze, her footsteps make delicate crunches in the tall, dry grasses. Her knuckles are bright white on a katana she clutches tightly, holding it close and ready to strike. Sweat drips from her brow as she scans the lands frantically, searching for an enemy that she’d just given the slip, a few yards ago.

As she takes another step forward, Sigrid Berg, a valkyrie, emerges quickly from behind the stone and jabs her spear into Takara’s right arm, forcing her to drop her weapon; she cries out in pain.

With lips pursed in concentration, Sigrid aims her spear tip lower and pierces through Takara’s left thigh, bringing the samurai down to her knees. Takara gurgles out softly, blood coming from her mouth, before she flops face first into the ground; her body heavily heaves as it tries, vainly, to recover from her mortal wounds.

Sigrid circles around her prey once, pulling her spear back, and punching it through Takara’s left ass cheek; the fallen warrior screeches out weakly in pain. Sigrid grabs Takara by her hair and turns her over onto her back; her open buttock wound chafes against the dust of the field, dirt invades deeply into the cut. Takara screams out in misery.

Sigrid grins down at Takara as she pulls off one of her brown boots; immediately a pungent smell emanates from her feet, which she wiggles close to Takara’s face. Takara winces from the odor and tries to recoil her head but Sigrid presses her foot against Takara and holds it there, forcing her to endure the moist aroma of several dirty days on the battlefield. “Now lick, fallen warrior,” Sigrid demands.


Story Preview Only

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